Continental TerrainContact AT vs General Grabber (APT & ATX)

Both Continental TerrainContact A/T and General Grabber A/TX are all-terrain tires. They are designed to perform well in all seasons. Out of the two, the Grabber A/TX is best for off road traction while TerrainContact performs quite well on the road.

Continental’s TerrainContact A/T tire is designed for vehicles that want civilized conduct on the road with the benefit of off-road capabilities when they need it. With its specially designed tread pattern with +Silane, it offers all round traction in dry and wet terrains a well as winter conditions. It has an open tread design along with closed shoulders which divide the air pressure evenly, thus promoting even wear.

At the same time, the general grabber Apt is also developed for a balanced blend of off-road performance and on-road decency. Provides dependable traction in all types of weather.  Moreover, APT is built with General’s DURAGEN technology, which provides a wide, flat footprint for even wear, braking performance, and handling responsiveness.

Comparing Continental TerrainContact with General Grabber APT

Continental TerrainContact A/T


General Grabber APT

The +Silane enhanced all-season compound in the A/T tires is molded into a mild all-terrain tread pattern. The full-depth sipes and edge-of-the-block traction grooves boost all-season traction throughout the tire’s life, while the +Silane additives extend tread life and increase wet grip.

The A/T is designed to provide year-round traction in dry, wet, and wintry situations, including snow, while also providing a quiet highway ride and long tread life. A two-ply casing supports two high-tensile steel belts with spirally wrapped polyamide reinforcement on the inside.

The Grabber APT’s Comfort Balance Technology uses a robust, cut- and chip-resistant tread compound moulded into an asymmetric pattern to provide an absorbent layer beneath the tread to shield the rider from road disturbances. To combat quick and uneven wear, the flatter tread shape and enhanced pattern rigidity help uniformly transmit stress throughout the surface of the tire. For a quiet ride, the counter-angled shoulder grooves assist disperse sound created in the tread’s middle. On slick terrain like mud or snow, alternating circular swirls, grip notch, and rotating shoulders spades aid grip. Simultaneously, full-depth sipes in the tread blocks create biting edges for better traction on slick conditions.

The interior architecture of the APT makes use of DURAGEN technology to increase longevity as well as provide a broad, flatter footprint for wear, brake effectiveness, and steering responsiveness. Puncture resistance and tread support are provided by the two large, sleek metal belt, which give assured steadiness under massive loads.

Traction Comparison

The quick steering of the A/T immediately demonstrates its on-road nature. The tire responds quickly and has a natural feel. Furthermore, unlike competitors, you will receive a sense of the road instead of competitors who feel uninteresting. On dry pavement, the tire also impresses with its traction levels. It has the shortest braking distances in the category, at least three feet more concise than the nearest competitors. It also performs admirably in the corners, with a good grip and outstanding stability.

TerrainContact is perfect for rainy days, just as it is for dry traction, It occasionally feels like you’re driving on rails, which is unusual for an all-terrain vehicle. On wet pavement, Continental’s offering is so good that it even outperforms some highway tires. Furthermore, it provides exceptional performance in snow. Of course, if you drive carefully, the handling also feels surefooted. Also, the braking distances aren’t particularly long. Sure, a winter tire will perform better, but the Continental is one of the greatest all-season all-terrain tires available.

Larger rocks, on the other hand, can be a significant problem. There is insufficient traction to overcome these difficulties, particularly when it rains. Deep mud might also be a concern. The TerrainContact A/tread T’s pattern isn’t extremely deep, limiting its mud-terrain performance. You’d be better off with a slew of different all-terrain tires.

On the other hand, grabber APT tire performs well for moderate on-road performance, but when pushed, the flex becomes more noticeable, and dry weather traction is less than what you’d find on a traditional touring all-season tire. It also has General’s DuraGen Technology tread compound, engineered to withstand off-road chips and cuts.

Rolling resistance

Continental A/T’s reduced rolling resistance improves fuel efficiency while also extending tread life. The tire ensures a fuel-efficient and cost-conscious performance in this manner.

Grabber APT boasts two wide, ultra-high-strength steel belts that provide low rolling resistance for puncture protection while supporting the tread for confident stability under large loads.


When it comes to comfort and noise, A/T doesn’t disappoint. This is one of the best all-terrain tires for long-distance driving in terms of ride quality and noise. Although the ride is firm, it is quite controlled, similar to a premium grand-tour tire. This feature comes in handy at higher speeds, where a soft tire could cause too much motion when it meets a bump. At highway speeds, you’ll hear a small tread growl, but nothing too obnoxious.

The Grabber APT ensures a smooth on-road experience. Comfort Balance technology reduces road vibrations in the vehicle’s cabin when traveling on the road. The absorption layer positioned beneath the tread ensures this by isolating the car from road disturbances. Reduced road vibrations make for a more pleasurable driving experience. This model is extremely long-lasting. Its interior construction keeps the tire in the best possible shape under all driving and load conditions. This improves its ability to withstand and transport big weights.

Tread Wear Comparison

The tread pattern in A/T incorporates stable tread blocks for an improved steering feel. Furthermore, the closed shoulder blocks to aid in extending tread life and reducing uneven wear. Full-depth sipes and edge-of-the-block traction grooves throughout the tire’s life provide greater traction in wet and snowy conditions. Treadwear indicators are small rubber bars positioned inside the tire grooves to show how worn the tread is. The rubber bars become more obvious as the rubber wears down. TWIs are important for keeping you safe since they assist check tread depth. This is because a tire with insufficient tread depth will not provide a secure grip in wet and snowy situations.

