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How long does a spare tire work?

How long does a spare tire work?: There are basically 4 different types of spare tire and each of them have different lives.

  • Full-sized spare tire
  • Full-Sized Temporary Spare Tyre
  • Compact temporary spare tire
  • Folding temporary tire
  • Full-sized temporary tire

Usually the full sized spare tire would give you 5 to 10 years (this however, highly depends on your driving).

How long does a spare tire work?

Full Sized Spare Tire:

Full-sized spare tires need more storage and they matched the already present tires of vehicles.

One of the important points is to integrate these tires into the vehicle’s rotating pattern from the start.

So, it will make a set of a total of five wheels that will be durable and additionally wear out spare tires before its “ages out”.

If the spare tire is at the same thread depth as the other wheels of the vehicle are, it will help in reducing the driveline stress.

Full-size spare tire needs more space to store but its best of all.

The best thing is that it isn’t a temporary fix.

The purpose of today’s designed spare tire is just to get the vehicle to the service station to get the damaged or punctured tire replaced.

Full Sized Temporary Spare Tire:

Full-sized temporary spare tires are lightweight with shallow-depth threads to improve fuel economy.

It should match the size specification of the vehicle’s tires.

They don’t hinder the traction control.

These spares require large storage space but must be considered temporary.

Compact Temporary Spare Tire:

Compact temporary spares tires are lightweight and shallow-depth threads.

They operate at higher inflation pressure (60-80psi).

When small spares are used they may harm other features of the vehicle.

Never use them for other vehicles except if it is of the same model.

Folding Temporary Spare Tire:

Folding temporary spares tires provide large space and are inflatable.

Previously, they have been installed in vehicles but now they are rarely used.

They are difficult to use and collapsible .They must be inflated before use.

Run Flat Tires:

Run flat tires are used mostly in BMW’s model.

They can be driven until one reach the nearer service station.

A vehicle using run-flat tires has no spare tire.

How Long One Can Drive On A Spare Tire?

Spare tires are lightweight and smaller in size as compared with the standard ones.

They are used for a shorter period of time as they are a temporary solution.

It is preferable not to use them for more than 70miles before your need a replacement.

Keeping this distance limit helps in securing the life of the spare tires.

Full-sized spare tire have a life span of for seven to ten years.

This limited time period is because doesn’t have well-built threads which develop a risk of poor handling on irregular surfaces.

What happens if we use the spare tire for a longer period of time?

Over-using the spare tires results in damaging the other car’s system.

It can harm and damage car suspension or transmission or even end up wearing spare parts.

It may cause other issues like a rough driving experience with trouble in braking and cornering.

How fast one can drive using a spare tire?

Normally, 50mph is the fastest speed we one drive on a spare tire.

But, some manufacturers state their spare tires can travel with more speed.

It is recommended not to exceed the 50mph limit; doing so would result in blowout.

Can you use a spare tire from a different vehicle?

If the vehicle’s appearance is similar that doesn’t mean you can use the same spare tires for the type of vehicle you are driving.

But, if all parameters are the same, then tires can be used inter-exchangeable i-e they are of the same model.

Do the spare tires get damaged without being used?

Some vehicle has spare tires on the exterior, like pickup trucks. In such cases, the driver should be more vigilant about using the spare tires as they exposed to weather road salt that can cause corrosion.

It is recommended to remove it once a year for checking its accessibility and air pressure in the recommended range.

Tires pressure drops as the weather gets colder.

For every 10 degrees, tire pressure drops to 1psi.

Seasonal changes have a significant impact on spare tires.

Can you drive them on highway?

Using spare tires while driving on a high way, there are some figures to keep in mind.

If the car speed doesn’t exceed 50mph and the distance is not more than 70miles.

Then it is safe to drive on a highway.

What makes the difference between a spare tire and a donut tire?

The donut tires are smaller in size and have better space economy.

They are less durable and used for shorter distances.

The main difference is the size of the each of the tires.

The standard sized spare wheel can travel comparatively longer distance and last longer.

A donut spare tire is more vulnerable to damage.

Guidelines for using spare tire accurately and cautiously:

  • Get proper knowledge of installing spare tires on your vehicles.
  • Check the tire’s air pressure or any damage to threads.
  • It is essential to keep the inflation to the recommended pressure.
  • Spare tires should be replaced tens of years from their manufacturing date and six years after it is placed into service.
  • Maintenance of spare tires is necessary as for other wheels.
  • When spare tires run faster as compared to other wheels .It may activate anti-braking system warning lights of vehicles. Don’t get nervous, just drive cautiously and reach your near service station and substitute it with a better solution.
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