General Grabber X3 vs Falken Wildpeak MT

The tires being discussed here both belong to Mud-Terrain (M/T) family. Falken Wildpeak M/T is popular model from its manufacturer, built specifically to give a splendid performance in off-road areas. It is also better at providing comfort due to its innovative noise reduction technology.

Grabber X3 comes with wide tread pattern that performs well in mud and snow. The performance of both tires is excellent in off-road conditions, but the selection of tire is dependent on the user’s requirements. Find more about interesting features of these tires that will help you decide the perfect fit for you.

Comparing Falken Wildpeak MT vs General X3

Falken Wildpeak MT


General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3 comes with a bold tread design in order to give a splendid off-road performance. Whether you want to go on a bumpy ride or explore the tough muddy wild roads, this tire will not fail to satisfy you. The innovatively built multi-pitch tread pattern assists in attaining maximum traction with the surface.

General Grabber X3
Grabber X3

The wide groove pattern gives an impressive performance on mud and snowy surfaces. The outer-faced shoulders and bold sidewall lugs improve the lateral stability of the vehicle and promote sidewall protection while moving on harsh terrains.

Both the tires have a similar tread design to some extent, but the grooves of Wildpeak M/T are relatively broad-spaced with a higher void ratio. It has an aggressive tread design which gives it a bold and tough look.

Falken MT Close Up
Falken MT Tread Pattern

The heat diffuser technology keeps the tire cool while navigating through rough conditions. The well-structured sipes in the tread pattern help in the efficient cleaning of the tire in wet conditions as they wipe away the excess water from the tread blocks and maintain sufficient grip with the road. The impressive mud and rock defense features enhance its off-road capabilities. The wide offset shoulders improve handling especially while cornering in muddy terrains.

Comparing On-Road Traction

Grabber X3 On Road Traction
Grabber X3 On Road

The groove pattern of Grabber X3 is widely spaced. This reduces the efficiency of tires on road, The higher void ratio affects the rolling resistance thus compromising the grip and handling of vehicle at high speeds. The high void ratio performs a splendid role in rough conditions, but it decreases the contact patch of the tire, reducing the traction on paved roads which does not make it a perfect fit for rides on highways.

Although Wildpeak M/T is a mud-terrain tire, it still provides good on-road traction as the slightly lower void ratio than its competitor increases the contact patch of this tire.

Falken MT Tread
Falken MT On Road

Wildpeak has an advantage on asphalt roads as more contact patch leads to better grip and handling. So, this tire provides better traction while driving on highways. The relatively narrow spacing between the grooves assists the tire to increase traction with the road in dry conditions. The performance in wet conditions is adequate too as the efficient sipe technology assists in the cleaning of the tire by wiping the water away and maintaining the traction.

Both the tires give a suitable performance on highways but Wildpeak M/T has slightly more contact patch thus, providing better traction while going at high speeds.

Comparing Off-Road Traction


Grabber X3 Off Road
Grabber X3 Off Road

Mud traction of X3 is quite splendid due to its wide groove spacing. The high void ratio enhances the stability of tire while going through deep mud. The wide grooves channel of X3 efficiently cleans the tire by throwing away chunks of mud backward while maintaining the forward motion of the vehicle. The open shoulder blocks also help X3 to give better handling and lateral stability in muddy areas.

The true capabilities of Wildpeak can be seen in off-road surfaces like mud terrains. It has a deeper tread pattern which provides enhanced traction in muddy swamps by gripping with the surface. The armored sidewall covered with notched tread provides additional protections and promotes traction while rolling in the deep mud. The tread blocks are shaped accordingly to maintain the rolling without compromising the handling of the vehicle.

Both the tires being M/T provide excellent performance in mud terrains as they are built for this specific purpose. Wildpeak however, gives better performance than its competitor due to its innovatively designed grooves.


The tread design of the Grabber X3 is specially built to tackle snowy roads and avoid skidding. With wide blocks, this tire flexibly scoops out excess snow and clears the path for the tire to move forward. The high void ratio helps in evacuating soft snow very efficiently without losing grip or handling.

