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When you buy tires does it come with rims?

When you buy tires does it come with rims?: In short, the answer is “No.” When you buy new tires, you will only get the outer rubber ring that fits over the metallic wheel. Rims are not generally included in the tire sets, and you need to buy them separately, or you can opt for a rim and tire combo package.

When you buy tires does it come with rims?

Tire vs Rim vs Wheel

Wheels are circular metal frames that rotate around the axle to move the vehicle.Rim is the outer surface of the wheel which holds the tire in its place.A tire is the rubber portion over the wheel which comes in direct contact with the road.

Are rims included with new tires?

Generally, tire sets do not include wheels, rims, or hubcaps, and you have to buy them separately.

When you are buying tires, it means you only buy the outer rubber component for the wheel.

However, for the ease of customers, many automobile retailers offer wheel and tire packages that include both tires and rims at reasonable prices.

Should you buy new rims with new tires?

If the old rim is not damaged or worn out, you can use it with new tires.

However, be careful about the size of the rims, so the new tires fit on them tightly and work properly.

But in case the old rim shows any sign of damage, go straight to the automobile shop.

Because with a worn-out rim, it is difficult for the tire to hold air pressure.

Resultantly, tire pressure is often lost soon in such cases leading to less comfortable driving.

Deflated tires put you in serious trouble as they offer more resistance on the road, and the fuel average of your vehicle is also reduced.

When to replace the rims of your car?

Change the rim of your vehicle when it wears out because the damaged rim affects your vehicle’s handling and braking system.

If your vehicle is drifting or the steering wheel is vibrating, it also indicates that the rim is worn down and needs to be changed.

So, when you notice such problems with your car, immediately replace the rim; otherwise, it will affect the braking and handling performance of your car.

Rim Wear Indicator

Mostly the rims have a wear indicator, some of these have a groove in the center of the entire circumference.

With the passage of time, it becomes shallow, and you have to replace the rim when the groove disappears.

Other vehicles have a small hole in the sidewall of the rim, and when it disappears, it’s time to change your car rims.

How to avoid rim damage?

Hitting hard objects or passing the car through a deep pot-hole causes the rim to bend.

Road salts, driving with low profile tires, aging, and heavy usage of the vehicle also lead to rim damage.

Following are some tips to keep rims in good condition;

  • The best way to protect the rim from damage is to install a rim wheel protector. It is a metal sealant that protects the rim from dust and rust. Some tires also have in-built rim protectors, hence, installing them over your wheel would enhance rim safety.
  • While washing the rims, do not use steel wools or acid based chemicals as they destroy the shiny look of the rims.  
  • Avoid frequent traveling on salted roads because they lead to corrosion which in turn weakens and bends the rim.

How to match tires with the rim?

To buy a tire that fits well with your rim size, you need to check two things, i.e., rim diameter and rim width.

Tires have specified sizes written as 265/55 R16, in this format, the number after R describes the rim diameter.

For example, if your rim diameter is 16 inches, you would need an R16 tire, and if it is 20 inches, you need an R20 tire.

The other thing you need to match is rim and tire width.

However, it does not have to match exactly; instead, each tire size can fit on slightly different width rims as well.

Approved rim width range is usually described with tire specifications.


  • When you buy tires, rims or wheels are not included.
  • If the old rims of your vehicle are not damaged, there is no need to replace them.
  • If rims are worn out, it is better to change them as well while buying new tires, otherwise, you have to face pathetic situations like the sudden blowout while traveling or a broken rim.
  • Tire size must be in accordance with the size of rims so they will fit tightly on the rim and function properly.
  • You can check when to replace the rims as they have a wear indicator, when indicating a hole or groove disappears, that is the time to get new rims.
  • You can mount a tire onto the rim with a tire mounting machine, or you can do it by hand.
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