Yokohama Geolandar Terrain Vs Bridgestone Dueler Terrain

If your tire has been squawk every time you make those tight turns, showing more wear and tear with increased cuts and no longer holding up to the rasping weather conditions, it might be time to consider spending money on a new one! When aged tires commence to wear out, they not only bestow to a rowdy ride but also lose that strong clench they once had on the roads. Eventually, with ample tread wear, such tires can become complete security pitfalls before you even recognize it! Automotive tires have a variety of identifying markings molded onto the sidewall as a tire code. They denote size, rating, and other information pertinent to that individual tire. When it comes to highway terrain tires for SUVs, trucks, or a crossover vehicle, Yokohama Geolandar tire and Bridgestone Dueler tire have put some fabulous alternatives in the market, however it can be baffling to shop if you don’t know what to inspect for! To help out with your choice, today we will be comparing two of the most popular highway terrain tires, which are the Yokohama Geolandar Terrain Tire vs Bridgestone Dueler Terrain Tire. The added features in the Bridgestone Dueler T\T includes a silica tread compound, Stabil edge technology, and a 3D micro-gauge siping that contribute to better traction, longer tread life, and greater handling than the Yokohama Geolandar T\T. The best feature that could be used for comparison is warranty which is a trial satisfaction guarantee period of both. Now let’s look at these tires in a lump more detail to make an unbiased collation.

Yokohama Geolandar Vs Bridgestone Dueler

Bridgestone Dueler AT Tread
Bridgestone Dueler AT Tread Pattern
Since the  Bridgestone Dueler T\T is basically a swap for the Yokohama Geolandar T\T, we needed to do our examination and check whether the alleged enhancements in the Bridgestone Dueler T\T were really in the same class as they advertised up to be. To do as such, we put both the tires through a development of tests and we are here with the explorations of the results dependent on the escorting grading:
  • Dry traction
  • Wet traction
  • Snow traction
  • Hydroplaning
  • Noise level
  • Ride comfort
  • Steering responsiveness
  • Off-road driving experience
  • Tread wear life
Given underneath is an outline that sums up our consequences of the correlation in relative rates for every classification. Also, presently, for the point by point examination of the correlation between the Bridgestone Dueler A\T vs the Yokohama Geolandar A\T.

Dry traction comparison

Bridgestone Dueler AT traction
Dueler On Road Traction
The dry traction of both the Bridgestone Dueler and the Yokohama Geolandar is phenomenal, with the Bridgestone Dueler leads. This is because of the recently added highlights which take Bridgestone’s street grasping capacities, otherwise known as traction, to the following level. In terms of dry and wet traction, the Yokohama Geolandar is a winner. It offers relentless grip on dry surfaces while maintaining steady traction in slippery roads. It will take a lot of prodding to upset the tires in the dry, and that’s a good thing if you drive mostly on smooth or wet highways. The handling can use some improvement but at least the braking remains strong. This is not the type of tire for high-speed driving. Bridgestone Dueler family of tires is similar to the Turanza, with the difference being that it’s aimed at crossover, SUV, and truck owners. For all-season driving the wide circumferential grooves, lateral notches and sipes provide strong traction in dry conditions. And dry braking is measure of stopping performance from 60 to 0 mph. Also, durability is assured via the twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wound nylon while polyester cords protect the sidewall and add to its longevity. And comes in a wide variety of 15 to 20 inch sizes and with speed ratings up to a W. Bridgestone also includes a massive 80,000 mile tread warranty on this tire as well. If you have a fast SUV and want precise handling from a new set of tires, the Yokohama Geolandar  is better suited for the application. But if your truck or SUV is mostly used in dirt roads or gravel, the Geolandar  is the one to choose.

Wet traction comparison

The wet footing of both the Bridgestone Dueler  and the Yokohama Geolandar is amazing, with the Bridgestone Dueler  leads. As far as wet foothold, the Yokohama Geolandar is a champ. It offers persistent grasp on dry surfaces while keeping up consistent footing in tricky streets. It will take a great deal of pushing to agitate the tires in the wet, and that is something to be thankful for on the off chance that you drive generally on smooth or wet parkways. The dealing with can utilize some improvement yet in any event the slowing down remaining parts solid. This isn’t the kind of tire for rapid driving. Bridgestone Dueler group of tires is like the Turanza, with the distinction being that it’s focused on hybrid, SUV, and truck proprietors. For the entire season driving the wide circumferential furrows, parallel indents and sipes give solid footing in wet conditions. And wet braking is measure of stopping performance from 60 to 0 mph. Additionally, solidness is guaranteed by means of the twin steel belts strengthened with spirally twisted nylon while polyester strings ensure the sidewall and add to its life span. Also, arrives in a wide assortment of 15 to 20 inch sizes and with speed appraisals up to a W. Bridgestone likewise incorporates a huge 80,000 mile track guarantee on this tire too.

