Cooper Discoverer RTX Review

Cooper Discoverer RTX is a reliable all-season tire which can be trusted in all circumstances. Whether it’s about a smooth and comfortable drive on highways or sufficient traction and efficient handling on bumpy roads, this tire comes out to be excellent.

This tire is significantly designed for trucks, SUVs and tractors. It has an aggressive and rugged tread pattern with deep tread and open shoulder grooves.

The zigzag sipes are abundant on the tread blocks and within the grooves, there are effective rock ejectors as well.

Lets take a closer look

Tire TypeAll-Season
Tested Size235/75R15
Tread Depth13/32”
Rim Range6 – 8”
Section Width9.3”
Max. Load2039 lbs
Speed RatingT (118mph)
Tire Weight31 lbs
Price Range (for all sizes)$145 – $250

On-Road Performance

Being an all-season tire, Discoverer RTX is efficient on smooth and flat surfaces. Its grip and handling on wet and dry surfaces are given below:

On Dry Surfaces

The flat tread design of this tire allows sufficient area of its tread to make contact with the dry road. This contact area allows it to make an efficient grip with the ground.

When its about handling, the shoulder tread blocks of this tire are bold enough to make good contact with the road while cornering, which promotes its handling.

Dry TractionPerformance
Dry Grip79%
Dry Handling83%

However, this tire is a good option on highways but with time it starts losing its efficacy, becoming noisy and uncomfortable.

On Wet Surfaces

This tire is provided with numerous zigzag sipes which are significant in wiping away water to navigate the tire efficiently through wet paths without slipping.

Besides that, its tread design and tread contact with the ground facilitates its grip on wet surfaces, improving its aquaplaning resistance.

The shoulder blocks of this tire are also provided with zigzag sipes which remove enough water from the shoulder tread that the tire won’t slip while taking turns.

Moreover, its shoulder contact with the road is sufficient to promote its handling on wet roads and minimize aquaplaning.

Wet TractionPercentage
Wet Grip77%
Wet Handling82%

This tire can be trusted on wet surfaces but with time it becomes slippery and its performance declines on wet surfaces.

Off-Road Performance

Discoverer RTX is built to give a comfortable ride on rugged paths.

Let’s review its performance on different off-road surfaces:

On Muddy Surfaces

This tire has specialized grooves to promote its grip on mud.

As it rolls on mud its grooves bite the mud and thrash it backwards to facilitate its navigation.

Moreover, it is provided with enough tread depth to catch sufficient mud, allowing it to make a good grip on muddy surfaces.

In the case of its steering management on mud, it’s open shoulder design with wide shoulder grooves maintains its efficacy while cornering.

The depth of its shoulder grooves is enough to navigate it through muddy paths.

Mud TractionPerformance
Mud Grip69%
Mud Handling75%  

However, this tire is trustable on muddy paths but belonging to the all-season category its performance can’t match that of mud terrain tires.

On Snowy Surfaces

However, Discoverer RTX is not ranked as a 3-peak mountain snowflake tire but its sufficiently deep and wide grooves catch soft snow into them which promotes its grip and navigation through snowy surfaces.

The wide and deep shoulder channels of this tire maintain its efficiency over ice while taking turns.

The grooves of its shoulder are also capable of biting and thrashing away soft snow, so it can be trusted in the case of steering management on snowy paths.

Snow TractionPerformance
Snow Grip76%
Snow Handling76%

This tire is as good in snow as it is effective on mud. Being an all-season tire, it can’t compete with top-rated off-road tires which are outstanding on snow/ice.

On Rocky Surfaces

This tire features effective stone ejectors which prevent the stones and small pebbles from getting stuck into the grooves.

Also, its tread design with deep and wide grooves promotes its grip on rocks.

The shoulder channels of this tire are also provided with stone ejectors and have enough width and depth to allow smooth handling while cornering.

Rock TractionPerformance
Rock Grip69%
Rock Handling74%

This tire, however, satisfies its users on rocky paths but its stone ejectors are not much bold which reduces its efficacy.

Moreover, it is not provided with the technologies which are mandatory to have excellent traction on rocks.

How much Noise does this tire produce?

Being an all-season tire, Discoverer RTX is neither noisy on paved paths nor on rugged surfaces.

In the case of its on-road noise, its grooves are built to trap minimum air particles into them and when the tire rolls these air particles escape out, producing a negligible noise.

Whereas, while off-roading the level of noise depends upon the type of the path and to what extent it is muddy, snowy or rugged.

However, this tire is designed to minimize the off-road noise by up to ¾ of the total noise.

On-Road Noise20%
Off-Road Noise27%
Overall Noise23.5%

Is this tire Comfortable?

On flat paths, the comfort provided by the tire is dependent on its contact patch. The greater will be the contact patch the smoother will be the ride. Discoverer RTX offers sufficient tread contact to allow a smooth and comfortable journey on paved paths.

On rugged paths, the comfort is dependent on the efficacy of the tire.

The more smoothly it navigates through muddy, snowy or rocky paths the more comfortable will be your voyage.

Discoverer RTX is equipped with sufficiently deep and wide grooves which, however, allows it to roll smoothly over rugged surfaces but its comfort level is still lesser than those tires which are specialized for off-roading.

On-Road Comfort76%
Off-Road Comfort69%
Overall Comfort72.5%

Its Treadwear and Durability:

One of the main factor on which the mileage warranty relies is the tread depth.

The greater will be the tread depth the more time it will take to wear out.

The tread depth of Discoverer RTX allows it to run 30,000 miles without wearing but further utilization can result in treadwear which reduces the efficiency of the tire.

Copper offers free replacement for its tires after the first 2/32” wear, within 30,000 miles.

Its workmanship warranty is till the completion of its treadwear warranty.

Moreover, it offers a manufacturer special warranty which includes a 45-day road test.

Treadwear Warranty30,000 miles
Uniformity Warranty1 year first 2/32”
Workmanship WarrantyUntil your vehicle’s mileage warranty completion
Manufacturer Special Warranty45-day road test

Pros and Cons

Favorable on paved as well as rugged pathsWear out after 30,000 miles
Equipped with efficient zigzag sipes to wipe away water, promoting its traction on wet surfaces.Rugged design
Provided with stone ejectors to prevent pebbles and rocks from getting stuck into the grooves. 
Free replacement for the first 2/32” wear. 
You can replace it with another cooper having the same mileage. 

Final Words

Discoverer RTX creates a perfect balance between its off-road performance and on-road dependency.

However, it doesn’t give 100% output in any of these conditions but can satisfy its consumers in every season and on all terrains.