Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs BFG KO2

Both the tires are highly durable, made to perform well on and off the road. Both the tires have equal footprint so they provide same performance of dry roads. AT3W has higher tread depth which allows it to provide good traction on mud and snow.

Although KO2 has a comparatively lower void ratio but still it performs really well on muddy terrains. We covered this in detail in the “off road” section below. Lets start things off with a quick table.

 KO2Wildpeak AT3W
Tire typeAll terrainAll-terrain
UsageOff-road, on-road, all-weatherOff-road, on-road, all-weather
 Mountain snowflake ratings (3PMSF)yesyes
Tested sizeLT265/75R16   LT265/75R16   
Tread depth15/32’’18/32’’
Section width10.5’’10.4’’
Maximum inflation pressure80 psi80 psi
Maximum load capacity3415/3085 Ibs3415/3085 Ibs
Load RangeE – 10 plyE – 10 ply

Tread Pattern

KO2 has almost similar shaped lugs in its shoulders. All the lugs have two faces and every second lug has a deep cut on it. Central tread blocks are hook shaped, having round and edgy corners.

BF Goodrich KO2 performance

The grooves are wide and all are of almost equal size, shoulder grooves are a bit wider compared to others. Sipes are placed all over the tread. Long stone ejectors are placed in the shoulders while central part has broad stone emitters placed in the corners.

Wildpeak AT3W has an aggressive tread design with higher tread depth than KO2. Its shoulder lugs come in two shapes, both shapes are almost identical.

Wildpeak tread
Falken Wildpeak

Central part has tread blocks placed in three rows, there are different kinds of blocks, some are Z-shaped and some are C-shaped. The grooves in this tire are spread all over the tread and they are of same size, either in the shoulders or in the central part. Sipes are present all over the tread and stone ejectors are absent in this tire.

On Road Traction

The on road dry traction of both tires is very close to each other as both the tires have almost equal footprint. The dry grip of both tires is improved by higher contact patch from central area of the tread while dry handling is good due to higher contact patch from shoulders, as shoulder blocks are placed closely compared with many other tires of this line.

Falken Wildpeak Tread Pattern
Falken AT3w

The wet grip of AT3W is a bit better compared to its rival. As the contact patch of both tires is similar so the point of focus over here is tread depth and number of sipes. Again, the number of sipes in both tires is similar but AT3W has more tread depth. That’s why it performs better on wet road in terms of grip as well as handling. The deep tread allows more water to pass and the contact of tire is maintained with the surface. KO2 also provides very good wet performance but it can’t beat its competitor.

Again, AT3W wins if we talk about aquaplaning resistance. This is due to its higher void ratio that allows more water to pass through the tread and the contact of tread remains firm with the surface. The chances of accidents are minimized and steering response is improved.

BF Goodrich KO2 off road

KO2 is also good at stopping hydroplaning but it can’t beat its competitor as KO2 has a lower tread depth allowing lesser volume of water to pass from the grooves.

 KO2Wildpeak AT3W
Dry on-road GripHighHigh
Dry on-road handlingHighHigh
 KO2Wildpeak AT3W
Wet on-road GripModerate-highHigh
Wet on-road handlingModerate-highHigh
Aquaplaning resistanceModerate-highHigh

Off-Road Traction Comparison

 KO2Wildpeak AT3W
Mud tractionModerateHigh
Snow tractionModerateHigh
Ice tractionHighHigh
Rock tractionHighModerate-High

Mud Terrain

KO2 off roading in mud

A tire needs to have higher void ratio in order to perform well on mud. AT3W has a higher void ratio so it performs very well on muddy tracks. The higher void ratio allows more mud particles to be grabbed in the tread and as the tire accelerates these particles are thrown backwards while pushing the tire forward. The path of the wheel is cleared and it moves forward smoothly, similarly the high voids in shoulder blocks help the tire while cornering as more mud passes through them, allowing better grip and higher steering response.

