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General Grabber X3 vs Cooper STT Pro

General Grabber X3 vs Cooper STT Pro: General Grabber X3 and Cooper STT Pro are both mud terrain tires built to provide supreme off-road traction. Their tread patterns are designed to tackle the tough terrains efficiently. Rely upon the open tread, STT Pro is specialized for dealing with loose materials like snow and mud while X3 rolls on rocky trails like a pro due to its superior anti-stone tread design.

Moreover, on paved tracks, it provides satisfactory traction as well as quieter rides due to relatively increased contact patch.

Comparing Cooper STT Pro with Grabber X3

General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro


General Grabber X3

Cooper STT Pro has an aggressive tread design with large deep grooves, bold elevated lugs with central siping and stone ejectors embossed in shoulder grooves. Relatively high void ratio leads to lesser contact patch resulting in poor traction on road as the tread cannot grip properly on paved surface.

Cooper STT Pro Tread Pattern
Cooper STT Pro Tread Pattern

However, these massive grooves give outclass traction on rough off road surfaces as they possess a remarkable ability to evacuate mud, snow and slush out from the tread. Alternate scooping of large shoulder lugs optimizes off road traction further as tread can bite rough surfaces deeply and have more evacuation space available.  Bumpy stone ejectors are located in shoulder grooves which keep troublesome stones, pebbles and rock particles away and resist stone clogging of tread.

Tread design of X3 exhibits characteristic qualities like relatively narrow grooves, raised blocks, deep siping, scooped shoulders, aggressive sidewall lugs and prominent stone ejectors.

General Grabber X3
Grabber X3

Its void ratio is lower when compared with its competitor, giving it the benefit of increased on road traction. Tread grips on road firmly as more of its area is in-contact with the road. On the other side, smaller grooves minimize off road traction over muddy or snowy surfaces as mud, snow or slush is not efficiently thrown backwards while rolling ahead. Shoulders are strengthened and alternatively scooped offering smooth handling as the vehicle steers along. X3 has a superior stone ejection capacity, numerous bold stone ejectors are located in lateral as well as central grooves which toss off disturbing hard fragments of gravel and prevent tread from choking and punctures.

On-Road Traction Comparison

Cooper Pro performs lesser on road in comparison owing to its broader channels among tread blocks. 

STT Pro Close Up
STT Pro Close Up

Minimal contact patch minimizes on road grip of tread leading to poor traction on road. Massive grooves along with central sipes on blocks can resist hydroplaning well, yet this property cannot compensate for decreased contact patch and overall on road traction still remains lesser in competition.

X3 gives superior performance on road than its competitor due to its lower void ratio.

Grabber X3 On Road Traction
Grabber X3 On Road

Narrow grooves result in greater contact patch leading to better grip on road. Strengthened shoulders provide enhanced handling while taking swift turns on paved tracks. Deep sipes along with open voids make tread capable of wiping water away, thus, provide hydroplaning resistance over slippery surfaces and account for good wet traction as well.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

On Muddy Areas

Open tread design of STT Pro equips it with all qualities needed to roll smoothly through muddy terrain.

Cooper Stt Pro Off Road
Cooper Stt Pro Off Road

Its broad grooves have huge space making evacuation of loose dirt and mud very easy and effective. This self-cleaning action safeguards tread from mud stuffing and leads to outstanding mud traction. Scooping pattern over shoulder lugs gives additional support while steering.

Mud traction of X3 is appreciable due to its deep tread but it definitely loses to its competitor in this respect.

Grabber X3 Off Road
Grabber X3 Off Road

Comparatively speaking its grooves are narrow and their capability to clean themselves automatically by throwing mud off from tread is lesser. Firm handling over the corners is contributed by its aggressive shoulders. They can be used confidently over mud puddles but may present troubles when dealing with deep mud.

On Snowy Areas

Cooper STT Pro Snow Performance
Cooper STT Pro Snow Performance

STT Pro shows superior performance on surfaces covered with light snow than its competitor. Its grooves are wider and have full capacity to throw soft snow backwards and clear its pathway, while moving ahead. However, it faces troubles over icy surfaces as broad grooves make contact patch markedly lesser, which leads to lesser grip.

Grabber X3 shows satisfactory performance over light snow but overall, its snow traction is lesser than its competitor. It grooves are relatively narrow and snow is not completely removed from them as they roll ahead. Hence, voids may become snow choked gradually, leading to decreased snow traction. On ice, these tires show good traction due to high contact patch of tread, moreover deep sipes play their role in wiping water away and increase ice traction further

On Rocky Terrain

Cooper Pro can be used for roaming about rocky trails confidently, however its performance is less in terms of stone ejection. Deep biting ability of tread due to its massive voids provide awesome traction on uneven rocky surfaces. Large shoulder lugs maintain traction as the vehicle turns on difficult corners.  Stone ejectors toss off bombarding rocky fragments, however it lacks stone ejectors among central blocks which make them more vulnerable to choking of grooves as well as to scratches and punctures due to stony particles.

Grabber X3 gives a rocking performance in rocky terrains. Its tread has an aggressive pattern resulting in enhanced biting ability over uneven surface of slopes and good traction on rocky trails. Scooped shoulders and aggressively textured sidewall lugs offer outclass handling on tricky turns over the mountains. Higher number of stone ejectors make rock traction of X3 superior to its competitor. It possess stone ejectors among central ribs as well as shoulder lugs, these particles kick out striking hard particles such as pebbles and stones and prevent them from clogging and puncturing the tread.

Driving Comfort Comparison

STT Pro is louder than its competitor due to broad spacing of tread blocks. Massive voids allow wind particles to collide and resonate among tread producing a lot of noise. Its lesser grip on road also makes it relatively uncomfortable for road trips.

X3 produces less noise on road as its grooves are comparatively narrow and do not allow free circulation of wind particles. Good traction on paved surfaces make rides on X3 more comfortable than its competitor.

Which tire provides better Durability?

Durability of Grabber X3 makes it stand out in the competition. Its tread composition employs DuraGen technology which is a combination of steel belts and 3 ply rubber. Tread of X3 wears slowly, evenly and resists chips and abrasions. On average it exhibit a tread life of 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

Discoverer Pro has 3 ply thick sidewalls which absorb shocks effectively and provide resistance to chips, abrasions and scratches. However, its tread is less durable in comparison. Its average tread life has been reported about 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Quick Summary

  • General Grabber X3 and Cooper Discoverer STT Pro are both Mud terrain tires.
  • Grabber X3 gives better on road performance.
  • STT Pro provides superior traction in mud and snow terrain than its competitor.
  • X3 deals with gravel more efficiently.
  • X3 produces less noise and offers more comfortable drives.
  • Grabber X3 is priced lower than its competitor, it also give economic benefit of longer tread life. STT Pro offers optimized drives on mud and snow terrains but for a higher amount!
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