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Bridgestone Dueler AT vs Cooper AT3 Sport 2

Bridgestone Dueler AT vs Cooper AT3 Sport 2: Tires were compared under a common size of 225/75R16 110T. Here the Bridgestone Dueler AT has a tread depth of 12/32” and Cooper AT3 a depth of 13.5/32”. Both tires are All terrain, but still a better on road performance is seen on the Cooper AT3 compared to the other. And a better off road performance is seen on the Bridgestone Dueler.

Dueler’s off road performance especially when it comes to dirt and stoney terrain can be explained by a couple of things. All explained below. The tire here has a wider grooves with voids all overall, whereas the Cooper tire seems to have a uniforms voids and grooves all over, combined with tons of siping (which helps this tire a lot in wet on road traction). The modern 5 rib design while the zig-zag siping helps the drivers have better control and stability on dry and soft watery surfaces.

Comparing Bridgestone Revo 3 with Cooper AT3 Sport 2

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Sport 2


Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3

Dueler has a more aggressive tread pattern which gives it superior off road traction.

Considering the shoulders on both of these tires, it can be seen that both of them have staggered blocks where Cooper AT3 has uniform voids and zig zag siping on those blocks and Dueler has steps like aggressive pattern on every consecutive block. This tell us two things:

First, the more uniform pattern on the AT3 provides a better handling performance “on-road” than the other tire because the plain tread pattern on the shoulders (where all the vehicle weight comes on while cornering) gets better contact with the road. On the other hand the Dueler with its stairs like pattern would not grip the plain surface properly. That’s why this tire would better fit the rough off road terrain.

And Second, the siping seen on the shoulder blocks of Cooper tire brings in better on road handling performance when it comes to wet asphalts. Dueler again with its more aggressive shoulder pattern would not be able to perform well on wet roads, but the tire would do great off road wet terrains with its aggressive pattern giving digging capabilities on mud and snow.

Bridgestone Dueler AT Tread
Bridgestone Dueler AT Tread Pattern

On-Road Traction Comparison

Of the two, AT3 provides better on-road traction because the tread is more uniform, the grooves are narrower, whereas the zig-zag siping pattern within the shoulders offer better wet traction and hydroplane resistance as compared to Dueler. The optimized and serrated shoulder design helps boost performance on dry roads while also enhancing dry handling and cornering since it has a greater contact patch with the asphalt.

Bridgestone Dueler AT traction
Dueler On Road Traction

Dueler, on the other hand, has wider and deeper tread grooves which makes it a better fit for off-road performance. However, its on-road road performance is not so terrible either, it has extensive siping as well which means it can hold its own in wet conditions if need be whereas the open shoulder blocks promote quick evacuation of water for aquaplane resistance.  

Both tires have a staggered shoulder design which means that neither of them provide exceptional on-road handling and cornering, however, of the two, AT3 slightly outperforms Dueler because of its 5 rib tread design. Furthermore, AT3 is made up of a high silica tread compound which helps increase traction and grip on wet roads.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

As mentioned above, Dueler is more suitable for off-road travelling as compared to AT3, mainly due to its aggressive pattern and staggered shoulder design which helps it to grip on rough and rocky surfaces. It has wide grooves which make the blocks and shoulders more segregated; a better fit for mud and deep water. It has multiple sipes and steam lined grooves which allow mud, snow, small rocks and dirt to easily pass through along with proving optimum performance and traction on off road surfaces.

Bridgestone Dueler AT on grass
Dueler AT Off Road

AT3, on the other hand, features a milder tread pattern, more optimized for on road performance as explained earlier, It still provides off-road traction to some extent just not up to the par with Dueler.

Comfort Comparison

Dueler has a jointless cap ply in their tire which helps increase uniformity that in turn provides the drivers with a comfortable ride with minimum noise level. We would give this tire a subjective rating of 85% when it comes to its comfort level. The innovative design including the highs and lows in the shoulder of the tire further helps in reducing the noise level.

AT3 tires are known to be whisper quite as they have whisper grooves on the tires which help reduce the noise level. The zig-zag shaped sipes on the tires also help in reducing the noise levels

Durability and Treadwear

Dueler is formulated with technologies and which help increase durability and tread life. The redesigned tread pattern and optimized shoulder blocks help reduce wear and thus improve the wear life. The dual compound in Dueler AT also helps improve heat durability. Furthermore, the staggered shoulder lugs provide increased biting edges for better grip. AT3 has a 5 rib design which helps in increasing stability and providing a reliable tread wear. The stronger sidewalls of the tires increase the core strength which means less damage to the tire and longer wear life. The super tensile steel belt also helps in increasing the puncture resistance which helps you have a safe and smooth driving experience.

Comparing Price

Both the tires are closely priced since both the tires are All Terrain and offer great on road and off road performance. However, Bridgestone Dueler AT might be slightly lesser in cost as compared to Cooper AT3.

Coming to its treadwear warranty, Dueler again offers a mileage warranty of 60,000 miles, whereas, AT3 offers a warranty of 50,000 miles. Thus, you would also save up on your cost of not changing the tire sooner if you get the Dueler AT as it offers you more mileage.

Quick Summary

  • In terms of on-road traction, AT3 has the lead due to its narrower grooves. The grooves within shoulders are however are wider than Dueler which promote better mud and snow performance.
  • But still Dueler offers better off-road traction than AT3 especially when it comes to dirt and rocky terrains.
  • Cooper tire has whisper grooves which help reduce noise levels on a significant level.
  • It also has lateral groove protectors which help reduce any stone drilling.
  • And it uses the super tensile steel belt which gives it 15% more tensile strength than normal along with providing puncture resistance.
  • Dueler AT has a jointless cap ply in their tire which helps increase uniformity that in turn provides the drivers with a comfortable ride with minimum noise level.
  • Dueler AT again offers a mileage warranty of 60, 000 miles, whereas, Cooper AT3 offers a warranty of 50,000 miles.
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