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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity plus vs Turanza QuietTrack

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity plus vs Turanza QuietTrack: The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity plus and the Turanza QuietTrack are both touring tires. The Serenity Plus is the successor of the original Serenity, which had been popular for years. Meanwhile, the QuietTrack replaced the Turanza Serenity plus due to its latest technological advancements.

Bridgestone is a multinational company that laid its foundation over 90 years ago and it is the largest manufacturer of tires in this current era that has proved to be one of the best with its technological innovations.

General Comparison of Bridgestone Turanza Serenity plus with Turanza QuietTrack

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity plus


Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is unreasonably one of the best touring tires available in the market with the latest advancements in its tire technology. It has a unique wide tread pattern with asymmetric tread blocks and high angle grooves, built with nano-tech rubber. These features make it a high-end tire with remarkable qualities that include: a quiet comfortable ride, outstanding grip on the wet surfaces, and an exceptional decrease in wear and tear of the tire. This tire is built for on-road applications but it can be used on surfaces like dirt and light snow. However, its performance is minimal in these terrains because it doesn’t have wide enough grooves for the job.

Furthermore, the Turanza Quiet track is even better than the Serenity Plus due to better wet and snow traction, which makes it even more advanced than its contender. It features rounded tread blocks for maximum contact path, with full-depth grooves for high wet and snow traction, and open shoulder blocks for better handling and gripping. It also includes 3D full-depth sipes that take the steering to a whole new level. These traits make it more suited for wet and light snow surfaces, but despite that, it’s not nearly as good as any snow-rated tire, since it is made for all-season application throughout the year. Out of the two, QuietTrack unquestionably performs better due to its newly added unique features.

Traction Comparison  

Traction is one of the most important aspects of a tire that determines the real value of the tire. The Serenity Plus has great traction on dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces due to deep and high angled grooves present in an asymmetrical pattern, the middle grooves combined with the shoulder sipes enable it to hold its ground in wet surfaces by providing efficient hydroplaning through the unique design, empowering it to pass the water through it with a greater capability. The Serenity Plus contains a silica compound that improves its traction in wet surfaces by making the tread compound more flexible and enabling it to hold water in its grooves to a greater extent, resulting in better on-road traction. In addition, it has a wide tread pattern in its blocks that gives it a better footprint with a large surface area to grip the dry surfaces and move with lower rolling resistance on the road. The Serenity Plus possesses some snow traction as well, owning to the 3-D Sub-Surface Platform present in the tire, giving it a biting edge grip on snow, allowing it to effectively move through the snow.

Similarly, the Turanza QuietTrack also possesses outstanding traction on dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces, thanks to its unique traits. It harbors a wide asymmetric tread pattern that gives it a large bearing face to keep itself on dry surfaces with greater stability and grip. On top of that, It exhibits phenomenal wet traction owing to its round tread pattern with deep grooves and open shoulder block that allows it to evacuate water with greater efficiency and sustain its grip on wet grounds even better than the Serenity plus. The QuietTrack has better traction on snow than the Serenity plus due to Interlocking grooves with 3D full sipes that offer biting edges for enhanced stranglehold against the snow, enabling it to grab and throw the snow in its path more effectively. All things considered, the QuietTrack takes the lead in terms of traction due to its unparalleled features.

Tread-wear and Durability

Finding a tire with greater tread-wear and durability is always one of the most important considerations while choosing a tire. The Serenity Plus has an outstanding tread-wear due to its wide tread pattern, giving it a large surface area to sit well on the ground and reduce its wear by reducing the rolling resistance. On top of that, its compound material contains two amazing technologies called the NANOPRO-TECH and the PROPIETARY POLYMER TECH that takes its rolling resistance to a whole new level and permits an even better tread-wear which improves its life span and durability.

Likewise, the QuietTrack also has amazing tread-wear and endurance. It incorporates a full-depth tread pattern specially engineered to decrease the wear and tear of the tire by providing maximum contact zone with the ground and making it easier to move through the road by reducing the rolling resistance. In addition, it also contains 3D full depth sipes on its ribs that also play a role in reducing the tread-wear of the tire and make its functioning more efficient. Due to this unique feature, it stands out more than the Serenity plus, making it a bit more durable.


Both the Serenity Plus and the QuietTrack come in the category of touring tires, comfort is always the prime concern of the manufactures in this domain. So, they always want to provide a refine and comfortable experience to their customers. The Serenity plus has a wide tread pattern that substantial contact with the road to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. It contains resonance noise attenuated silencer deep grooves that reduce the noise dramatically, coupled with continuous center ribs that heighten its noise suppression along with providing unrivaled steering and stability. These features make it one of the quietest and comfortable tires of its class.

Correspondingly, the QuietTrack doesn’t fall behind in comfort and stability. The QuietTrack contains the new Comfort Cruise technology which leverages a rounded contact tread pattern and optimized tire casing shape which provides it more surface area to adhere to the surface which results in stability and comfort on the road. It encompasses the QuietTrack Technology, in fact, the tire is named based on this very feature, which gives it extraordinary noise damping abilities and promotes a quieter rider by the specially designed deep grooves present between its blocks that exhibit air cancellation while battling the air resistance faced directly by it. 

Customer Evaluation

User experience is the priority of every manufacturer, and Bridgestone has always lived up to the expectations of its customers. The Turanza Serenity Plus provides a comfortable ride, with maximum noise has a good performance on wet roads while a considerable grip on soft snow. Leaving its customers satisfied with its endurance, it can run up to 80000 miles efficiently.

The Turanza QuietTrack is even more acknowledged by its users than the Serenity Plus. Just like its competitor, it delivers a smooth, comfortable, and silent ride meanwhile having a greater performance in wet conditions and a more dominant grip on soft snow. It also lasts up to 80000 miles with ease.


The Serenity Plus and QuietTrack have a distinctive look of their own, despite being the same type of tires. The Serenity Plus comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern consisting of two separate blocks, one thin stripped and the other is a wider tread block. It gives it a unique and captivating look unlike any other.

On the other hand, The QuietTrack also has an asymmetrical tread pattern but the tread pattern of the half side of the tire is the inversion of the other, conveying a decent look. Both of the tires have a distinctive look but the Serenity Plus strikes out more due to its rare design.


The Turanza Serenity Plus and the QuietTrack are made by the same company, and they are also top-grade tires in the realm of touring tires. Keeping this in mind, it’s not surprising that they have just a little bit of difference in their price. The QuietTrack is a bit more expensive than the Serenity Plus, but the newly added features accommodate for its price, making it a reasonable choice. While the Serenity plus performs almost as well as the QuietTrack at a cheaper price.

Final Note

  • The Turanza Serenity Plus and the QuietTrack both are touring tires, made to ensure the most reliable, durable, and comfortable ride on the road.
  • In terms of Snow traction, the QuietTrack performs exceptionally better than the Serenity Plus.
  • The treadwear of QuietTrack is better than Serenity Plus.
  • Both of the Tires provide the most comfortable ride with amazing noise damping.
  • The durability of both tires is one of the best in all the tires of their class due to their distinctive features.
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