Federal Couragia MT vs Atturo Trail Blade

Federal Couragia MT and Atturo trail blade are one of the cheapest and best mud terrain tires. Couragia MT provides excellent traction on off-road surfaces whereas Trail Blade is known for both off-road and on-road performance. Moreover, Couragia MT has self-cleaning feature and Trail Blade has built-in stone ejectors to prevent rocks and pebbles from damaging the tire.

Trail Blade has unique design that minimizes its noise on-road, details have been discussed in comfort section.

Comparing Atturo Trail Blade with Federal Couragia MT

Atturo Trail Blade


Federal Couragia MT

Federal Couragia MT has deep tread design which helps in better traction on mud, snow and other off-road surfaces. Its wide and deep grooves help in removing all the dirt and mud from the path by throwing them backwards which helps the tire to move smoothly. This tire is M&S rated, its performance on snow is also amazing as its wide grooves trap the snow in them and throw it backwards, enabling the tire to move forward. Its large shoulder lugs have strong protection blocks on upper side which helps in preventing the tire from getting damaged in a rough terrain. It comes with 2 or 3 ply sidewall which makes it more durable compared to its competitor. However, Couragia MT is not recommended for on road driving as it makes too much noise when driving on a highway.

Atturo trail blade has 12mm of tread depth. This masterpiece provides good traction in all seasons and its beveled center tread blocks help in reducing noise level along with producing good on road traction. Open shoulder lugs of Atturo trail blade improve its handling while moving on mud/snow terrains. It has deep grooves and multiple sipes which enable it to produce excellent traction on light snow and mud, it is also M&S rated. However, it does not provide good traction in packed snow because its grooves aren’t as wide as of Couragia MT.

Comparing On Road Traction

Federal Couragia MT does not perform well on road due to large spaces between tread blocks. As it has wide grooves so as a result its contact patch is reduced and very few of the tire body is in contact with the road. The less contact patch decreases its road grip and as a result its on road traction is poor.

Atturo Trail Blade has much better performance on road compared to its competitor. This is because it has narrower grooves (compared to Couragia), so due to narrow grooves the more of the tire is in contact with the road and its grip improves, making it perform well on road.

Off Road Traction Comparison

Federal Couragia MT provides best traction in mud, snow and sand. As discussed above the tire has insanely wide grooves and the tread blocks are small and are placed apart from each other. It performs well in mud as when the tire moves on mud, the particles get trapped into the grooves and when the vehicle is accelerated, they are thrown backwards, clearing the way of the tire and as a result the tire moves smoothly. If we talk about snow, this tire has very good performance even in the deep snow. As snow particles are also thrown backwards by the wide grooves. The shoulders have large spaces that improve its handling in snow/mud terrain as they bite the ground and the snow/mud particles pass through these wide spaces, improving the handling of vehicle while cornering.

Atturo Trail Blade also performs well on mud and snow due to its deep grooves that let the snow pass through them and improve the grip of the tire. But as this tire does not possess as wide grooves as of its competitor so it cannot move in deep snow or extreme mud, there is always a chance that it might get stuck in these terrains. Although, it has bad performance on deep snow but it provides amazing traction on rocky surfaces, all thanks to the big stone ejectors that are placed in between the grooves. These ejectors emit the small stones and pebbles that might get stuck into the grooves. So, it always remains unbeaten on rocks and is able to climb any kind of rocky terrain.

Which tire provides better comfort?

As Federal Couragia MT has deep and wide grooves and open shoulders so that means more of the surface area is available for the air to get trapped in between grooves. The air particles collide with the walls of the grooves, back and forth, creating noise. That’s why a lot of noise is heard in the cabin while driving with Couragia, on road.  Atturo Trail Blade is performance well on road. The ride is much comfortable as due to its less wide grooves, less air is trapped and consequently it produces very less noise compared to Couragia MT. While off roading you will feel that Couragia MT is more comfortable cause no or very few jerks will be felt. This is due to its wide grooves; they make the tire fell like lesser inflated tire and it works as an extra suspension.

Which tire is more durable?

Federal couragia mt has good durability and is resistant to the damage or any type of expected cuts. It is known for its toughness which helps in better riding experience as it makes it puncture resistant. Moreover, the grade for its treadwear is 420 and it is expected to last 50k to 60k miles.

Atturo Trail Blade is also known for its durability providing excellent performance on all surfaces and has built in stone ejector which prevents rock to come in or damage the tire. It has no treadwear warranty but Atturo still offers three year manufacturer defect warranty. If you want to choose a tire with treadwear warranty then go for federal couragia mt.

Which tire is cost effective?

If you are looking for cheap best mud terrain tires then Couragia MT is for you. It is affordable as compare to other mud terrain tires. Federal couragia mt costs as less as one fifty dollars and goes up depending upon the size.

Atturo trail blade is one of the best tires offering various features, It may cost as less as two hundred dollars and goes up depending on the size.

Quick Summary

  • Federal Couragia MT is best for off road surfaces and Atturo Trail Blade is good for both off road and on road surfaces.
  • Federal Couragia MT has self-cleaning feature and Atturo Trail Blade has built in stone ejectors.
  • Couragia MT has strong grip on rocks, mud and snow so does Trail Blade but it does not perform well in deep snow.
  • Both of these are M&S rated.
  • Both of these are cheap as compared to other mud terrain tires.
  • If you want a tire for everyday use as well as for off-road driving, then go for atturo trail blade.