Snow traction comparison

We find it amusing that Yokohama prioritized longer wear and higher mileage in the Geolandar. But the patented Enduro compound with special polymers is also engineered to maintain pliability in changing weather conditions. This special tire compound lowers the rolling resistance of the tire while maintaining superior traction in all-season driving. The tire comes with triple SD sipes on the treads. This helps to retain the block stiffness to promote even wear. But the Enduro tire compound is also engineered to deliver utmost durability. It also boosts the resistance of the tire against cuts, chips, scrapes, and punctures. It even comes with sidewall protectors to prevent abrasions when traversing over sharp rocks. The Yokohama Geolandar also comes with deep circumferential grooves and special Edgetec grooves between the treads to create numerous biting edges. This feature enhances traction and grip in snow, dirt, or sand. For crossover vehicles, light pickups and SUV’s there are not many touring all-season tires available that could be considered all that much better than the Bridgestone Dueler. Expect to find a very responsive and durable tire that offers excellent traction. It handles light snow as efficiently as it does rain and dry pavement. Getting well over 70-80k miles out of them is realistic. Their 80,000 mile warranty is one of the best around as well. About the only negative with this model is that braking on ice may be a problem for some, although we have heard a number of driver reviews mentioning that this is not an issue at all. Overall, for a durable, long lasting and solid performing tire you can’t go wrong with the Dueler from Bridgestone. We rate it up among the top three tires in this class.

Hydroplaning Resistance Comparison

The hydroplaning obstruction of the tires is their capacity to oppose the deficiency of contact with the street during driving. As the traction of the vehicles builds, their hydroplaning resistance additionally increment. Yokohama Geolandar A/T combination main groove effects:
  • Center:Hydroplaning and wet traction
  • Shoulder:Hydroplaning, wet and snow traction
The main grooves have more edge components through a zigzag design. In addition to improving traction, this delivers excellent hydroplaning resistance. The deeper grooves also extend the tire product life. Yokohama’s advanced run-flat technology maintains the performance and stability of the vehicle up to 50 miles and 50 mph. It will handle wet road with extreme hydroplane resistance, even at super high speeds, this Yokohama tire will keep you confident while you’re focused on performance. Bridgestone Dueler an all season tire designed for light duty pickups and SUVs. The Dueler has a 65,000 mile projected tread life based on CR’s test. For an all-purpose, good wet-weather passenger car tire. It scored ‘very good’ in almost every CR testing category, and has an 80,000-mile tread life. Although it’s wet braking score is only average, its hydroplaning resistance is rated at ‘very good.’

Ride Comfort Comparison

The Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport meets your SUV or crossover’s high-performance standards. Drive confidently in changing conditions with this wet and dry performance tire. It provides impressive wet traction and handling, while delivering a quiet, smooth ride In part because of its finely tuned tread pattern, the Dueler can help you tackle any terrain while keeping you in control behind the wheel. It’s a mixed bag. In terms of comfort, highway-terrain (H/T) tires are the king, but the Yokohama Geolandar A/T will not disappoint. It is also relative to vehicle speed. The faster you go, the bumpier the tires will get. But at slow to medium speeds, the comfort levels are higher than usual, especially when compared to cheaper A/T tires. The Bridgestone Dueler tire featuring a category-leading up to 80,000 limited mileage warranty. This tire is engineered to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride for your luxury SUV, Crossover, or pickup truck. 80,000 mile limited mileage warranty for H, T & V Speed rated tires; 55,000 mile limited mileage warranty for W speed rated tires. Certain conditions and limitations apply.

Noise Level Comparison

Bridgestone is presently the biggest tire brand in the world. Over the years, it has produced exceptional tires, many of which offer stability, fuel efficiency, and comfort. However, noise is often a deal-breaker for many buyers. Are Bridgestone tires quiet or noisy? Bridgestone tires are generally quiet, although this may vary depending on the model. Bridgestone tires feature Resonance Noise Attenuated (RENOA) silencer grooves that reduce road noise. This helps increase ride quality and makes for a quiet ride. However, Bridgestone’s tires feature advanced noise-reduction technology aimed at decreasing road noise drastically. The method applies to the coast-by technique. In the drive-by technique, the driver enters the test zone at 31 mph (50 kph), with the car in second or third gear. One of the best winter tires in Bridgestone’s collection, the Blizzak WS80 is suitable for diverse road conditions. It shines more on wet roads, though, thanks to a hydrophilic coat that makes it flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. In terms of road noise or tire roar, Geolandar A/T’s basically the same principle. We like the whisper-quiet rolling abilities of these tires at slow speeds. The tires remain muted at average or cruising speed. But once you mash the pedal, the tires begin to emit a louder noise. The irritability factor depends on the type of vehicle, but it’s definitely quieter than other A/T tires. We like the fact that Yokohama infused the DNA of an H/T tire into the Geolandar A/T. Mind you, this is not an easy feat given the chunkier treads and reinforced carcasses in these A/t tires.