KO2 also provides good traction on mud but it isn’t able to beat its counterpart that’s because it has a lower void ratio which allows lower mud particles to be grabbed in the tread. This lessens its grip but this tire has a plus point of having mud ejectors in it, these bars and ejectors does not allow mud to be stuffed in the tread, improving the capability of the tire. KO2 can also move on any type of muddy area with confidence but it lacks behind compared with AT3W.

Snow Terrain

Falken AT3w on snow

The soft snow is similar to mud and requires same features. AT3W again dominates in this section due to the same reason, having higher void ratio. This tire has more space for the soft snow particles to be trapped and thrown backwards. Moreover, its edgy blocks bite the snow and improve the grip of the tire. On ice, this tire again wins from its rival due to good contact patch plus deeper tread. The deep tread provides more evacuation space for the water, consequently decreasing the chances of losing grip and slipping.

KO2 also has many biting edges, that help to bite the snow and improve grip but as the tread depth is relatively lower so it isn’t able to beat its counterpart, as it has lesser evacuation ability. On icy paths KO2 grips well due to its balanced contact patch plus frequent siping, that help to wipe away the water but as it has lower tread depth so it can’t beat its opponent, still it can be used on any kind of icy road, it will provide decent grip.

Rock Terrain

Rocks are very different compared to other terrains. The rock particles or pebbles can damage the tread of the tire. To perform well on rocks a tire should have more biting edges and wider grooves. AT3W has wider grooves which help it to crawl on rocks but it does not consist any stone ejectors and this could create problems. As the stone or rock particles can easily get stuck in its deep grooves and damage the tread.

KO2 having equally wider grooves as its counterpart performs well on rocks and is able to crawl confidently. This tire has an edge over AT3W of stone ejectors. Ejectors placed all over the tread of KO2 plus lower tread depth decrease the chance of rocks/pebbles particles getting stuck into the grooves. This feature not only protects the tread from being damage but it also allows the tire to crawl confidently without losing grip.

Comfort and Noise

The on-road comfort of AT3W is higher compared to its rival this is because it has a higher tread depth which provides the feel of a lesser inflated tire. This tire works as an extra suspension and can absorb much effect of the bumps. But on the other hand, it results in production of more noise, as more void ratio provides more space to the air particles to move back and forth in the tread, hitting groove walls and creating sound. AT3W has more void ratio so it produces more sound. KO2 provides lesser on road comfort due to lower tread depth but it produces lesser noise as it provides less space for the air particles to move and as a result less noise is produced.

Off-road comfort also depends upon the ability of a tire to absorb jerks. As discussed above AT3W has more potential to absorb the effect of jerks due to higher tread depth while KO2 cannot beat its competitor in this aspect. So AT3W is a comfier tire while driving off the road.

Durability And Treadwear

BFGoodrich claims KO2 to be the toughest all terrain tire. It uses its CoreGard technology in the sidewalls of this tire. This technology provides bruise and split resistance sidewall rubber and increases the thickness of rubber. Although its treadwear mileage warranty is a little less than its competitor but it provides more workmanship warranty which is of 6 years.

AT3W uses silica tread compound and claims that due to this compound the tire can excel in terms of wear, wet and winter. Its treadwear warranty is higher than the other tire plus it has a plus point of having higher tread depth, so the tread will take more time to level up with the grooves. This gives an edge to this tire over its competitor.

 KO2Wildpeak AT3W
Treadwear mileage warranty50,000 miles55,000 miles/ 5 years
Workmanship warranty6 years5 years

Quick Summary

Both are all terrain tires.


  • Performs well on the road.
  • Provides good traction on mud and snow.
  • Has higher tread depth.
  • Has higher off-road comfort.
  • Is more durable.


  • Provides higher dry traction.
  • Grips well on ice.
  • Performs well on rocky terrain.
  • Produces less noise on the road.