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Avon Zv7 Vs Toyo Proxes Sport

Avon Zv7 Vs Toyo Proxes Sport: Both are high performance summer tires and they provide an optimal ride experience in hot weather. Avon Zv7 possesses a comparatively lower void ratio along with wide shoulders, enabling it to perform competently on dry as well as on wet tracks. Its durability is relatively low due to the higher wearing of tread.

Proxes Sport has a low contact patch because of its faintly vast grooves, providing decent performances for dry and wet traction. An inflated void ratio assists it to provide superb hydroplaning resistance by continuous removal of water from its deep grooves.

Side By Side Comparison

Avon ZV7

Avon ZV7

Toyo Proxes Sport AS

Toyo Proxes Sport AS

Zv7 consists of an asymmetrical tread pattern. It has one tread column accompanied by two ribs sandwiched between its shoulders. This tire comprises four big longitudinal grooves quite shallower in comparison. It does not feature any lateral grooves. The curved sipes are engraved on the tread column which are deep, dividing the column into blocks. Broader circumferential grooves along with 3D sipes are present on the tire. The shoulders of this tire contain numerous sipes.

Proxes Sport also features an asymmetrical tread pattern. This tire consists of a pair of tread columns along with one central rib. The rib is present in the middle of tread columns. The lateral angular grooves on the column divide it into different blocks. Just like its counterpart, the tire also features four circumferential grooves that are deeper. The lateral grooves are present on the tire’s shoulders and these lateral grooves are also connected with circumferential grooves. The shoulders of this tire do not possess any sipes.

Comparison of Road Grip

Zv7 tire possesses a higher contact patch because of its slightly narrow longitudinal grooves in comparison. Its dry braking interval lies at 37 meters, which is faintly lower than its rival. This makes the tire one of the best in terms of dry grip among all its competitors. In the case of wet grip performance, it is second to that of its peer, besides having more sipes. The interval of wet braking of this tire is 36 meters, greater than its rival.   

On the contrary, Proxes Sport possesses a slightly higher void ratio which results in a lower contact patch. The dry braking span of this tire is 39 meters greater than its rival due to marginally wider grooves. This enables it to provide a decent grip on a dry surface. When it comes to wet conditions, its performance is ahead of its peer due to the presence of much deeper grooves. It has a wet braking interval of 33 meters, which is relatively lower causing very optimal grip in wet conditions.

Comparing Tires Handling

The handling of the tire depends on the design of its shoulder. Comparatively thinner lateral grooves are engraved on the shoulders of Zv7, causing it to struggle in front of its rival for performances during dry handling. The average time taken by the tire to finish one round is 97 secs which is relatively very high. However, for wet handling, it does exceptionally well due to the presence of several deep sipes on its shoulders. The average time taken by the tire for the completion of one round is 66 secs, which is very good when compared to its peer. 

When the dry handling of Proxes Sport is discussed, its performance is really good. This is because of the existence of thinner grooves on the blocks of the shoulder, providing biting edges. The average time needed by tire for completing one round is 53 secs much better than its peer in case of dry cornering. Conversely, the handling performance of this tire during wet conditions is a little behind expectations. The average time required for finishing one round is 90 secs which is very high, therefore, its performance on wet roads is low.

Hydroplaning Resistance Contrast

Hydroplaning resistance of the tire is dependent on grooves. Since Zv7 possesses a lower void ratio its hydroplaning resistance is also low. The sipes present on the tire are a bit shallow making them unable to remove the water effectively. This makes it vulnerable to hydroplaning, increasing the chances of slippiness and accidents.

Proxes Sport has a higher void ratio that enables it to provide superior aquaplaning resistance as compared to its rival. Although sipes are not present on these tires, the existence of wider along with deeper grooves enables them to perform well in flooded conditions. Wide grooves allow water to wipe out through them more effectively thereby, increasing its hydroplaning resistance.

Rolling Resistance Contrast

Rolling resistance is a force needed to make the tire move forward. It depends on the contact patch of the tire. The higher the tire makes contact with the ground; the higher will be its rolling resistance. In the case of Zv7, since the tire has a higher contact patch, therefore, it causes higher friction with the surface. More force is required to overcome this increased friction that’s why this tire has greater rolling resistance compared to its peer.

Conversely, Proxes Sport consists of a greater void ratio and lower contact patch. The lower contact patch results in lower friction. As a result, less force is needed to make the tire roll. This causes the tire to have low rolling opposition than that of its counterpart.

Contrasting Noise and Comfort

A lower void ratio and comparatively narrow grooves of Zv7 allow fewer particles of air to be captured inside grooves. Few particles will therefore undergo less movement causing a low noise level generation when moving at high speeds. However, the narrow grooves won’t be able to provide a cozy ride on an uneven road when compared to the other tire.

A greater number of air molecules get caught in the grooves of the Proxes Sport tire due to the presence of slightly wider grooves. This makes it produce more sound when moving at a higher pace as more particles of air will go forward and backward striking with the wall of tread generating more sound. But these broader grooves do permit this tire to perform a little better on bumpy and uneven roads.

Contrasting Treadwear and Durability

The higher contact patch of Zv7 results in more wearing of tread resulting in lesser durability of the tire. Moreover, its manufacturing quality is also marginally lower in comparison. This results in lower mileage of the tire.

Proxes Sport has wider grooves which cause less contact with the ground. A lower contact patch causes the tire to have lower rolling opposition. Due to this the tire also experiences less tread wearing. Along with lower wearing of tread, it also has better manufacturing strength that enables it to possess higher durability compared to its rival. More durability leads to more mileage thereby prolonging the tire life.

Price Differences

Proxes Sport tire is marginally higher priced due to its superior manufacturing strength as well as higher durability. It, therefore, provides higher value for the invested money by consuming less fuel than its rival. Zv7 provides optimal dry traction along with decent performance in wet conditions, is one of the best and cheapest tires among all its competitors.


  • Both these summer tires are used to provide excellent extreme performances.
  • Avon Zv7 provides a better dry grip due to a higher contact patch.
  • The deep grooves in Proxes Sport provide better-wet grip.
  • Dry handling of performance of Proxes Sport is better due to the biting edges on the shoulders.
  • Avon Zv7 is superior for handling in wet conditions due to the presence of more sipes on the shoulder blocks.
  • Wide grooves in Proxes Sport help the tire to provide better hydroplaning resistance.
  • Proxes Sport gives higher durability and provides higher mileage.
  • Proxes Sport is costlier due to better-built quality and strength.
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