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Falken Ziex STZ05 Review

Falken Ziex STZ05 Review: In 2012, Falken introduced Ziex STZO5 to the market. This tire stands exceptional in delivering a quality performance on different surfaces. Infact, it became the top-selling product of Falken by that time within a few months.

Ziex STZ05 is an all-season tire significantly designed for SUVs and Light Trucks.

Whether you are cruising within the city or experiencing unfavourable off-road conditions this tire gives a phenomenal performance.

This tire makes no compromise in maintaining its comfort either on dry or wet surfaces. The table below gives a brief overview of this tire:

SpecificationsZiex STZ05
Tire CategoryAll-Season
Off-Road Performance64%
On-Road Performance88%
CompatibilityCars, Sport Light Trucks and SUVs,
Tread Life50,000 miles / 80,000 km
Key FeaturesM+S Rated / Road Hazard Protection / 40-Day Ride Guarantee
Price$210 – $420

Tested Size Specifications

Ziex STZ05 is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 18 to 24 inches which fits various vehicles.

The Tire we tested had the following specs:

Tested Size275/55R20
Tread Depth14/32”
Overall Diameter31.9”
Tire Weight45.1 lbs

Tire’s Design and Structure

The highly optimized tread design of Ziex STZ05 influences its performance as follows:

  • Symmetrical 5-Rib Tread Design for enhanced high-speed vitality, independent tire movement and increased longevity.
  • Broad Shoulder Blocks nurture tread stiffness and allow ultimate stability and handling on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Solid Central Rib for optimized steering management particularly at high speeds.
  • Alternating Broad and Narrow Shoulder Grooves to minimize noise production.

Off-Road Performance

The overall off-road performance of Ziex STZ05 is up to 64% contributing to its performance on the following surfaces:

  • On Mud

Even though this tire is M+S rated but delivers an average grip on mud. However, its tread depth is sufficient but due to its narrow central grooves, it is less productive in navigating smoothly through such surfaces.

However, this tire due to its broad tapered cut shoulder blocks gives decent steering management in mud while braking and cornering but still stands behind many of its competitors in providing stability on such paths.

Mud TractionPerformance 
Mud Grip66%
Mud Handling77%
Overall Traction72%

Although this tire is M+S rated, its rating is not so good in this section. This may be due to its narrow central channels which make it less tractive on mud.

  • On Snow

This tire is good in snow as good as it is in mud. Thanks to its deep tread which maintains its grip irrespective of the depth of the snow. However, lean central tread channels slightly lower its grip on such surfaces.

In the case of its handling on snowy surfaces, this tire gives reasonable performance. It steers more efficiently on snow than in mud but its stability is still unable to match some of its rivals with comparable prices.

Snow TractionPerformance
Snow Grip69%
Snow Handling75%
Overall Traction72%

This tire due to its M+S rating becomes a site of attraction for most consumers but its reviews in this portion are just satisfactory.

  • On Ice

This tire is provided with an adequate contact patch which nurtures its grip on ice but at high speed it becomes slippery. Also, when sudden brakes are applied the tire is likely to skid. So, you require a skilful driver to explore such surfaces.

While taking turns, the only factor which aids in retaining its stability is sufficient tread contact of its shoulders with the ice topped surface. However, its shoulder tread design is not much tractive to steer it through such surfaces effortlessly.

Ice TractionPerformance
Ice Grip73%
Ice Handling79%
Overall Traction76%

However, this tire is an acceptable option on ice-capped surfaces but it does not give 100% surety to navigate you through such surfaces without skidding.

On-Road Performance

The on-road performance of Ziex is about 88% which indicates that it is more favourable on paved surfaces than on rough surfaces. Its on-road performance is influenced by its traction on the following surfaces:

  • On Dry Surfaces

The structure of this tire guarantees its performance on paved routes.

Its non-directional tread design offers maximum tread contact with the road and bestows it with a sharp grip on such surfaces.

Furthermore, this tire is provided with dual tapered cut shoulder blocks with a good contact patch which ensures its stability and handling while cornering.

Its solid central rib offers efficient steering management even at high speeds.

Dry TractionPerformance
Dry Grip90%
Dry Handling88%
Overall Traction89%

This tire delivers unparalleled performance on highways without compromising the comfort of its users.

In-fact, it is one of the best options for paved long routes.

  • On Wet Surfaces

The tread design of this tire promises its efficacy on wet surfaces. Its sharply cut central tread blocks with curved sipes over them nurture its grip and minimize the risk of aquaplaning by channelling water consistently.

Its diminished shoulder tread blocks are also provided with sipes which function in promoting its stability on wet surfaces.

Its alternating broad and narrow shoulder grooves grant shoulder tread with a sufficient contact patch to steer it handily while cornering over wet paths.

Wet TractionPerformance
Wet Grip86%
Wet Handling86%
Overall Traction86%

This tire has a specialised tread design that enables it to run efficiently on wet surfaces with minimum risk of hydroplaning.

Comfort and Noise

Ziex STZ05 is well modified to give a quiet and comfortable journey on highways.

It is equipped with alternating narrow and broad shoulder grooves which are functional in minimizing the noise and maintaining the stability of the tire even at elevated speeds.

Also, its unmatched central rib plays a significant role in facilitating the tire’s handling and comfort on paved roads.

However, in comparison with other tires, it is noisier and less comfortable on rough and uneven routes. Mainly on rocky paths, this tire suffers and produces much noise.

On mud and snow, its comfort level is comparatively better whereas on ice it is the least noisy and most comfortable among all off-road surfaces.

The main reason for its average stability on such surfaces is its lean grooves with less prominent biting edges.


This tire is highly comfortable and peaceful on smooth surfaces but its incompetency on rugged surfaces lowers its overall comfort and stability.

Is the Falken Ziex STZ05 Durable and long lasting?

Due to its optimized design and durable composition, treadwear is less significant in this tire.

It offers even wear, especially on paved surfaces which retains the efficacy of this tire.

However, regular off-road experience reduces its effectiveness and can cause uneven wear which lessens the stability of the tire.


This tire is much more durable but if you frequently go through rough surfaces its liability may be impacted.


Treadwear Warranty50,000 miles / 80,000 km
Uniformity Warranty1 year first 2/32”
Workmanship Warranty5 years
Ride Test40 days

Pros and Cons

Delivers unmatched on-road performance. Not a decent choice for off-roading. It should be used occasionally on such surfaces.
Gives its best on dry highways. It must be preferred for long routes.Gives below-than-average performance on rocks.
Is highly tractive on wet surfaces with minimized risk of hydroplaning.Despite its M+S rating, it stands second to some of its quality opponents on mud and snow.
Is much comfortable and quieter on paved paths.On rough surfaces, it is noisier and less stable.
Is highly reliable and offers a tread life warranty of 50,000 miles. 

Final Words

This tire gives an unparalleled performance on paved highways, delivering impressive stability and handling but on rough and uneven paths its performance is just satisfactory.

So, it must be used occasionally on rugged surfaces.

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