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Falken Wildpeak MT vs Cooper STT Pro

Falken Wildpeak MT vs Cooper STT Pro: Both of these tires are mud terrain tires and are designed for versatility, durability, and long tread life. The STT Pro is designed for serious off-road performance, while the Wildpeak MT are popular with enthusiasts who use their vehicles for both on- and off-road driving.

Did you know that MT has amazing tread life? The details about it are explained below.

Comparing Falken Wildpeak MT with Cooper STT Pro

Falken Wildpeak M/T

Falken Wildpeak M/T

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro


Falken Wildpeak MT

The Falken Wildpeak MT has excellent performance on all kinds of off-road terrains. Its structure helps it to maintain traction on different surfaces. It has many small tread blocks placed in between and they are surrounded with wide and deep grooves. The shoulders of this tire are highly optimized, they have a lot of spaces in between them along with stone ejectors.

Falken MT Close Up
Falken MT Tread Pattern

These wide grooves help the tire to perform well in mud and snow by throwing the mud/snow particles backwards. Stone ejectors help the tire to maintain grip on rocky surface and emits the stones from getting stuck into the grooves.

The Cooper STT Pro has improved wind noise reduction, making for a quieter riding experience than other mud-terrain tires. The Pro features an asymmetric tread pattern with an “open shoulder” design for better handling on muddy or snowy surfaces.

Cooper STT Pro Tread Pattern
Cooper STT Pro Tread Pattern

The STT Pro’s sidewall offers great resistance against cuts because of its high load capacity capabilities. It is designed to be able to support heavy loads at low air pressures. It has many deep and wide grooves and its block walls are specially designed to emit the mud from getting stuck into the grooves. Stone ejectors help the tire to have good grip while moving on rocky terrain. This tire has proven itself by winning Baja races multiple times during different seasons.

On-Road Traction Comparison

As both of these tires are mud terrain and they are not made for on road performance still they perform pretty well compared to other mud terrain tires. The on-road traction depends upon the contact patch, more the contact patch the better traction would be.

Falken MT Tread
Falken MT On Road

Falken MT performs quite well on road as it has less spaces compared to STT Pro, the shoulders are also close together compared to the wide spaced shoulders of its competitor so all these features give the tire more contact path and as a result more on road traction.

Copper STT Pro has wider grooves and a lot of spaces between its shoulders so it has less contact patch and as a result its on road traction is poor compared to Falken MT.

STT Pro Close Up
STT Pro Close Up

Both tires perform well while hydroplaning due to their deep and wide grooves but the Falken MT outperforms its competitor as it has more contact patch as well.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

The Cooper STT is your best choice because it’s been built to survive in the most challenging conditions that off-roading can offer, including rocks and gravel, mud pits and ruts, or even sand dunes.

Cooper STT Pro Snow Performance
Cooper STT Pro Snow Performance

It can handle everything from light-duty to extreme terrain. This is because of its tread pattern, large lugs, and deep cuts in the sidewalls. It has wide and deep grooves that improve its traction on muddy and snowy areas as the mud/snow particles fit into the grooves and when the tire rotates, they are thrown backwards, clearing the path for wheel to accelerate.

Cooper Stt Pro Off Road
Cooper Stt Pro Off Road

This tire model has an open shoulder design with proven off-road capabilities as this design helps while cornering in muddy grounds due to big spaces that allow the shoulders to bite the surface, improving the handling of vehicle. The sidewall of this tire is reinforced, so it’s nearly impossible to damage when driving off-road. It is made of Aramid on top, which protects against punctures.

Wildpeak MT also has wide and deep grooves but not as much as of STT Pro. Its deep grooves allow it to perform well on snow and on muddy surfaces by throwing the mud/snow particles backwards but it can get stuck in heavy mud conditions due to its less wide grooves (compared to STT) which are unable to evacuate mud from them.

Falken MT Sunset
Falken MT Off Road

Although it doesn’t perform well on heavy mud but it produces amazing traction on rocky surfaces as it has bold stone ejectors placed in between the grooves that emit the stones or pebbles from getting stuck into the grooves. This feature makes this tire a super choice for rocky areas. Its sidewall is made of lightweight material with some decent protection against damage, but not as much as STT does.

Which tire is more Comfortable?

The comfort level of the Cooper STT is high. The suspension system is good due to its wide grooves it feels like a lesser inflated tire, which allows for a reasonably smooth ride. The noise control is also excellent, providing a quiet ride. The MT’s comfort level isn’t as high as the STT. The more contact patch makes the tire stiffer as a result more jerks are felt in the cabin, which leads to a rougher ride. The noise level of the two tires stands in the upper-mid range, being neither too loud nor too quiet, the Wildpeak MT tires have 78.2 dB, and the Cooper STT Pro tires have 81.9 dB sound produced.

Which tire has better Durability and Treadwear?

The durability of both tires is excellent. The Wildpeak MT and the STT Pro both scores very well in “Harsh Conditions” tests.

Both the tires have amazing tread life. However, if you’re looking for an exceptionally durable tire, the MT has one of the best tread life among all tires of its line because it is constructed to last 50% longer than most other off-road tires. Compared to this, the Cooper STT Pro has a shorter tread life at 30,000 miles.

Quick Summary

  • Both are mud-terrain tires.
  • The MT performs well on the road.
  • For snow and mud, the STT Pro is far superior than Wildpeak MT.
  • If you plan to drive primarily on rocky surfaces then you should surely go for Wildpeak MT.
  • Both tires have impressive tread life.
  • Pricing is similar and hence dependent on the requirements.
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