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General Grabber AT3 vs Toyo Open Country AT3

General Grabber AT3 vs Toyo Open Country AT3: General Grabber AT3 and Toyo Open Country AT3 are both All-Terrain (A/T) tires that provide good traction on-road as well as off-road. General AT3 tire performs comparatively better on-road due to its lower void ratio while the higher void ratio of Toyo AT3 allows exceptional traction during off-roading.

Higher built strength and Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rating makes Toyo AT3 a more attractive choice between these tires. To gain more technical analysis on the performance of these tires, keep reading till the end.

Comparing Toyo AT3 with General Grabber AT3

Toyo AT3

Toyo AT3

General Grabber AT3

General Grabber AT3
Toyo Open Country AT3


General Grabber AT3

General designed its Grabber AT3 tire to provide remarkable on-road traction along with mild off-road performance, for this they installed a symmetrical 5- pitch tread design with 4 circumferential and several longitudinal grooves.

The tread is specifically designed to ensure better on-road performance by keeping the tread blocks closely placed increasing its contact patch.

There are numerous sipes engraved on each tread block for better wet and ice traction. Its tread blocks have gripping edges for extra grip during off-roading.

General Grabber AT3
Grabber AT3

The tire is unable to efficiently evacuate mud, soft snow, and gravel due to comparatively narrower grooves.

It has a compact shoulder design that doesn’t allow mud to easily pass through its stud grooves.

The higher contact patch and numerous sipes, however, do provide good traction on ice by providing impressive grip.

The large sidewall lugs protect it from stones on rocky surfaces along with the ribs beneath them which provide extra protection.

One extra rib is added around the rim to protect the wheel bead area.

It is made of robust material and steel belts for extra strength.

It is quieter on-road but unreliable off-road because it can’t effectively dampen the effects of bumps while traveling through uneven terrain.

Toyo AT3 OFF Road

Just like most of the AT tires, Toyo Open Country AT3 also features an aggressive symmetrical 5- pitch design of tread with wider grooves providing lower contact with the road.

There are fewer deep sipes available that ensure a better-wet grip. Wider grooves allow efficient evacuation of mud, soft snow, and gravel through them.

The extremely wide shoulders allow this tire to be severer mud-rated.

The bold ejectors present along its grooves prevent stones from getting stuck inside and drilling through the tire.

The lower contact patch doesn’t allow decent traction on ice as it is unable to provide the necessary grip.

Toyo AT3 is stronger compared to General’s tire, having a robust foundation with twin high-strength steel belts and improved sidewalls.

It is noisier on road but smoother off-road due to wider grooves which dampen the impact of jerks, allowing a comfortable drive.

On-Road Traction Comparison

General Grabber at3
Grabber on road

General AT3 has a higher contact area with the road due to its lower void ratio.

The higher contact patch ensures better grip, allowing a lesser braking distance, this results in better on-road dry traction.

The narrow grooves are not that effective in wiping the water away even with the numerous sipes especially in the harsh rainy season and poses a threat to cause hydroplaning in such conditions.

Toyo AT3 with a higher void ratio causes a lower contact with the road since its wider grooves don’t allow a decent connection with the road.

This decreases the grip of the tire, increasing its braking distance.

However, the wet traction is exceptional due to the ability of wider grooves and deeper sipes to wipe away water efficiently.

This tire can be trusted in light flood conditions to provide the necessary traction and to avoid slippage.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

General Grabber AT3 Off Road
Grabber AT3 Off Road

Narrower grooves of General AT3 don’t allow efficient removal of mud through its grooves.

Its shoulders are comparatively less optimized, which hinders the easy allowing of mud to pass through its stud grooves.

The tire can become slick due to the accumulation of mud inside its grooves, causing the tire to lose its grip.

Such vulnerability doesn’t allow this tire to perform well on muddy terrain.

Toyo AT3 OFF Road
AT3 off road

Toyo AT3 is a severe mud-rated tire due to its wider grooves which allow efficient throwing of mud backwards, allowing the tire to move forward.

