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Hankook Dynapro AT2 vs Cooper AT3

Hankook Dynapro AT2 vs Cooper AT3: The tires being discussed here are both All-Terrain (A/T) tires that come with a peculiar tread pattern to meet up your requirements in all types of terrains. Hankook Dynapro comes with an efficiently built tread pattern with narrow spacing between the blocks that increases the contact patch to maintain maximum traction on paved roads.

Cooper AT3 comes with a more prominent tread design with a bit wider groove pattern to provide better grip and handling on rough surfaces with confident traction on paved roads as well. The build pattern of both tires is similar to some extent but some unique features in each tire enable it to perform uniquely on different surfaces. So, which one should you choose? Stick with us in order to find more specifications that might help you in selecting the right tire according to your needs.

Comparing Dynapro AT2 with Cooper AT3

Hankook Dynapro AT2

Hankook Dynapro AT2

Cooper AT3 XLT

Cooper AT3 XLT
Hankook Dynapro AT2


Cooper Discoverer AT3

Hankook Dynapro AT2 is 0built exceptionally to give a smooth, comfortable ride on highways with a decent performance in rough areas. The innovative tread cut pattern enables it to have a better grip on dry roads. The tire can entertain well on wet surfaces too with the help of prominent sipes located along the overall tread pattern. The relatively narrow spacing between the grooves of AT2 allows the tire to perform slightly better while going on asphalt roads. The tough tread wear compound provides excellent durability and versatility in all terrains. Overall, this tire is pretty confident on asphalt roads while also maintaining a sufficient performance in rough areas.

The Cooper AT3 gives a splendid dry and wet traction; confident off-road performance; and adequate light snow traction. The efficient tread block design provides a sufficient contact patch to maintain maximum traction on dry surfaces on road. Zig-zag sipes pattern on each block enhances the efficiency of the tire in wet conditions too by wiping away water from the tread. The groove spacing in both the tires is almost the same but the build pattern of AT3 is more efficient with moderately high void ratio that enhances its capabilities in rough surfaces. The relatively wider groove pattern helps in attaining maximum traction in mud and soft snow. The rugged shoulder design gives this tire a prominent assertive look and promotes sidewall protection. 

On-Road Traction Comparison

Delivering sufficient traction on highways and paved roads is always the top priority of All-terrain tires. The tread pattern of Dynapro comes with wide blocks spread along the surface which gives the tire more contact patch and makes the performance better on asphalt roads. The impressive sipes pattern helps in maintaining grip and handling of the tire in wet conditions.

The grooves of AT2 are a bit wide which makes its competitor slightly better in on-road traction but the performance of this tire is not so disappointing on dry roads too. This tire also performs adequately on wet roads as the zig-zag sipes pattern works efficiently on slippery surfaces by removing water from the tread and due to a limited contact patch, the tire becomes relatively unstable at high speeds which compromises its grip and handling.

Both the tires give excellent performance on plain areas but the tread pattern of Dynapro provides slightly more contact patch which makes it a better fit for highways where more speed is required.

Off-road Performance

On Mud

Dynapro is at a disadvantage when we talk about performance in mud terrains. The narrow groove spacing makes the traction limited as they cannot grip properly on muddy swamps due to a lower void ratio. This tire is vulnerable to mud stuffing due to its bulky tread pattern which could make it lose traction with the surface and make the tire keep rolling in one place rather than moving forward.

The tread design of Cooper comes with deep grooves with relatively more spacing to enhance its performance in off-road areas. It offers more traction while dealing with mud and loose dirt. The tire resists mud from getting stuck in the symmetrical groove pattern. The spacing between blocks is relatively broad and deep which helps in efficient cleaning of the tire by throwing chunks of mud backward and navigating smoothly through muddy swamps. The bold shoulders have scoops and notches on them that allows more space for mud evacuation and provides additional sidewall protection.

On Snow 

DuraTrac may have to struggle while propagating through soft snow due to its relatively lower void ratio. The densely packed grooves do not provide sufficient traction which could compromise grip and handling of the vehicle. The snow could fill up the dense tread design and the cleaning function of the tire is not efficient enough to scoop out all the snow.

Cooper performs exceptionally better in snow as compared to its competitor. The deep grooves provide additional cohesive forces to the tire to attain maximum traction on snow by evacuating the snow from the bold tread pattern and clearing the path of the tire. The prominent sawtooth blocks present on the edges increase lateral stability and enhance the grip on snow.

On rocks

The tread blocks of Dynapro are densely packed in an angular way which gives this tire an edge while navigating through rocky terrains. The lower void ratio increases the grip with the rough surface and densely packed grooves in a cut pattern angular design prevent stones from getting stuck in the tread. The aggressive shoulders promote sidewall protection and increase lateral stability. 

The building pattern of Cooper is not efficient enough to propagate confidently through rocky terrains. The large size and less angular tread blocks with more depth make them vulnerable to stone attacks. Although the tire comes with stone ejector ledges but it is recommended to not use this tire often in extreme rocky terrains.

Driving Comfort

Dynapro is more confident in providing a smooth driving experience on the paved road due to slightly more contact patch than its competitor. More surface area in contact with the road maximizes traction, providing more comfortable on-road drive. The densely packed groove pattern does not allow much air to get entrapped between the tread block, therefore minimizing the noise.

AT3 compromises on-road comfort to some extent as due to the relatively higher void ratio, the contact patch is reduced a little bit. Due to wider spacing, more air gets trapped between the grooves which strike with the wall and make the tire a little bit noisy at high speeds.

Durability and Treadwear

Dynapro comes with a balanced tread pattern design which increases its durability and versatility while dealing with a different type of surfaces. Reinforced under-tread gauge in the tread pattern enhances the sturdiness of the tire and improves steering performance. The three-ply casing gives the tire more rigidity and promotes puncture resistance while propagating through rough areas. The densely packed tread block design placed at angular positions with small cuts on the tread pattern gives it an overall adequate contact patch which reduces the rolling resistance. This tire gives an impressive mileage of around 50,000-60.000 miles.

AT3 features deeper tread which are composed of Durable Technology that promotes resistance against chips, cuts, and tears. The rugged shoulder delivers improved traction against soft and rough surfaces and enhances sidewall protection. The tread pattern is made of next-generation silica compound delivering premium traction and increasing the tread life. The deep micro-gauge siping edges allow better interlocking with the road surface by providing more biting edges thus, increasing grip and handling of the tire. This tire gives smooth mileage of around 65,000 miles which is quite exceptional.


Cooper AT3 is slightly high priced than its competitor which can be justified by its longer tread life and better durability. Dynapro is a bit more economical that provides splendid on-road traction and suitable off-road drive without putting much burden on your pocket.

Quick Summary

  • Both the tires belong to All-Terrain (A/T) family.
  • Hankook Dynapro has slightly more contact patch which makes it better on road.
  • The bold tread of Cooper AT3 with a relatively high void ratio that makes this tire better in Off-road conditions.
  • Dynapro has more contact patch, therefore, providing more comfortable rides at high speeds.
  • Cooper is a bit costlier than Dynapro but its price can be justified by its efficient off-road capabilities with better mileage and durability.
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