Atturo Trail Blade X/T Vs Nitto Ridge Grappler

Both tires were measured under the same size of 295/70 R18, where tread depth of blade TX is 15.87 mm which is higher than that of Ridge; 12.7 mm. Due to its aggressive pattern, wider and deeper tread grooves, Trail Blade is a better option for off-road performance. You can take it in to heavy mud, snow, or a heavily rugged terrain without a worry and it will hold its own.

At the same time, Ridge Grappler is one of the most popular Hybrid tires on the market, it offers you a combination of both M/T and A/T tire which gives you a combination of off and on-road performance at the same time.

Comparing Nitto Ridge with Atturo Trail Blade

Nitto Ridge Grappler

Nitto Ridge Grappler

Atturo Trial Blade X/T

Atturo Trial Blade X/T
Nitto Ridge Grappler


Atturo Trail Blade XT

Atturo designed the Trail Blade XT with a distinctive tread design, broader shoulder blocks with wide grooves are combined with a cutting and chip-resistant tread compound for better off road performance. When driving on stone, mud, gravel, and other surfaces, the knife blade sidewall design helps provide better grip and traction, It was inspired by QTR-3 sharp edge.

Nitto Ridge Grappler on RAM
Nitto Ridge On Road

Ridge grappler, on the other hand features a dual sidewall design along with reinforced block foundation that helps them to maintain their shape during extreme pressure and prevent them from wobbling. It features step blocks edges and alternating tapered edges that aid in providing better grip on rough surfaces, mud, sand, gravel etc.

Both the tires have singular siping on their respective shoulders, however, considering the zig-zag circumferential grooves in of Ridge, it provides better wet performance as well as hydroplane resistance as compared to Trail blade.

As far as the grooves are concerned, Trail blade has wider groove spaces as compared to Grappler which makes it more suitable for off-road traction whereas the wider shoulder grooves gives it better mud traction as compared to Nitto.

The groove spaces also mean that the contact patch of Atturo is lesser, making Nitto better in on-road performance. The staggered shoulder design in both the tires make their handling and cornering a chink in the armor, however, of the two, Ridge grappler has better handling due to a more uniform design.

Overall Traction comparison

Trail blade has an aggressive tread design, wide grooves, staggered and angular shoulders which make it more suitable for off-road performance as compared to Ridge grappler. Both tires feature a staggered shoulder design along with singular siping however, considering the groove width in Atturo, it gives better performance on mud as well as rocks, stones and other rugged surfaces as compared to the other tire.

Trial Blade also has a deeper tread depth when compared which explains its better off-road performance. The wider grooves and smaller tread rib patterns provide more biting edges to Atturo for better grip in heavy mud or snow.

Nitto, along with staggered shoulders feature lateral Z grooves which are optimized for mud performance, they promote the quick evacuation of mud and slush from the tread. However, Trail blade still holds the lead. The climbing abilities of both the tires are more or less the same, as both has a staggered shoulder design.

On-road performance:

In a word, Trail Blade is not made for on-road performance, the wide tread grooves and its aggressive design makes it a poor fit for highway comparatively. Ridge Grappler, being a hybrid A/T and M/T tire has on-road performance to some extent. It has a more uniform pattern with narrower tread grooves which increases it contact patch with the road, making a better fit for dry asphalt.

As mentioned earlier, both the tires feature similar siping on the shoulders, however considering the rib siping as well the zig-zag circumferential grooves, we concluded that Ridge has better wet traction as well hydroplane resistance.

Comfort and noise

The Blade XT is a little noisier. This high noise can be justified due to its aggressive shoulders which have wider grooves as compared to the other one. As long as you don’t exceed the speed limit, it remains a quiet ride. This is an incredible achievement for a tire that is a few notches below a proper mud tire.

Nitto deserves credit for developing a hybrid mud tire that isn’t exhausting to drive on the highway. The tire offers a more comfortable and smoother ride. Even though, Nitto uses a Variable Pitch Tread Pattern, specifically designed to provide a comfortable ride by absorbing the unnecessary vibrations, it still falls short due to the tread pattern differences.

Treadwear and Durability Comparison

Blade XT has a tread designed to function well on both the trail and the road. The huge shoulder blocks are used for the former, while the little center tread blocks are used for the latter. Atturo even considered snow and rain performance while designing the Trail Blade XT, which features several sipes across the tread. The tire, like most tires in its class, comes with rim protection to protect your wheels from damage.

The Ridge Grappler features a cutting-edge, dynamic hybrid tread pattern that is truly stunning. The reinforced block foundation within the tread keep the shape of the tire intact during extreme pressure whereas the stone ejectors prevent any stone or debris from drilling.

Price Comparison

Because of its numerous high-tech features and superb all-season performance, the Ridge Grappler is more expensive than the other.

Still, it delivers tremendous value and consistent off-road performance.

Also, speaking of prices, rolling resistance plays a huge part.

In terms of rolling resistance, Ridge has the lead. The bidirectional tread design allows it to have low rolling resistance. It enhances mileage while also cutting the fuel consumption of the car. The tire is also environmentally friendly, as it minimizes CO2 emissions from the vehicle due to its decreased fuel use.


Which tire do you want to go with is entirely your choice, trail blade rather focuses on the off-road performance; climbing, mud, and rugged terrain. Ridge grappler, however, provides lesser off-road performance but it has a better performance on-road. If you want a tire that allows you to drive on highway that you can take in the mud and off-roading, Ridge grappler is for you. It offers better value, dependable performance and a more comfortable ride because of its numerous high-tech features and tread design as explained above. However, there is a catch. It is more expensive.