Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 vs Bridgestone Dueler

Both the tires being discussed here are All-Terrain. They are much credible for the drivers who want to explore the off-road world along with comfortable on-road rides. However, Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 having a comparatively higher void ratio gives a better off-road performance.

Whereas, Dueler is a better option on-road due to its greater contact patch with the road.

Comparing Bridgestone Dueler AT with Dunlop Grandtrek AT3

Bridgestone Dueler AT


Dunlop Grandtrek AT3

AT3 is a premium segment tire with a flat tread profile and 2 in 1 shoulder design. This tire has a higher void ratio which lowers its contact patch with the road. It offers full-depth shoulder lugs and highly optimized sipes which are arranged over the tread blocks in a parallel manner but the stone ejectors are not much prominent.

Dunlop Grandtrek AT3

Moreover, this tire comes with a robust tread along with Japanese engineering. A joint-less cap and double steel belts are also installed in this tire.

Dueler offers an ingenious asymmetric tread design with a highly modified center rib. The contact patch of this tire is more as it offers a lower void ratio.

Bridgestone Dueler AT Tread
Bridgestone Dueler AT Tread Pattern

The zigzag sipes are scattered over the tread blocks but are less efficient in their function. The shoulder lugs are staggered with open shoulder spaces and 3D steps. The bold stone ejectors are much efficient in their function. Moreover, this tire features reinforced sidewalls with stiff tread blocks and traction claws.

On-Road Traction Comparison

AT3 being an All-Terrain tire is not a bad choice on-road but it offers a higher void ratio which reduces its contact patch with the road. This reduced contact patch affects the performance of this tire on dry paved roads. Whereas, in wet conditions the wider grooves and full-depth sipes of this tire effectively wipe away water, increasing hydroplaning resistance. Therefore, this tire is a better selection in wet conditions.

Dueler comes with a lower void ratio; therefore, the increased contact patch of this tire increases its grip on dry paved roads.

Bridgestone Dueler AT traction
Dueler On Road Traction

The braking distance is reduced and it performs excellently in such conditions. However, in wet conditions, this tire lacks in providing good traction. The sipes are, however, active in wiping away water but less efficient than that of its counterpart. Moreover, the narrower grooves wipe away a limited amount of water and increase the chances of hydroplaning.

Mud Terrain Traction

AT3 offers wider grooves which promote its traction in mud. The wider grooves give this tire a great margin to grab a sufficient amount of mud and throw it backward, to stimulate the smooth movement of the tire in such conditions. Moreover, the open shoulders of this tire keep the sidewall clean and facilitate its performance in muddy terrain by allowing the mud to easily pass through them.

Bridgestone Dueler AT on grass
Dueler AT Off Road

Dueler features narrower grooves which affect its performance in muddy conditions. The grooves are less efficient in grabbing and throwing mud which reduces its traction in such conditions. The shoulders of this tire are not much optimized in passing mud through them, so, the sidewalls may get stained with mud quite easily, which reduces its efficiency.

Snow Terrain

AT3 offers a higher void ratio which provides it with several biting edges to grab soft snow and throw it backward. Therefore, this tire rolls efficiently in such conditions. However, on icy roads the widely spaced tread layers reduce the contact patch and grip of this tire, making it more slippery and less efficient in icy terrain.

Dueler has narrower grooves which may get filled with soft snow easily. In such conditions, the tire loses its traction and its efficiency is reduced. So, this tire is not much efficient on snowy terrain but on icy roads, the lower void ratio increases its contact patch and grants it an excellent grip to overcome tough icy conditions.

Rocky Terrain Traction Comparison

AT3 features wider grooves which enhances its grip on rocky paths. The highly modified internal structure and staggered tread blocks of this tire protect it from the damage offered by sharp stones. However, this tire is not bad on rocky terrain but its stone ejectors are not bold enough to beat its competitor. They may allow the entry of stones into the grooves and reduce the efficiency of this tire.

The narrower grooves of Dueler, however, reduce its grip on rocks but the stone ejectors are more prominent. They block the entry of stones into the grooves, making it more reliable on rocky trails. Moreover, the staggered shoulder lugs of this tire enhance its traction and the reinforced sidewall protects the tire from sharp-edged stones, increasing its puncture resistance.

Which Tire is More Comfortable?

AT3 offers two in one shoulder design which minimizes noise to some extent but its wider grooves reduce the on-road comfort as they trap more air into them and when the tire rolls this squeezed air rushes out, producing loud noise. For off-roading, the wider grooves of this tire grant it excellent traction and efficiently absorb the effects of jerks, making it more comfortable.

Bridgestone Dueler AT off road
Dueler AT

Dueler comes with a joint-less cap ply which aids in minimizing noise production and increases its on-road comfort. Moreover, the narrower grooves of this tire catch fewer air particles into them which produces less noise and increases its comfort level. However, this tire due to its narrower grooves can’t absorb jerky effects as efficiently as its competitor, so, it is less comfortable for off-road experience.

Treadwear and Durability

AT3 features a higher void ratio which lowers its contact patch with the road and the rolling resistance of this tire is also reduced. Therefore, its treadwear is also reduced which increases its durability. Moreover, a double steel belt and nylon aid in increasing its durability. Also, a joint-less cap is introduced in this tire which results in even contact pressure distribution and even wear.

Dueler offers a lower void ratio and greater contact patch with the road. It results in increased rolling resistance which in return increases the treadwear of the tire and reduces its durability. However, Dueler is less durable than its competitor but the groove stepping in this tire gives rise to stiff tread blocks which results in increasing the tread life of this tire. Also, its tread design is specialized to promote even wear, which increases its durability.

Difference in Price

Both tires differ noticeably in terms of price. AT3 being a predecessor of many Dunlop AT tires, is much cheaper than Dueler. Dueler costs more as it gives an exceptional on-road performance stabilized with decent off-road traction especially on rocks.

Quick Summary

  • Both tires are All-Terrain.
  • Dueler performs better on dry paved paths due to its greater contact patch.
  • In mud, AT3 leads Dueler due to its higher void ratio.
  • On soft snow, AT3 again dominates because it has wider grooves.
  • On the ice, Dueler performs better due to its stronger grip.
  • On rocks, the bolder stone ejectors of Dueler make it a better choice.
  • AT3 is more comfortable for off-roading while Dueler gives you a more comfortable ride on-road.

Other Info:

  • Tire size of AT3: 265/70R16
  • Tire size of Dueler: 265/70R16
  • Tread depth of AT3: 13/32”
  • Tread depth of Dueler: 13/32”