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Achilles ATR Sport vs ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR Sport vs ATR Sport 2: Both the Achilles ATR Sport and the Achilles ATR Sport 2 are directional summer season performance tires. As you can guess from their names, the ATR Sport 2 is the newer version of the ATR Sport.

These tires are manufactured by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA), an Indonesian tire manufacturer that sells tires under the brands of Achilles and Corsa. MASA is one of the largest manufacturer of tires in Indonesia. These tires are highly economical, put together with the latest technologies to give you the most efficient and durable tires at a very affordable rate.

General Comparison of the Achilles ATR Sport vs ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR Sport


Achilles ATR Sport 2

The Achilles ATR Sport is undoubtedly one of the most economical tires available in the market. The ATR Sport is a summer season performance tire that performs well on well-paved dry surfaces, while it performs decently on wet surfaces. It is due to the directional tread pattern, wide steel belts, and advanced offset design in its blocks. Meanwhile, it also has some grooves to sustain its grip on wet roads but these grooves aren’t deep enough, which doesn’t make it effective on wet surfaces. They have a good and economic performance on highways and roads as long as the surface is dry.

The Achilles ATR Sport 2, as discussed before, is the newer version of the ATR Sport. This tire has even better features than its predecessor while it delivers an economical performance on the road. The nature of this tire is very similar to the ATR Sport, and they are mainly built for on-road applications. It maintains a good grip on dry and smooth surfaces owed to its directional tread pattern with a good surface area to make contact with the road. The ATR Sport 2 has a better grip on wet roads due to its deeper and wider grooves, but it still isn’t good enough for high-speed driving in wet conditions. Despite this drawback, its efficiency on the road and freeways is remarkable, making it one of the most reasonable tires.

Comparing Traction of both tires

Every tire producer’s prime concern is the traction of their tires to produce a smooth, safe, and good gripping tire. The ATR Sport is known for its notable traction on dry roads due to its unique tread design aligned in the same direction that gives it a large surface area to make contact with the road, and grip well on the surface. It also embodies some water channeling abilities thanks to the silica tread compound and wider ribs with decent grooves that help it hold its ground on wet surfaces. But its traction on wet surfaces is poor at high speeds because there aren’t deep enough grooves in its tread design to uphold its grip.

Just like the ATR Sport, the ATR Sport 2 offers great traction on dry roads. Since it has a similar tread pattern aligned in one direction with a large block center, which enables it to stand its ground on the road even at high speeds due to the large contact zone, causing an excellent grip and perfect dry traction. The wet traction of ATR Sport 2 is superior to that of ATR Sport on the account of 4 long and wide longitudinal grooves along the circumference of the tread and Matric Technology, which allows more water to pass through it and promotes efficient self-cleaning of the tire. This makes its grip better on wet surfaces but it’s still not recommended to use this tire at high speeds during wet conditions. Therefore, the ATR Sport 2 is better in terms of wet traction which makes it a safer choice in wet conditions.

Tread-Wear and durability comparison

When it comes to tread-wear and durability, the ATR Sport doesn’t fall behind any tire of its category. It features plausible tread-wear due to the silica compound used in its fabrication in conjunction with the solid center rib and sturdy steel belted tread blocks that ensure decent tread life and durability. It also has an erected sidewall that protects the rims against the street curbs. These exceptional features in its tread design give it virtuous lasting wear and tear along with attired durability.

Consequently, the ATR Sport 2 also has moderate tread-wear. This tire is made with Magnificent Triangle Compound that reduces its rolling resistance which makes the tire move more freely on the road, resulting in even tread-wear and increased durability. Same as the ATR Sport, the ATR Sport 2 is featured with bigger sidewalls that protect the rims from getting damaged. Concerning tread-wear, the ATR Sport 2 is just a little bit better than the ATR Sport, making it a more economical choice.

Differences in Comfort

Everyone wants a comfortable ride when they go for a drive. The ATR Sport provides a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride due to its computer-aided tread design and interlocking tread blocks that allow maximum part of the tire to be in contact with the road, enhancing the directional stability. The solid center rib in the middle of the tire adds to the comfort of the tire, making it more agile and stable.

In the same sense, the ATR Sport 2 also performs well and it ensures a comfortable ride with firmness and stability. It also has an interlocking tread design that makes it just as comfortable as the ATR Sport but it contains more prominent groves which make it vibrate a little bit more. Due to this reason, ATR Sport stands out a bit more. You can opt for any one of these since the difference is minimal.

Noise level Difference

The Tread pattern and grooves of the tire contribute the most to the noise levels of the tire. The ATR Sport is featured with 3D surface block technology and small grooves to reduce the noise produced by the sound. Regardless of this feature, it still creates a considerable amount of noise.

On the other hand, the ATR Sport 2 is featured with dB Silent Technology for noise cancellation. Moreover, this tire has deeper grooves than the ATR Sport, which decreases its noise on the road a bit more. So, the ATR Sport 2 had lower noise levels than the ATR Sport. Both of the tires produce a considerable amount of noise but they are far better than any tire of their class at such a reasonable price.

Customer Evaluation of both tires

Customer reviews determine the value of the product in the market. The ATR Sport provides a good grip on dry surfaces but has poor traction on wet surfaces. It creates a lot of noise after running a few ten miles, which makes it uncomfortable for the users. It can last up to 2000 to 25000 miles, which is considered a low mileage but we have to look at its price as well, it’s not a luxury class durable tire but a cheap and affordable one.

Similarly, The ATR Sport 2 provides a good comfortable ride on a dry road and its ability to grip on wet roads is better than the ATR Sport, but it’s dangerous to go on high speeds during wet conditions. It has better mileage than the ATR Sport and better feedback from the customers making it more desirable.

Looks differences

These tires have a similar design with a few evolutions in the ATR Sport 2, they both have unidirectional tread patterns and the same design, except the ATR Sport 2 has a bit more straightened cuts and deeper grooves. Both of these tires have an exceptional look that gives a sporty feeling.

Price comparison

The Achilles ATR Sport 2 is more expensive than the ATR Sport, but the difference in their price isn’t that much since they come from the same manufacturer. The ATR Sport 2 is worth the price due to better performance and newly added features.

Final Thoughts

  • The Achilles ATR Sport and ATR Sport 2 are some of the most economical tires available in the market.
  • Both the ATR Sport and ATR Sport 2 have a good grip on dry roads while a poor grip in wet conditions. Nevertheless, The ATR Sport 2 has a better grip in wet conditions than the ATR Sport.
  • The tread-wear and durability of ATR Sport 2 are a little bit better than the ATR Sport.
  • The noise level of ATR Sport 2 is fairly better than the ATR Sport.
  • Both tires have a very similar look in design.
  • Most of the customers prefer ATR Sport 2 over the ATR Sport because it has overall better performance.
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