The open shoulder design further boosts its mud traction by allowing easy passing of mud through its grooves.

It can most certainly outperform compared to its counterpart on mud.

Snow Terrain

On soft snow, the narrow grooves of General AT3 are unable to efficiently bite the soft snow and evacuate it backwards, which in-turns don’t allow the tire to confidently move on soft snow.

The ice traction is dependent on contact patch and sipes since this tire have a higher contact patch and many sipes which makes its ice traction remarkable.

Toyo at3 on snow
Toyo AT3 on Snow

Toyo AT3 has wider grooves which bolsters its soft snow traction as they allow efficient evacuation of soft snow, allowing the tire to move forward.

On other hand, the tire struggles on ice due to its lower contact patch and fewer sipes, causing the tire to slip on ice.

Rock Terrain

General AT3 lacks in rock traction due to the absence of bold stone ejectors which prevent the stones from getting stuck inside its grooves.

The built of the tire is not as good as the Toyo tire which makes the tire vulnerable to trail damages like cuts and chips.

These all factors lead to the poor performance of this tire on rocks.

The bold stone ejectors in Toyo Open Country AT3 prevent the stones from getting stuck inside the grooves and drilling through them.

The built of the tire is also stronger to resist the trail damages like cuts and chips, making this tire favorite on rocky terrain.

Durability and Treadwear Differences

General AT3 has a higher contact area with the road causing higher rolling resistance therefore, a higher amount of energy will be utilized to keep the tire moving.

The higher rolling resistance leads to more treadwear. It is made of robust material and high-strength steel belts for extra strength.

The built of the tire is strong but doesn’t compare to its competitor as a result, it doesn’t provide much treadwear resistance. This decreases the durability and mileage of the tire.

Toyo AT3 has a higher void ratio which allows lower contact with the road, decreasing its rolling resistance which is the force needed to keep the tire rolling.

This affects the treadwear of the tire positively, which gets lowered significantly.

It has better built, having a robust foundation with twin high-strength steel belts and improved sidewalls.

The higher built strength also further decreases the treadwear by improving its treadwear resistance.

This results in higher durability and mileage of the tire. (Compared to General AT3)

Which tire is more comfortable?

The lower void ratio of General AT3 allows better performance on-road in the noise department. Its noise level is low because its tread features lower voids between its tread blocks allowing a lesser number of particles to get trapped inside them when traveling on-road at high speed. On an uneven path, this tire may face problems in dealing with the harsh jerks as it can’t dampen their amplitude, making the ride uncomfortable.

Toyo AT3 has a higher void ratio allowing a greater number of air particles to get trapped inside its wider grooves when traveling on road at high speed.

These particles strike with the sidewall back and forth which generates unwanted noise, decreasing the tire’s on-road comfort.

While off-roading, the tire can provide a very smooth and comfortable ride since its wider grooves can effectively absorb the jerks when traveling over an uneven, rough surface.

This allows a more relaxed journey through unpaved paths.

Price Differences

Toyo AT3 is available in a higher price range compared to its counter, General AT3. The reason is simple, due to Toyo AT3’s higher off-road capabilities, Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rating, higher built strength along with great mileage and durability.

General AT3 in a lower price range tire which provides a comfortable on-road drive with better ice traction and well-built strength (Lesser compared to others).

The customers must decide among these two based on their requirements and preferences.

Quick Summary

  • Both tires are AT (All-Terrain) tires.
  • General AT3 performs better on-road due to lower void ratio
  • Water traction of Toyo AT3 is better due to wider grooves and deeper sipes.
  • Toyo AT3 is severe mud rated with capabilities to navigate through heavy mud.
  • Bold stone ejectors give an edge to Toyo AT3 over General AT3 in rocky terrain.
  • Soft snow traction of Toyo AT3 is better due to Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rating
  • General AT3 performs better on ice, having a greater contact patch and numerous sipes providing extra grip.
  • Built strength, Treadwear resistance, Durability, and Mileage of Toyo AT3 is higher.
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