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Cooper Adventurer HT Review

Cooper Adventurer HT Review: This is an all-season highway terrain (HT) tire that provides efficient traction on paved paths in all kinds of weather. Plus, its HT qualities enable you to drive at high speeds without compromising on safety and driving comfort.

Cooper Adventurer HT is designed for vans/light trucks SUVs and CUVs. So they are perfect for someone who needs a little more than simple all season tires.

Let’s see what makes this tire so unique.

Looking at its Tread pattern

Cooper Adventurer H/T

Cooper Adventurer H/T

Starting from the middle the tire shows the characteristic all-season tire look with three ribs and four circumferential grooves.

Central blocks of Adventurer AT
Cooper Adventurer H/T central blocks arrangement.

Its ribs specify closely placed square blocks and the blocks of the middle rib are also connected by raised bars in the spacing between them mentioned with green color.

They are called ridges, which limits block movement (don’t allow them to wiggle/squirm too much).

They are calling it anti stone technology because they also prevents stones getting stuck in between.

These ridges are not present on the other two block rows allowing it to have proper lateral channels as well.

Other than this, all its blocks carry multiple, slightly curved 3D micro-gauge sipes. These sipes are crisp, narrow but full depth (mentioned with pink).

Moving on to the tire’s sides. Each shoulder block characterizes one longitudinal and two horizontal sipes. As a result, these slits do not increase void ratio but do provide narrow channels for maximum water removal.

Shoulder blocks of Adventurer AT
Cooper Adventurer H/T Shoulder Blocks

Its shoulder lugs are large sized and are arranged compactly, specifying narrow but deep lateral channels between them.

Although the sidewalls do not show any texturing or staggering, they are internally reinforced according to the R-tech mechanism resulting in extended and thickened bead formation.

Other things we examined in this tire:

3PMSF Rated:No 
Run Flat:No
Tread depth Range:13 to 14.5/32″
Tire Weight Range:36 to 47 lbs

How are they on dry roads?

Cooper shows enhanced dry traction as its compactly placed blocks ensure greater contact of tread surface with the road.

Likewise, it specifies good handling due to large shoulders.

Its elongated lugs specifying a close arrangement make the shoulders bulkier.

As a result, they can hold on to the surface firmly and manage the steering load proficiently.

On Average these tires perform better on road than the AT tires, following is a rough estimate.

Dry HandlingDry Braking
Avg. H/T Tire100 seconds (better)151 feet (better)
Avg. A/T Tire103 seconds159 feet
Handling is measured by calculating total time on a lap. Braking is calculated by stopping distances (from 50mph).

This tell us that the H/T tires have more grip than A/T due to their higher contact surface area.

On wet roads?

On the road covered with water, it allows driving safely as its wet grip is high.

Deep tread channels offer a large vacuum to accommodate water, and the wiping action of its full depth, 3D micro-gauge sipes channel this water away from the tread.

So, the risk of hydroplaning is minimized as the thin water film between the tread surface and the road that can cause skidding is removed, and the tread comes in direct contact with the road.

Similar is the case for handling.

Shoulder voids and sipes ensure water removal, large lugs provide grip while thickened sturdy sidewalls ensure stability; hence, the result is a precise cornering response. 

So the data we collected makes sense.

Wet HandlingWet Braking
Avg. H/T Tire81 seconds195 feet
Avg. A/T Tire86 seconds215 feet

So these tires are overall better in wet, thanks to their deep and numerous siping all over the tread.

Does it perform off-road?

The Cooper Adventurer is M+S rated, meaning it has more than 25% of the tread designated to throw the mud/snow around. They are also very quite powerful enough having a load rating up to E.

So you can expect little bit off-roading with these tires but they still can’t perform better than an average All Terrain tires.

H/T tires simply don’t have that AT tire’s chunky tread or serrated shoulder blocks that can scoop up the mud/dirt and bite in to the surface they are on.

That’s why they are named Highway tires. Made specifically for on road usage, where you have to travel a lot and can face slight variations in weather.

To give you an idea, let’s compare them again with AT.

These following table shows the handling times of these 2 category tires, on different terrains.

Avg. H/T Tire54 sec60 sec145 sec
Avg. A/T Tire50 sec60 sec95 sec
On average dir/gravel and muddy conditions, the tires covered laps and the average of these laps were drawn out in seconds.

So as you can see these tires are less efficient in dirt and mud, but when it comes to gravel, they can still perform a little better.

That’s because these tires still have the stone ejecting capability.

So to conclude here, yes they can be used off road but don’t expect anything extreme out of them.

Are They Comfortable?

If you are used to touring tires/passenger tires, then these tires would feel a little less comfortable.

As with relatively deeper tread and smaller ribs, the air particles have more area to hit around, causing noise.

But at the same time they are not going be louder than an AT tire.

The Cooper Adventurer H/T has been installed with noise barrier walls (highlighted below)

Cooper Noise Barrier Walls

These walls create a barrier for sound and help dampen the noise levels.

Durability and wear resistance

Adventurer comes with a promise of  wear resistance and longevity. 

  • Firstly, its tread compound is silica-infused which strengthens the rubber against damage. Hence, it wears slowly and evenly. 
  • Its sidewalls are constructed with R-tech reinforcement and specify an additional protective/strengthening layer around the carcass. 
  • Also, the internal steel structure is covered by a thick polyester-wrap casing to ensure high-temperature endurance. 

However, this tire faces high rolling resistance and needs a lot of energy to keep going as its tread (having a large rubber-to-road contact). Resultantly, it also has to bear a lot of frictional wear as well.

Do they have any Warranty?

Due to wear-resistive tread and reinforced sidewalls, Cooper HT  is backed by a long mileage warranty for treadwear.

Cooper tires guarantee that the tire will last 65000 miles without wearing more than 2/32″, and you can get a limited replacement if it doesn’t.

Adventurer HT
Treadwear  mileage warranty 65,000 miles
Uniformity warrantyFirst 2/32’’

Quick Conclusion:

So lets have a quick run down on what we discusses about Cooper Adventurer HT.

  • It is an all-season tire specialized for highway driving.
  • Its dry traction is high due to the enhanced contact patch.
  • It also shows good wet traction due to deep tread and silica-based composition.
  • Its slip resistance is better than most all-season road-specialized tires.

If you are mostly staying on road and have a heavy SUV, these tires would fit you great.

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