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Goodyear Asymmetric 5 vs Avon ZV7 vs Altenzo Sports

Goodyear Asymmetric 5 vs Avon ZV7 vs Altenzo Sports: A data was worked out using these tires (with same sizes) on the same car to observe how each of them perform.

It was not surprising at all to see the former Asymmetric 5 having a better traction overall than both of these tires. (New tire being the Eagle Asymmetric 6)

Still both of these tires can be considered given their price and the overall road noise (which were lesser than the Goodyear tire).

FYI: The Altenzo Sports Comforter + is the cheapest out of all of them. (At the time of writing this)

Design comparison

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

Avon ZV7

Avon ZV7

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 comes with a highly refined silica compound that enhances the grip of the tire, resulting in a short braking distance and an excellent drag on both wet and dry roads.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

There is not much going on on the tire.

The shoulders are wider with deep sipes. Both the outer and inner.

The central part of the tire has three columns running, out of which only one inner (left-most) has blocks. Others only have biting edges.

In comparison to Avon ZV7, the design is pretty minimalist.

Avon Zv7

Here you see sipes all over the tire. And they really do help the tire a lot in wet traction.

Coming to our budget pick, Altenzo Sports, you see a hybrid design. Here tread blocks are seen on both shoulders and including 2 columns on the left.

The first column on the right has a design just like Asymmetric 5.

Altenzo Sports Comforter Plus

The deeper grooves on the tire came out very beneficial when we tested the rolling resistance of the tire. Which was the lowest.

It was very interesting see however how this tire managed to have such low tire noise.

Let’s talk numbers.

Dry Traction of tires:

Avon ZV7Asymmetric 5Altenzo Sport
Dry Braking Distance121 feet112.4 feet128 feet
Dry Handling (Avg lap time)97.6 sec96 seconds98 sec

It’s no surprise that Asymmetric 5 did a lot better in dry braking. But it was a surprise to see Avon ZV7 to perform this better.

Altenzo Sport came out last.

Side Note: Out of all the tires we compared with Asymmetric 5.

If we talk about wet traction:

Avon ZV7Asymmetric 5Altenzo Sport
Wet Braking Distance118.5 feet110.6 feet135 feet
Wet Handling (Avg lap time)66.2 sec65.2 sec69 sec

Then again, Asymmetric 5 did better but the margin was quite low with Avon ZV7.

Altenzo Sport with its numerous sipes was expected to pefrom better here. But understanding the tire’s motives, we now learn that their main concern was comfort and fuel efficiency with this tire.

Fuel Efficiency & On Road Noise Comparison

Rolling resistance directly affects the weight on your pocket because it impacts the amount of fuel used by your car, so it is extremely important to keep this parameter in mind when deciding which tire to get.

The rolling resistance came out to be lowest for Altenzo Sport.

Similarly if we talk about the on road noise, again, the tire beats all the others.

Avon ZV7Asymmetric 5Altenzo Sport
Noise in dBs70.871.170

I guess they really made this tire the “Comforter Plus”

Aquaplaning/Hydroplaning Comparison

In terms of hydroplaning, the Asymmetric 5 did better than both of these tires.

Avon ZV7Asymmetric 5Altenzo Sport
Float Speed43.8 mph48 mph42.6 mph

The Asymmetric 5’s tread design has wider grooves than all others and they are able to efficiently pass water through them. That’s why the tire maintains the highest floating speed here.

Tread Life comparison:

The longevity of a tire is also crucial to usage because one doesn’t want to be changing their tires every 2 minutes

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 is a great all-season tire with a 45 000 miles warranty.

Both the Avon ZV7 and the Asymmetric 5 started wearing off after 15-20k miles.

And the longest life comes out for Altenzo sport. On average the go above 30k miles.

And that makes sense. The tire has the largest tread depth out of all. So it would take more time for these tires to wear off.


The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 is an all-season tyre with almost no drawbacks, excellent sporty handling in both dry and wet conditions, and very short wet and dry braking distances with high hydroplaning resistance due to optimized tread design. The tire has a great deal of longevity and adds to fuel economy due to its low rolling resistance. This model is a great choice for drivers looking for a step above a standard all-season tire. Within a reasonable price, the tire offers everything that could be expected from a Ultra High-Performance category.

Avon ZV7 on the other side, is an incredibly well-priced tire that satisfies the needs of the common man. The low rolling resistance and low external noise are its best features, providing fuel economy while also adding to the comfort of the drive. However, it lacks in traction control on both dry and wet surfaces but still offers good resistance to aquaplaning because of its new and superior tread design. With a pragmatic treadwear rating, Avon ZV7 has good durability and endurance, adding to the life of the tyre. Covering all the basic needs within a reasonable price bracket makes Avon ZV7 the first choice for a middle-class person.

And last but not least, Altenzo Sports Comforter +, which has a satisfied a large no. of customers who consider its treadwear to be worth their money.

The tire is the cheapest option out of all and has the least on road noise. This makes this tire the best budget pick in high performing tires.

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