Off-Road Driving Experience Comparison

The Dueler is a tire designed for highway use. A modern tread pattern gives excellent handling stability and ‘sedan-like’ comfort. It delivers excellent off road traction, stability and steering response. On the highway it offers a smooth, comfortable ride plus superior stability and steering response.
  • Excellent steering response
  • Superior traction on mud and dirt surfaces
  • Exceptional self-cleaning capacity
  • All season tread design for traction, particularly in snow
  • Resists cutting and tearing
  • Superior wear resistance
The Geolandar A/T is a specially-engineered tread pattern that provides strength and grip no matter how rugged the road. The tire employs uniquely developed 3-D shaped sipes. The sipes, which are shaped into a three-tier pyramid, suppress the breakdown of the tread block. This contributes to exceptional stiffness on dry surfaces and outstanding edge effects on wet surfaces. The four wide, straight grooves enhance drainage performance and provide exceptional maneuverability and anti-aquaplaning capabilities on wet surfaces. For the design, the lug grooves get narrower as they approach the center section and gradually wider as they approach the grounded edge of the shoulder. This helps to beat down off-road surfaces for greater traction.

Steering Responsiveness Comparison

In Bridgestone Dueler T\T for most tires, Handling includes how well the tires perform; in avoidance maneuver involving a swerve into the left lane and back into the right lane; on CR’s wet handling circuit; and steering feel. Designed for crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks, Dueler tires are engineered to help you take on any terrain and stay in control. With the tire’s sturdy construction and reliable performance in rugged terrains, tough roads just got easier to handle. The essence of Bridgestone’s tire design technology which receives worldwide recognition has been channeled into the Dueler tire brand. It provides even greater driving pleasure for various high- performance 4WD vehicles. If your vehicle demands nothing less than chunky all-terrain tires, the Yokohama Geolandar A/T is a solid choice. Rather than have uniform block pitch in a circumferential direction, the tire employs pitch sequence of differing size. The frequency of the pitch is dispersed to reduce pattern noise. There are also fewer burdens on the block, which contributes to a reduction in uneven wear. The design of the shoulder section has been overhauled as well. In addition to improving the tire’s follow-up durability, the appearance gives an aggressive feel.

Tread Wear Comparison

Bridgestone Dueler T\T has innovative tread pattern design delivers among the highest performance and response possible, providing a confident ride on many types of terrain. It armed with technologies that help deliver durability with a good tread life. The essence of Bridgestone’s world-renowned tire design technology has been channeled into the Dueler tire brand to ensure your vehicle performs at its maximum capability. Since the Yokohama Geolandar A/T is basically four parts A/T tire and one part H/T, you can expect longer wear with no penalties in traction and grip. And if you’re still concerned, Yokohama is sweetening the deal by offering a 60,000-mile limited tread wear warranty (on P/E-metric sizes) and 50,000-mile warranty on LT-metric sizes. Geolandar A/T is optimized contact area and unique compound provide flatter footprint and longer tread life. Geolandar has limited tread wear warranty and 30-day trial satisfaction guarantee. This Limited Warranty/Adjustment Policy provides for tire replacement under specified conditions. This policy applies to tires used in normal highway service (commercial applications excluded) displaying warrantable conditions. Tires that become unserviceable or wear out because of neglect or mistreatment are excluded from Yokohama warranty coverage.

Final thoughts

We’re not the only ones who dig the Dueler. Customer reviews of the Dueler praise it, too. We have been able to drive in snow, ice, wet, and dry conditions. Overall ride, comfort noise, and handling in all conditions are excellent. We very impressed with these tires. It’s brake distance is 199.29 feet and time to stop is 4.336 seconds. Automakers are impressed as well. For instance, Bridgestone Dueler RH-S tires were featured on the 2019 GMC Sierra, 2019 Chevy Silverado, and 2019 Jeep Wrangler. And select models of the 2019 Ram 1500 were equipped with Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza. We don’t want to brag too much, but the 2019 Ram 1500 equipped with Bridgestone Dueler was named the 2019 Motor Trend Truck of the Year. And it features tread patterns with tread blocks that are grouped with less void. The lower the void, the more contact a tire has with the road. These tires are great for vehicles driven mostly on highways, gravel roads, sand dunes, and beaches.

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