Nitto Invo vs Pirelli P Zero

These are both summer tires for high-performance vehicles. So, their tread patterns are designed for upgraded traction while driving at high speeds. Both of these have a unique asymmetric tread with dual patterns to provide precise handling on dry as well as wet pavement.

P Zero shows a traditional summer-tire look with compact middle ribs and large shoulder blocks. Its tread is optimized to provide a persistent dry grip and responsive steering. Hence, you can use it comfortably for long drives in summer as well as for sports purposes.

In contrast, Invo shows an aggressive pattern due to its triangular blocks. It has the ability to prevent hydroplaning, providing a relatively safer driving experience on a wet road. Plus, its tread wears down relatively slowly, and you also get comparatively good fuel averages on this tire.

In comparison, Pirelli P Zero provides better on-road grip, more efficient dry handling, lower noise and the benefit of lesser buying expense while Nitto Invo offers better hydroplaning resistivity, improved wet handling, and decreased fuel consumption.

Quick Comparison table

 InvoP Zero
Tire typeUltra High Performance summer tireMax performance summer tire
Usagehigh performance vehicles, Luxury carsSUVs, sports cars
Certified for winterNoNo
Tested size245/40R18  XL245/40R18  XL
Tread depth10.3/32’’10/32’’
Section width9.65’’9.9’’
Rim Width Range8-9.5’’8-9.5’’
Weight25.77 Ibs23 Ibs
Maximum inflation pressure50 psi50 psi
Max. load1609 Ibs1609 Ibs
Load speed rating97 W97 Y

Tread Comparison

P Zero characterizes an S-shaped asymmetric tread design. Its contact patch is optimized for both dry and wet traction. That is why the outboard portion of this tire is compactly designed, and the inboard portion has relatively wide circumferential grooves. Its tread blocks are box-shaped and have wide rectilinear sipes marked at their edges. Wide lateral grooves pass through all three central ribs and both shoulders. Nevertheless, its overall void ratio and tread depth are lesser than the competitor.

The tread pattern of Invo is also asymmetrical but comparatively open and aggressive as well. Just like the competitor, the blocks of its outboard portion are closely arranged, while the inboard side specifies an open design with a continuous rib in between two wide longitudinal grooves. Blocks are mostly triangular-shaped and have prominent lateral grooves among them. These blocks also have linear sipes on them. Shoulder blocks are separated by wide grooves and marked with prominent, multi-wave 3D sipes that result in an interlocking ripple design. Due to wide and deep grooves, its contact patch is smaller than the competitor.

Tire Performance Comparison

 InvoP Zero
Hydroplaning resistanceHighModerate
Rolling resistanceModerateHigh
Off roading abilityLow-Moderatelow

Road Grip Comparison

P zero takes the win when it comes to dry on-road grip. Its bulky tread provides a consistent grip owing to the benefit of its wide central ribs. As a result, it covers a smaller braking distance when tested on a dry road. The same story goes for the wet grip as its longitudinal grooves and wide sipes wipe off water from the ground. Hence, its tread presents a consistent grip on the wet pavement taking the advantage of its higher contact patch.

On the other side, Invo shows lesser dry grip because it specifies a lower contact patch. As rubber-to-road contact is minimized, on-grip is ultimately reduced. Hence, it presents a longer braking distance on the dry road. On wet paths, its deeper tread does offer optimized safety from slip offs. However, the relatively reduced contact patch again makes the grip less firm than the competitor. Thus, its wet grip is ranked lower than its competitor as its wet braking is relatively longer.

 InvoP Zero
Dry braking distance (at 100km/h)41.75 meters37.5 meters
Wet braking distance (at 60km/h)16.54 meters15.04 meters

Handling Comparison

P Zero shows a better performance while taking turns on a dry road as its bulky shoulders have more surface area in contact with the road. Resultantly, it holds on the road more firmly when the tire is rotated and all pressure comes on the shoulders. But its handling efficiency is minimized on a wet track due to the low void ratio. Fewer lateral grooves with a smaller depth and a decreased number of sipes offer less resistance from aquaplaning. Thus, its steering ability on a wet road is reduced in comparison.