The Grabber APT’s tread pattern is both sophisticated and basic. There are three major tread sections, each with two water-evacuating circumferential grooves. The detailed design in the broad central tread region provides increased off-road traction. Yet, the pattern is close enough to behave as a single unit, delivering a stable on-road footprint. The traction notches also give extra traction on dirt, snow, and other slick surfaces. Furthermore, the Alternating Shoulder Scoops provide a big open gripping area for extra grip on rocks and harsh off-roading.

The Grabber APT offers one of the best tread warranties for an all-terrain tire, with a 6-year/60,000-mile warranty for metric sizes and a 6-year/60,000-mile warranty for LT and Flotation sizes. Continental, on the other hand, also offers a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Price Comparison

When compared to grabber APT, terrain contact AT is a little more expensive. Rebates, discounts, coupons, and special offers may be available on this tire. This is one of the best all-terrain tires for long-distance driving in terms of ride quality and noise.

The Grabber Apt comes in a variety of price ranges, depending on the available sizes. Rebates, discounts, coupons, and special offers may be available on this tire also from time to time. The tire offers a well-balanced combination of off-road capability and on-road civility.

Comparing Continental TerrainContact AT with General Grabber ATX

Continental TerrainContact A/T


General Grabber ATX

The Continental TerrainContact A/T is a well-rounded tire that offers an outstanding balance of noise and ride comfort on the road. These tires have a tread design that has been engineered for all weather conditions and terrain types while being an on-road performer. It has two wide grooves and numerous sipes that enable it to produce enough traction to perform well in soft sand/icy conditions. This tire does well in almost all terrain conditions while still delivering respectable on-road performance. The A/T has two different packages available, full-depth (3PMSF) or limited-depth (2PMSF). Both types of tread patterns are great performers in mud and on rock surfaces. The 3PMSF package improves traction on hard surfaces like rocks, while the 2PMSF (or limited-depth) design is better equipped for softer surfaces like mud.

General Grabber atx
Grabber ATX Tread Pattern

The General Grabber A/T X is a legendary performer tire that offers a good balance of maneuverability and braking on many different types of terrain. Its overall features make it a popular choice throughout the off-road community. This tire has zig -zag pattern with small blocks and wider grooves. It has many small blocks surrounded by wide and deep grooves that help it perform well in snowy and muddy terrains. Its shoulders also have wide spaces in between along with several sipes that improve the handling of the vehicle while off roading or hydroplaning. The A/T X comes in two versions; one is three-ply rated and includes full sidewall protection, which offers an extra layer of toughness for rock crawling applications. The other version only has two sidewall plies, which makes it lighter for weight-conscious consumers.

Comparing On-Road Traction

omparing Continental TerrainContact AT with General Grabber ATX
General ATX with Continental TerrainContact

The handling and grip of a Continental TerrainContact A/T when it comes to on-road traction is unmatched. The tire on its own is an excellent choice for on-road drivers looking to maximize vehicle handling with a good grip on dry, wet, and even light snow conditions. The tread pattern of Continental A/T is densely packed with narrow grooves, this allows the tire to have more contact area with the road. The raised tread blocks provide an adhesive contact patch on every rotation of the tire, giving it stable traction in both dry and wet conditions. The two grooves with several sipes help the tire perform well during hydroplaning by wiping the water away from the tire.

General Grabber ATX has a more open tread pattern with small blocks and many wide grooves. So that’s why the tire has smaller contact patch and as a result its on road traction is not as good as of TerrainContact A/T. Although its wide grooves enable it to perform well while hydroplaning as the water moves into the grooves and the tire remains in contact with the road.

Off-Road Traction

As discussed above, Continental AT has only two main grooves and they are narrower compared to the grooves of A/TX. So due to this the AT tire cannot perform well on many off-road terrains such as mud or heavy snow. But this tire has the ability to move on any kind of rocky terrain as it has many stone ejectors that emit the stones from getting stuck in the grooves. The A/T can be driven on surfaces with low friction, such as ice and loose sand. This is because its tread pattern is designed with sipes, making the tire more flexible, the sipes wipe away the particles of sand and enable the tire to keep moving. Its wide contact patch helps it perform well on ice as more of the tires tread is in contact with the surface, improving the grip.

General Grabber ATX off road
General Grabber ATX off road

On the other hand, the General Grabber A/T X is better for driving on harsh surfaces such as mud and snow, because it has a deeper tread pattern that allows it to grip surfaces more effectively. The wide and deep grooves allow the mud/snow to pass in between them improving the grip of the tire and helping it to maintain its motion. The wide grooves throw mud/ snow backwards as the vehicle is accelerated so the path of the tire is cleared and the traction is improved. The shoulders of this tire are also highly optimized and they have huge spaces in between them that improve the handling of tire while turning as all the particles move into the spaces and the tread remains in contact with the surface. The shoulders bite the surface while improving the tire’s performance.


The Continental AT is more comfortable compared to its competitor. Due to its narrow and less grooves, very few air particles are trapped in between the spaces so less noise is produced by the tire, the ride is comfortable as no or very less noise is heard in the cabin. A/TX produces much more sound than AT due to its wide and deep grooves as more surface area is available for the air to be trapped and it collides with the tire tread back and forth creating loud noise.

Durability and Treadwear

The A/T X is known for having a more remarkable tread life, while the A/T is recognized for its all-weather performance. The general durability of the Continental TerrainContact A/T is rated as high. The materials used give the tire a long mileage and low rolling resistance. The sturdiness of the A/T X is known to be greater than that of the A/T, this is because it provides better resistance against lateral forces and impacts. A/TX is made from a harder material so it has less chances of getting punctured.


Price-wise, the two tires are close to each other, but the TerrainContact A/T has an edge in price/performance ratio. This is because it offers faster acceleration, better handling on-road along with the comfort. The A/T X is less expensive when compared to the A/T, and its off-road traction makes it stand out.