Cooper Adventurer AT Vs. Cooper Adventurer HT

Both the tires are All Terrain, performing well on both on-road and off-road. Cooper Adventurer AT is considered perfect for off-road because it has a higher void ratio, while Cooper Adventurer HT is fit for on-road because of its higher contact patch.

Cooper AT provides better handling on the wet road, resisting hydroplaning, while Cooper Adventurer HT delivers a better experience on a dry road.

Comparing Cooper Adventure AT with HT

Cooper Adventurer AT


Cooper Adventurer HT

Cooper Adventurer AT gives you a perfect off-road experience because of the higher void ratio. The smaller blocks are widely spaced, resulting in wider grooves, which offer the tire an excellent off-road grip. It provides excellent resistance against hydroplaning, offering good performance on wet roads. The larger voids allow the water to pass through the tread easily, offering a good grip and preventing floating It also performs well on mud and soft snow due to widely spaced blocks and broader grooves preventing the mud/snow particles from trapping into grooves. Hence, the tire maintains a good grip by efficiently throwing the mud/soft snow backward and moving forward efficiently. Cooper AT is also a good performer on rocky terrain due to its perfect design of tread, which also contains numerous stone ejectors within the larger voids. Cooper AT creates more noise because the air particles are entrapped into the larger voids and hit back and forth within the grooves, causing more noise.

Because of the higher contact patch, Cooper Adventurer HT gives you a perfect on-road experience. The closely packed blocks result in narrow grooves, increasing the tire’s on-road grip. It doesn’t offer good performance on wet roads. It can cause hydroplaning in wet conditions, as the narrow grooves don’t allow the water to pass smoothly through the tread, causing the tire to lose grip, and the tire may float. HT doesn’t perform well on mud and soft snow terrain because of the low void ratio. The tire’s contact patch is high due to narrow grooves and closely spaced blocks which may cause the mud/snow particles to get trapped within the grooves rather than throwing it back, making the tire lose grip, and it may slip. Although it has narrow grooves, it still performs well on rocky terrain due to the presence of various stone ejectors in the grooves. Cooper HT produces very little noise because it allows very little space within the closely spaced blocked for the air particles to get trapped and move, causing negligible noise.

On-road Traction Comparison

For on-road traction, Cooper Adventurer HT is considered perfect because the narrow grooves, closely packed blocks, and various sipes present on the block offer a high contact patch and good on-road grip. It doesn’t provide good resistance against hydroplaning, as the water cannot pass easily through the tread because of the constricted voids, and the tire can lose grip on wet roads resulting in hydroplaning.

Cooper Adventurer AT is not considered suitable for on-road traction because the tread design is not ideal for plain roads. The larger spaces within the widely spaced blocks cause the tire to lose grip and decrease the on-road experience. It offers excellent resistance against hydroplaning and performs well on wet roads. Water can pass easily through the wider grooves in the backward direction, and the tire maintains a good grip in wet conditions. 

Off-road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

For Mud Terrain Cooper, Adventurer AT can be your excellent choice because the wider grooves and widely spaced blocks prevent the mud particles from getting stuck into grooves, throwing the mud into the backward direction, and moving forward effectively. 

Cooper Adventurer HT doesn’t perform well on mud terrain because the smaller spaces can cause the mud particles to get stuck within the grooves, causing the tire to lose grip on a muddy road. Due to the higher contact patch, it cannot throw mud backward or move forward. 

Snow Terrain

Cooper Adventurer AT can be a perfect choice for snow terrain because the soft snow particles can’t get trapped within the grooves because they are wider, and the smaller blocks are broadly spaced. The efficient arrangement of blocks and grooves throws the soft snow backward, and the tire moves forward effectively. But it is not considered suitable for icy terrain because the tire can slip due to higher contact patch handling on ice terrain is difficult, causing the tire to lose grip. 

Cooper Adventurer HT is not a good choice for snow terrain because soft snow particles get stuck within the narrow grooves and closely packed blocks. It may lose grip on soft snow as the tire can’t throw snow backward and move forward. But it performs excellently on icy terrain because the arrangement of blocks, sipes, and grooves is such that it offers a good grip on icy roads and provides an excellent experience on icy roads. 

Rock Terrain

For rock terrain, Cooper AT offers good performance because of the widely spaced blocks and wider grooves containing numerous stone ejectors within them. The rock/pebble particles cannot be trapped into the grooves, preventing tires from stone damage, and offering an excellent experience on rocky terrain. 

Cooper AT shows a moderate performance of rocky terrain due to the presence of various stone ejectors within the narrow grooves and blocks of the tread. The rock/pebble can’t get stuck into grooves, preventing them from stone damage and offering a good grip on rocky terrain. 

Which tire is more Comfortable?

Cooper HT gives you better on-road comfort because the noise produced by this tire is relatively low. The air particles can’t get trapped as the grooves are narrow, which doesn’t allow the movement of air particles resulting in very little noise. But HT doesn’t provide good off-road comfort due to the higher contact patch, it doesn’t act as a good shock absorber, making off-road driving uncomfortable.

Cooper AT doesn’t offer good on-road comfort because it produces high noise due to the trapping and movement of air particles within the wider grooves. Whereas it provides you a better off-road comfort because it acts as a lesser inflated tire and effectively absorbs the shock on uneven roads providing you an excellent off-road experience

Durability and Treadwear Differences

The overall design and the material used in the making of both tires are of high quality, making the tires rugged and highly durable. Cooper AT offers a tread life warranty of 50,000 mileages, and there is a guarantee for the consistency of the tire for the first 2/32 inch or first year of treadwear.

The Cooper HT provides trusted performance and reliable wear. It offers high tread stability; the large, strong shoulders components help withstand unusual wear. It gives a warranty of 65,000 mileages.

Price Differences

The price of both tires didn’t differ much; Cooper HT is slightly more expensive than Cooper AT because HT offers more mileage than AT.

Quick Summary

  • Cooper AT and Cooper HT both are All-Terrain tires.
  • Cooper AT gives you a better off-road experience, while HT provides a better on-road experience.
  • Cooper AT is a good choice for mud, rocky, wet, and soft snow terrain, while HT is suitable for ice terrain.
  • Cooper AT offers you better off-road driving comfort, while HT offers better on-road driving comfort.
  • Durability and treadwear are more of HT because of its more contact patch with the road, while AT has less treadwear.

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