Conversely, Invo ranks at a lower position for steer management on a dry road. It has reduced rubber-to-road contact of its shoulders with the road, minimizing the stability of shoulders while taking turns. However, the high void ratio provides an advantage on the wet road where the tread needs to wipe off the underlying water layer to ensure precise steering response. Its tread performs this function very well due to 3D multiwave sipes and an increased number of horizontal grooves among shoulder blocks.

 InvoP Zero
Dry HandlingModerateHigh
Wet HandlingModerate- HighLow- Moderate

Comparison of Hydroplaning Resistance 

P Zero offers a reliable performance against aquaplaning as the water quickly squirms away from the tread through its prominent sipes and broad circumferential grooves. However, its slip resistance is comparatively minor due to lesser tread depth. Resultantly, a lesser amount of water is accommodated by its voids as compared to the contestant.

In contrast, Invo reduces the risk of aquaplaning more efficiently owing to the benefit of its high void ratio. The presence of numerous lateral grooves, a denser siping pattern and the larger depth and width of grooves result in increased water holding capacity of tread, eventually leading to better water evacuation and superior slip resistance.

Comparison of Rolling Resistance

More friction arises when Pirelli rolls on the road as compared to its competitor. As it specifies a higher contact patch, it consumes more energy to overcome road friction. Resultantly, the fuel average is comparatively increased.

Conversely, Nitto Invo faces lesser resistance as it rolls forward on a paved road due to its reduced contact patch. When less surface area of the tread is touching the road surface, lesser friction is produced, and rolling is possible with minor energy consumption. Resultantly, your vehicle uses a smaller amount of fuel than the competitor.

Comparison of Noise and comfort

P Zero is a quieter tire in comparison due to the compact arrangement of bulky tread blocks and shallower tread. Both these features minimize the vacuum available to noisy air particles for circulation and collision in tread channels. Resultantly, lower rolling sounds are generated. When the comparison is about driving comfort, this Pirelli tire again seems to take the win due to its enhanced traction qualities on paved surfaces.

In contrast, Invo produces louder tire noise and the blame for this demerit goes to its high void ratio. Deeper grooves permit free space for circulation, and resonation of sound waves in tread channels. Broad twin longitudinal grooves especially contribute toward this feature. Similarly, this tire provides lesser comfort on paved paths because it allows comparatively lesser on-road traction.

 InvoP Zero
NoiseModerate- highLow
Driving comfortModerateHigh

Durability and treadwear

When it comes to the longevity of tread, Invo takes the lead over its competitor due to its wear resistive rubber and open tread pattern. It is moulded from a high-performance tread compound that bears high temperature and frictional pressures more effectively than its competitor. Silica additives make this rubber even more resilient. Plus, this tire encounters less rolling resistance which eventually leads to slower frictional wear. Hence, it lasts for a longer duration than the competitor. A high UTQG value reaffirms its higher durability.

P Zero also specifies a long tread life but its durability score is comparatively lesser. Its tread features a silica and carbon black tread polymer in which nano-composites are added for wear protection and responsive handling. For internal structure; a steel carcass is reinforced by polyamide plies integrated with nylon/aramid cord. Yet its tread wears off sooner than the competitor as it faces higher rolling resistance. That is why its UTQG rating is also comparatively lower.

 InvoP Zero
UTQG260 AA A220 AA A
Treadwear warrantyNoneNone


Quick Summary

P Zero is a max performance summer tire while Invo is a UHP summer tire.

P Zero;

  • Provides enhanced on-road grip.
  • Offers fully commanded steering response on the dry road.
  • Rolls with a lower tire noise.
  • Costs a lower price in comparison.

Nitto Invo;

  • Resists aquaplaning more effectively.
  • Shows better handling response on a wet road.
  • Accounts for improved fuel averages and slower treadwear.

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