Wildpeak M/T also has suitable snow performance. The tire also comes with wide grooves for assistance on snowy surfaces. With its innovative off-road friendly tread design, this tire does not have to struggle much while propagating through soft snow. The wide groove channels efficiently evacuate out snow from the tread pattern to prevent the tire from losing traction with the road.


When it comes to propagating through rocky terrains, the X3 will not disappoint you. The wide, scalloped shoulders keep the wheels intact and promotes lateral stability of the vehicle on tough surfaces. The high void ratio also assists in increasing handling and grip. The tread pattern of X3 is quite efficient but the stone ejectors located in between them are slightly lesser than its competitor which comprises its performance in areas with loose stones and pebbles as the tire could get damaged if any stone gets stuck in the grooves.

Falken MT Sunset
Falken MT Off Road

Wildpeak M/T gives an impressive performance in rocky terrains. Its outer edge tread pattern has offset shoulder blocks to maintain traction on rugged terrain. In between these wide shoulders, stone ejectors could be spotted. This defense feature against stones and rocks makes the tire exceptionally good in tough areas as the bold stone ejectors help in efficient cleaning of the tire by removing any small rocks getting stuck between the grooves. The tire comes with three-ply sidewall technology which makes it tougher and prevents the damage.

The performance of both the tires is quite impressive in rocky terrains but, the stone ejection feature of Wildpeak M/T is more prominent which makes it a better fit for rocky areas than X3.

Driving Comfort?

A tire with more contact patch is quieter and provide a more comfortable ride on road. The main concern with the M/T tires is that they come with aggressive designs which makes them a bit noisy while going at high speeds. As both the tires are M/T tires with the widely spaced tread pattern and design, both are noisy and vibrant as the entrapped air between large voids vibrates and generates noise.

The noise production of both the tires is almost the same but Wildpeak comes with a special silent core technology that absorbs the sound to make the tire quieter. Furthermore, the tread pattern is also optimized to reduce noise levels while going at high speeds. One thing to keep in mind is that Wildpeak M/T has more contact patch and wears quickly than its competitor because the tire tends to become louder when it starts to wear.

Durability and Treadwear?

General Grabber X3 is built with a bold and aggressive tread design to overcome any rough roads and give satisfactory performance in mud, snow, and rocky terrains. It comes with DuraGen Technology that makes the tire exceptionally good in off-road performance. The 3-ply sidewall construction provides additional protection to the tire and reduces the risks of puncture. The build quality is impressive as it is composed of a robust compound that promotes cut and chip resistance. The bold shoulder design helps in maintaining lateral stability while turning. X3 has a pretty good mileage of about 40,000 -50,000 miles which is quite good for an M/T tire.

Wildpeak M/T comes with rugged and rigid tread blocks with more surface area that increases the contact patch of the tire to provide more traction. It comes with Duraspec three-ply sidewall protection which acts as a shield and promotes puncture resistance. The defense feature of this tire against rocks and pebbles is exceptionally good as the presence of bold stone ejectors works splendidly. The optimized tread pattern with three variable pitches enables the tire to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. One thing to notice is that Wildpeak is composed of soft build compound which reduces its life. With a mix of off and on-road driving, you can expect mileage from this tire of around 30,000 miles which is not that impressive.


The price of both the tires is suitable according to their features. Falken Wildpeak M/T is a bit costly than its competitor due to its exceptional on-road performance and defense mechanism against rough surfaces.

Quick Summary

  • Both are Mud-Terrain tires.
  • Falken Wildpeak M/T has slightly more contact patch thus, performs better on paved roads at high speeds.
  • The performance of both tires is quite effective in mud and snow terrains.
  • The stone ejection feature of Wildpeak M/T is more efficient thus making it a better fit for rocky terrains.
  • X3 has more mileage but Wildpeak gives petter protection and performance in off-road areas which justifies its slightly high price.