Nitto NT05 vs Invo

These summer tires are suitable for max-performance vehicles due to their advanced traction qualities. Their modified tread compounds improve steering ability, providing more responsiveness and precision.

NT05 presents a reliable traction on the paved road, enabling the driver to accelerate the car to high speeds without losing the grip. Its tread pattern is also specialized for high speed performance, making it a good option for sport utility.

On the other side, Invo not only shows a unique look as compared to most summer tires but also provides enhanced safety from hydroplaning on a wet pavement. For the rainy season, it has an edge over its competitor because its wet traction is enhanced by specialized design and rubber additives used in tread composition.

In comparison, Nitto NT05 provide enhanced dry traction and makes less rolling noise while Invo presents better performance on the wet track, increased resistance against hydroplaning and better fuel average.

Quick Comparison table

Tire typeMax-performance summer tireUHP summer tire
Usagehigh performance vehiclesLuxury cars, high performance vehicles
Certified for winterNoNo
Tested size225/40R18  XL225/40R18  XL
Tread depth7.2/32’’10/32’’
Section width9.06’’8.89’’
Weight23.87 Ibs23.02 Ibs
Maximum inflation pressure50 psi50 psi
Max. load1389 Ibs1389 Ibs
Load speed rating92 W92 W

Treadwear Comparison

NT05 characterizes a sport tire look with its symmetrical tread pattern. A single wide rib is running circumferentially in the central portion of the tire and bulky shoulders at the margins. Its tread lacks any siping pattern and contains fewer voids only. It has two longitudinal grooves around the central rib and small lateral voids in shoulders. These features make its contact patch very large. Moreover, its tread depth is lesser than its contestant due to which its evacuation capacity is minor.

In comparison, Invo shows an aggressive outlook and specifies an asymmetrical tread. Its outer side is compactly designed while inner side has open voids. Angular blocks on the outer side are placed in a closed arrangement. This portion contains many narrow circumferential and horizontal grooves.  On inner side, a wide rib is present between twin broad longitudinal grooves. Sipes marked on tread blocks are linear and deep. Shoulders have 3D, multiwave sipes, featuring interlocking ripple design. Its tread is deeper than its contestant.

Tire Performance Comparison

Hydroplaning resistanceModerateHigh
Rolling resistanceHighModerate
Off roading abilitylowModerate

Road Grip Comparison

NT05 provides superior grip on dry paved surfaces due to its bulky tread. Its central portion formed by a single, sipe-less, wide rib makes contact patch of tread, resultantly its dry grip is massive in comparison. But on wet pavements, its grip is relatively reduced because it lacks sipes for wiping away the water to prevent hydroplaning. Moreover, comparatively lesser void depth further minimizes the water holding capacity of the tread. So, water standing on the road is more problematic for this tire than its competitor.

On the other side, the dry grip of Invo is lesser in comparison due to its aggressive tread pattern. The presence of numerous grooves and sipes reduces its contact patch which in turn leads to a minor grip on the dry pavement. However, these grooves and sipes provide an advantage on the wet road by removing thin water film between the tread and the road. Thus, its tread can maintain its grip more easily, making its wet grip better than the contestant.

Dry GripHighModerate
Wet GripModerate-HighModerate

Handling Comparison

NT05 presents better steering performance on dry tracks as its large-sized shoulder lugs have enhanced biting abilities. Thus, its shoulders take the steering load more efficiently, offering fully commanded and stable handling. But it ranks below the competition for handling efficiency on a wet pathway. Due to shallow lateral grooves and the absence of sipes, its shoulders have less ability to prevent aquaplaning while turning along a corner. Resultantly, steering response on wet pavements becomes less precise.

In contrast, Invo gets a lower score for dry handling as less of its shoulders’ surface area has direct contact with the road. As a result, its ability to maintain traction while turning is reduced. However, it shows better steer management when rolling over a wet track. This is because frequent lateral channels and siping wipe the water away, allowing it to take turns without slipping off due to water standing on the road.

Dry HandlingHighModerate
Wet HandlingModerateModerate- High

Comparison of Hydroplaning Resistance 

NT05 shows a relatively minor ability to prevent aquaplaning due to the low void ratio and absence of siping on the tread. Its channels offer lesser vacuum for water removal and wiping action of sipes is totally lacking. Thus, the risk of slipping on a wet road is comparatively higher when you travel on these tires.

Invo provides superior resistivity to hydroplaning taking the benefit of the high void ratio of its tread. As it has more grooves with deeper voids and sipes engraved over its tread blocks, it can easily remove the layer of water from its track to sustain a firm grip on the road.

Comparison of Rolling Resistance

More resistance come across NT05 while rolling as compared to the contestant because its tread characterizes a larger contact patch. When more surface area of tread touches the surface, it has to face huge friction and requires a lot of energy to continue motion. As a result, fuel consumption is increased when you drive with these tires.

In contrast, Invo encounters lesser rolling resistance due to its high void ratio. Decreased contact patch minimizes the friction produced while the tire rolls on the road. Hence, its energy consumption is low and you get more mileage with lesser fuel.

Comparison of Noise and comfort

Nt05 presents quieter performance than its competitor. Its fewer grooves offer menial volume for circulation and collisions of air particles. Relatively lesser depth of grooves further minimizes this free space, resulting in low sound production. Due to high contact patch, its dry traction and thus, comfort level on a dry path is higher than its competitor. However, it provides less comfort on a wet pavement due to minor slip resistivity.

Invo makes more rolling sound due to its high void ratio. A large number of deep grooves provide much room for resonation and reverberation of sound waves. Plus, it provides less comfort on a dry road as it dry traction is comparatively minor. However, it offers relatively more comfort while driving on a wet path as it has better aquaplaning resistance.

NoiseLowModerate- high
Driving comfort on a dry roadHighModerate
Driving comfort on a wet roadModerateHigh

Durability and treadwear

Invo is a relatively durable tire due to better tread composition and open design. Ittread compound is enhanced by silica additives which make it more responsive as well as more sturdy. Hence, its rubber resists damage and wear. Likewise, its tread rubber consumption against rolling friction is slower due to low contact patch. Due to these features, its UTQG rating is also higher.

NT05 also has a fairly long tread life but its rubber additives are not much effective against tread wear. Plus, its design also promotes faster wear as its tread is consumed quickly by high rolling friction arising due to its bulkier contact patch. Moreover, its UTQG rating is lower than its competitor which further predicts its lesser tread life. Nevertheless, none of these tires have a tread life warranty from the manufacturer.

UTQG200 AA A260 AA A
Treadwear warrantyNoneNone


These tires come in the same price range, spanning from $230 to $270. If you are looking for high performance tires for your sports car, NT05 is a better choice due to its enhanced dry traction. However, if you plan to use the vehicle for everyday purposes and want a safer option for rainy conditions as well as dry paths, Invo is more suitable.

Quick Summary

Both of these are dedicated summer tires specialized for luxury and sport cars.

Nitto NT05;

  • Shows more firm dry grip and highly responsive dry handling.
  • Makes low rolling sound.

Nitto Invo;

  • Safeguards against hydroplaning more efficiently.
  • Offer improved wet traction in comparison.
  • Is fuel efficient than its competitor.
  • Ranks at higher position for durability.

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