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Toyo Extensa AS II vs Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Toyo Extensa AS II vs Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive: Both being the Passenger Car All-Season Tires turn out to be a great option. But still, Let’s pick the better one out of the two.

Talking about Toyo Extensa AS 2:

The new series of TOYO provides better traction and prevents hydroplaning. Being compared to the previous AS version of Extensa, we also see an improved wet weather capability because of the new rib design. But there is a downside as well as with more grip the rolling resistance is reduced.

The center tread block section which is divided up into individual blocks allows water to evacuate as quickly as possible. But the responsiveness and feel of the steering when the wheel is approximately centered is a bit detracted. But that’s not really a major concern until you want to look for a high-performance tire.

You can also see the Wavy sipes built into these sections/blocks on tires. Those are for better snow handling. But don’t expect any phenomenal snow performance with them.

But these S-shaped sipes do offer a good tread wear life.

And you can expect anywhere between 60 to 75k miles with this tire.

Overall Toyo Extensa is well above the average tires we compare. As they deliver a decent grip and better overall comfort combined with longer life.

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

On the other hand we have Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive with a new tread design and amazing sidewall features. Also another comfortable all-season tire. This tire offers a great treadwear rating (700) and a class A for traction and temperature. They are comfortable and noise-friendly on the roads. As Goodyear focused on comfort with this one, while comparing, this tire is more comfortable. Here you get the ComfortFlex Technology which gives you smoother handling.

For the Aquaplaning, you get optimized AquaChannel grooves. They are symmetrically balanced which helps in good grips on roads.

For the Noise, Goodyear has it’s “Evolving Traction Grooves” and “TredLock Technology”, where you get a soybean oil compound. This helps in reducing tire noise on asphalt.

Talking about the tire material, this tire features rice husk ash silica which is environment friendly and doesn’t pollute. You also get built-in wear gauges which allow you to check the tread depth. Overall they run almost up to 65k miles on average.

Let’s compare both of these tires in detail.

Dry Traction Comparison:

As we talked about before the Extensa AS 2 has an improved rib design that increases the contact patch with the road by creating a larger surface area. The tire’s dry output is aided by the multi-wave siping.

Overall we would say that the dry traction is acceptable with Extensa A/S II.

Whereas the Assurance features the Evolving Traction® Grooves along with TredLock ™ technology for enhanced traction, handling, and stability on dry roads.

Wet Traction Comparison:

Extensa’s tread’s unique high silica compound improves tire-to-road adhesion for improved wet traction and braking.

The four deep circumferential grooves in the tread aid in the rapid evacuation of water and slush.

Also, the wavy sipes in the tread do an outstanding job of providing traction on wet pavements.

Assurance, on the other hand, utilized Evolution Traction grooves and TredLock technology for enhanced grip on wet surfaces.

The all-season tread utilizes an exclusive soybean oil to maintain traction on slippery surfaces.

Comparing Snow Traction:

For an all-season tire Extensa, the high silica tread compound offers excellent stability and handling in the snow.

Toyo’s multi-wave sipe pattern is also used for improved handling and stability in the winter.

Whereas Assurance has the Evolution traction ® grooves and Tredlock ™ technology combined with Soybean oil optimizes tread ensures you a safe on snow and ice.

The large siping with the tread of Assurance Comfortdrive feature enhanced biting edges for better grip in cold conditions.

Comparing Hydroplaning Resistance:

Extensa A/S II has 4 deep circumferential grooves for better hydroplane resistance by allowing water, slush, snow, and mud to drain.

Assurance utilizes Goodyear’s AquaChannel ® grooves that are optimized and symmetrically balanced for better water and slush evacuation from within the tread to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, ensuring you a safe ride under wet and icy conditions.

Noise Reduction and Comfort:

Extensa A/S II has solid shoulders for a smoother ride and more stability when driving. Toyo has improved the cabin noise reduction with an optimized center block and variable pitch angles for a more relaxed and quieter ride.

Whereas Assurance has an optimized tread which is specifically designed to reduce cabin and road noise to provide a luxurious ride.

The ComfortFlex™ technology is designed to absorb the road vibrations to ensure a more comfortable ride and a smoother ride. Assurance uses an innovative noise-reducing tread pattern that not reduces road noise but also dampens the cabin noise.

Rolling Resistance:

Extensa A/S II uses Toyo’s special silica compound for improved road-to-tire interaction, resulting in lower rolling resistance and improved fuel quality.

Assurance features an All-season tread compound that utilizes soybean oil compound which provides increased traction without compromising rolling resistance and fuel efficiency.

Assurance also utilizes a rice husk ash tread compound, a biodegradable material that reduces the waste going to the landfills without compromising the performance of the tire.

Handling Comparison:

The EXTENSA A/S II shoulder rib joins the shoulders for improved stability and handling. Toyo has developed the rib configuration of the tire to increase the total contact patch with the road for improved dry handling.

Assurance features the ComfortFlex ™ technology for better handling capabilities by absorbing the road vibrations.

The evolution of Traction grooves ensure the tire to have impressive dry handling capabilities at high speeds. Assurance harbors a two-ply casing that supports twin steel belts along with a reinforced cap for excellent high speeds handling abilities.

Treadwear and Warranty:

It has an asymmetric, non-directional tread pattern for quick rotation and even wears. The multi-wave sipe pattern helps to minimize uneven wear and extends the tread life of the tire.
On T/H rated tires, Extensa A/S II offers a tread warranty of 75,00 miles, and on V-rated tires, it offers a tread warranty of 65,000 miles.

Extensa A/S II also offers a 45-day or 500-mile trial period, allowing the consumer to replace tires if they are not performing as anticipated.

Assurance features an all-season tread compound along with a soybean oil compound that allows the tire to have a Longer tread life. With its easy-to-read Wear Gauge® built into the tire, it allows you to track the treadwear of the tire yourself.

Assurance ComfortDrive offers a 60,000 miles warranty on the tread along with a 30-day pledge warranty. It enables the user to try the tire out and change if within 30 days if not satisfied with the performance.

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