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Toyo Open Country M/T vs Falken Wildpeak M/T

Toyo Open Country M/T vs Falken Wildpeak M/T: Toyo MT and Falken Wildpeak MT are both Mud terrain (M/T) tires. Where Wildpeak gives an efficient and robust performance on rocky terrains, with more control and stability due to its bold stone ejectors. It has a well-developed tread design with deep grooves.

While Toyo MT has wider grooves that provide maximum traction during off-roading. Its deeper and wider grooves with specially arranged tread blocks provide good traction on mud and snow terrains. We have compared both of these tires in detail, so let’s get started.

Comparison of Tread Pattern

Toyo M/T

Toyo M/T

Falken Wildpeak M/T

Falken Wildpeak M/T

Wildpeak MT has a very tough design with a well-developed rugged tread pattern. It has got smaller tread blocks surrounded by relatively narrow but deep grooves. This specially designed structure provides maximum traction on all surfaces, off the road.

Falken MT Close Up
Falken MT

It has bold stone ejectors that add to its stability and traction on rocky surfaces. It offers high strength and good handling off-road due to its open shoulders. It has numerous sipes to sweep away water and provide efficient grip on icy terrains.

Toyo MT has an Attack Tread design with hooked-shape blocks; thus, it offers comparatively better off-road performance. Its highly specified tread blocks are designed and arranged with wider grooves in attack pattern.

Toyo MT
Toyo MT

The open patten of this tire enables it to perform well on deep mud and snowy terrains. These wider grooves provide low rolling resistance and good hydroplaning resistance, thus offering good wet traction. Its wider grooves aren’t able to dampen the noise and as a result it provides an uncomfortable drive comparatively. 

On-road Traction Comparison

Although both of these tires are not made for on road drive and aren’t able to provide good grip and handling on highways but still by looking at the tread pattern, we can tell which one will perform better on paved roads.

Wildpeak MT is relatively better for on-road drive because it has narrower grooves that provide a good contact patch. This higher contact patch provides good grip and handling on plain roads. Moreover, its deep sipes offer good hydroplaning resistance, so the water passes easily through these grooves and sipes, and tire moves forward in flooded conditions as well. Thus, offering significant hydroplaning resistance but lesser than its competitor due to less wide grooves. 

As Toyo has wider grooves compared to its competitor so due to this reason it has very less contact patch with the road so that’s why it’s on road traction is compromised. However, its specially designed tread patterns feature deeper and wider grooves that allow good hydroplaning resistance. The water can pass through them smoothly, moving this tire forward.

Off-road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

Wildpeak MT delivers powerful and efficient performance in mud terrain. It has deeper grooves that bite the mud effectively; as a result, tire moves forward smoothly. But its mud traction is still second to its counterpart due to its comparatively narrower grooves. These narrower grooves hinder its performance when it comes to deep muddy areas and it can also get stuck.

Toyo MT has broader and deeper grooves that prevent mud entrapment within the tread. Its highly optimized grooves comprise various biting edges that throw chunks of mud backward and move this tire forward without any extra effort. Both the tires compete with each other regarding performance in mud terrain, but this tire is slightly better due to its wider grooves that allow it to cross all type of harsh muddy areas.

Snow Terrain

Wildpeak MT consists of an innovative tread pattern to ensure maximum traction in snow. It has decent grooves that allow the tire’s movement without any struggle. There is no entrapment of snow in the tread; snow will pass through effectively, thus allowing the tire to move forward. But as it has relatively narrower grooves so there are chances that snow may get trapped into its tread leading to skidding. When it comes to icy terrain the same narrower grooves increase the contact patch that helps the tire to perform well on ice, comparatively.

The performance of Toyo MT on snow terrain is also good because of its biting edges and excellent void ratio. These widely spaced grooves bite snow and toss it back more efficiently than its peer; as a result, this tire excels in snowy conditions. Though it is good on soft snow but it lacks grip on ice as it has low contact patch so this will lead to tire towards slipping.

Rock Terrain

Wildpeak MT performs significantly well on rocky terrains because of its bold stone ejectors. They prevent the trapping of rocks, pebbles or stones inside the grooves, offering excellent tire movement in rocks. Its bold stone ejection feature makes it best for rocky terrain.

Toyo MT also provides maximum traction on rocky terrain. It has got stone ejectors that offer self-cleaning characteristics, but they are not as bold as that of its counterpart. Hence this tire performs lower in comparison to its counterpart on rocky terrain.

Which tire is more Comfortable?

The comfortability of Falken Wildpeak MT is much higher as it has relatively narrower grooves which offer less space for the entrapment of air particles, as less air particles are trapped so less collisions are made with the tread blocks hence less noise is produced. However, narrower grooves are not much effective in absorbing shocks while moving at harsh terrains.

Toyo MT offers deeper and wider grooves that produce higher noise since there is more space for the entrapment of air particles so the particles hit the walls back and forth and as a result a lot of noise is produced. However, its ability to dampen shocks while moving off road is better due to open tread, providing comfier rides.

Durability and Treadwear Differences

 As compared with the other tire, Wildpeak has a higher contact patch which leads to more tread wear as much of the tire’s part is in contact with the road. It has got DURASPEC three-ply sidewall strengthening plies which offer cut and puncture resistance. However, it is still comparatively built with soft material, thus more prone to treadwear. 

Toyo MT has a very vigorous tire built. The tread material is of hard silicon that contributes to its enhanced durability. It comes with a three-ply polyester casing that offers more protection from hard and rough road conditions. It also consists of a rugged sidewall covering over the shoulders with the plus point of low treadwear due to lower contact patch, thus allowing lower treadwear. So, in terms of durability Toyo is better than its rival.

Quick Summary

  • Both tires are Mud terrain tires. 
  • Wildpeak MT is more suitable for icy terrains.
  • Mud traction of Toyo is higher due to wider grooves.
  • Toyo outperforms its competitor on snowy roads.
  • Bold Stone ejectors give an edge to Falken on rocks.
  • Toyo is nosier but smoother on bumpy paths.
  • The durability of Toyo is higher.

Tire Sizes:

  • Falken Wildpeak MT: 235/85R16
  • Toyo MT: 235/85R16

Tread depth of the tires

  • Falken Wildpeak MT: 18/32″
  • Toyo MT: 18.4/32″
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