Hankook Dynapro AT2 vs Toyo Open Country AT2

Toyo Open Country AT3 and Hankook Dynapro AT2 are both all-terrain tires built for optimized driving experiences on road trips, and off road hikes as well. Dynapro offers excellent on road traction using massive contact patch of its tread. Its specialized siping pattern account for firm grip on road even in wet conditions.

On the other side, Open Country performs better in rugged terrains due to its open tread design. Good traction over muddy and snowy surfaces is credited to its huge voids and better rock traction is provided by aggressive blocks, staggered shoulders and bold stone ejectors. Both of these tires come with tread wear warranties. Find out further details about their pricing and traction abilities, below.

Comparing Hankook AT2 with Toyo AT2

Hankook Dynapro AT2


Toyo AT2

Dynapro AT2 gives a classic look characterizing a denser tread with narrow grooves, step edged blocks, specialized siping pattern, tiny stone ejectors and bulky, flat shoulder lugs. Low void ratio makes contact patch of tread greater, leading to firm grip on road. Multi directional sipes along with zigzag grooves wipe off water and provide hydroplaning resistance, offering good wet traction as a result. However, over off road surfaces, low void ratio is more of a demerit. Decreased width and depth of grooves minimizes space available for evacuation of loose substances like mud, clay or snow, causing gradual stuffing of tread and decreased traction in various off road terrains. Less prominent stone ejectors and less textured sidewalls only provide a little resistivity against harms of striking gravel fragments.

Open country AT2 exhibits an aggressive look owing to its massive grooves, angular lugs, staggered shoulders with bold scalloped blocks, bumpy stone ejectors and strongly built sidewalls. On hard paved paths, it exhibits lesser traction in comparison as broad channels have reduced contact patch resulting in decreased grip of tread on road. However, low contact patch and higher void ratio favors in rolling smoothly over rough off road surfaces. Wider and deeper grooves provide space for effective evacuation of mud and snow, thus, prevent groove-choking and maintain good traction. S shaped blocks of central ribs provide biting edges to grip on uneven rocky surfaces tightly and staggered shoulders provide firm handling while steering along difficult turns. Stone ejectors safeguard tread from punctures and gravel clogging of grooves, as they toss off bombarding rock particles and tiny pebbles.

On-Road Traction Comparison

Dynapro shows superior traction while rolling over paved tracks. Narrow grooves among blocks make contact patch of tread greater, leading to better grip and enhanced traction. Frequent siping in multidirectional orientation accounts for aquaplaning resistance as slippery liquids are efficiently wiped away through these slits, as a result AT2 performs better on road also in wet conditions.

On road performance of Open Country is lesser as compared with its competitor due to its high void ratio. Contact patch of tread is minimized because grooves among blocks are broader and deeper, as a result tread cannot maintain a strong grip on paved areas and exhibits lesser traction. Wide grooves and zigzag sipes provide Aquaplaning resistance but its competitor has a superior ability to do so.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

Hankook AT2 loses to its competitor when it comes to mud traction due to its low void ratio. Narrow and shallow grooves offer less space for evacuation of mud and dirt leading to mud stuffing of voids and loss of traction over the surface covered with such loose stuff. Flattened shoulder lugs without any texturing for traction makes handling over muddy corners risky and uncontrolled.

Toyo AT2 is a better choice for wandering into boggy plains due to its superior evacuation abilities. Dirt and mud quickly find a way out through its wide and deep grooves, making traction over such loose substances greater. Shoulder lugs with alternate staggering and scallops provide traction and biting ability for firm steer handling in muddy areas.

Snow Terrain

Over surfaces covered with snow, Dynpro offers less traction in comparison owing to its higher contact patch. Its smaller grooves lack proficiency to throw soft snow off the tire in backwards direction, as a result tread gradually gets filled with snow and tire loses traction. On ice, however, it shows good performance as massive blocks with higher contact patch have more biting ability on ice. Excessive siping pattern provide efficient slip resistance as water squirm away quickly through these multidirectional slits.

Comparatively, Open Country shows superior traction on surfaces covered with light snow owing to its high void ratio. Broad grooves offer much space for throwing soft snow backwards and clearing themselves as well as their pathway while rolling ahead. On the other side, it faces troubles over ice as minimal contact patch due to huge voids result in poor grip and lesser ice traction. Slippery liquids are wiped off by sipes and massive grooves but this property do not improve ice traction as compared with its competitor.

Rock Terrain

Due to less aggressive tread design, Dynapro shows lesser capability over rocky slopes in comparison to its competitor. Its blocks have less angular edges and show lesser biting ability on uneven rocky surfaces. Shoulder lugs cannot grip firm while steering along difficult mountain turns as they lack any scooping or staggering texture. Stone ejectors among grooves are tiny and less prominent, accounting for lesser capacity to toss off rocky fragment and prevent stone-choking and puncture drilling into tread.

Open Country shows excellent performance in rock terrain due to its more aggressive tread pattern. Angular blocks especially S-shaped lugs of central ribs have biting edges to grip on rough surfaces strongly. Sturdy, staggered and scalloped shoulders provide firm handling experience over tricky mountain turns. Strengthened sidewalls absorb shocks effectively and also provide lateral stability to the tire over uneven surfaces. Its bold and prominent stone ejectors are efficient in knocking out bombarding stony fragments and prevent them from choking the grooves or drilling holes into tread.

Driving Comfort

Dynapro gives quieter and more comfortable ride on road. Its smaller grooves minimize area available for circulation and collision of noise making wind particles, moreover tie bars among shoulder blocks and step edge blocks act as sound barriers and reduce resonation of sound waves leading to decreased tire noise. Low void ratio and massive contact patch account for better traction on road, resulting in greater comfort on highway driving.

Open Country offers less comfort on paved tracks in comparison. Its broad and deep grooves allow free movement, reflection and resonation of noisy air particles, producing loud tire sound while rolling. Decreased traction due to higher void ratio and limited contact patch make on road drives shaky and less comfortable.

Durability and Tread wear

Dynapro shows greater wear resistance, longer tread life and superior durability. Its sturdy tread wears slowly because it is built from tough rubber reinforced with nylon casting and steel belts, offering good resistivity against cuts, scratches, chip and bruises. It is backed by longer tread life warranty of 65,000 miles from its manufacturer.

Although Toyo AT2 is fairly durable tire yet its durability is lesser than its competitor. Its tread composition includes 2 ply polyester with 1 ply nylon casting rubber reinforced with twin high strength steel belts, making it resistant to punctures, chips and abrasions, nevertheless it wears faster than its competitor.  Its tread life is warranted up to 50,000 miles by its manufacturer, lesser warranty shows its lesser durability in comparison.

Comparing Price

Open Country is priced lesser, moreover, its superior off-road performance and long-lasting tread further improves its economic value.

Standardize comfort on road using Dynapro AT2 comes for a higher price.

Quick Summary

  • Hankook Dynapro AT2 and Toyo Open Country AT2 are both all terrain tires.
  • Dynapro give better performance on hard paved tracks.
  • Toyo AT2 shows superior grip and handling capacity over mud, snow and gravel.
  • Dynapro presents less noisy and more comfortable street driving.
  • Hankook AT2 is more expensive AT option but it comes with financial benefit of better durability.