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GoodYear Eagle VS Pirelli P Zero

GoodYear Eagle VS Pirelli P Zero: Have you ever wondered how essential tires are when it comes to our day to day lives? If not, let us tell you that they are significant as they help you accomplish daily tasks without trouble. Thus, it is essential to choose the right tire that is suitable to the nature of your usage. Therefore, to aid you in that, we’ve come up with this comparison between Goodyear eagle sport all-season and Pirelli.

Goodyear is an American company devoted to providing and producing tires ranked top 4 globally, marking its inclusion in the most successful and recognized tire manufacturers. They produce tires for automobiles, vehicles, heavy-earth movers, light trucks, bicycles, commercial trucks, and farm equipment.

On the other end is Pirelli, an Italy-based multi-national company operating successfully in more than 150 countries and 19 manufacturing sites throughout thirteen countries. They produce tires for SUVs, bikes, cross-overs, off-road vehicles etc.

Comparing The GoodYear Eagle and The Pirelli P Zero

Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season

Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season

Pirelli P Zero

Pirelli P Zero

Dry traction Comparison

One of the fundamental tasks that a tire has to do is maintain a firm grip on the ground to ensure its stability and control during the ride. If a tire has lower traction, it will put drivers at the risk of accidents or unfortunate events; thus, to save you from that, we have compared eagle tire and Pirelli p zero’s dry traction, so your safety is prioritized.

The eagle all-seasons comes with combination grip technology to allow you to brake, accelerate, and corner with confidence. However, the asymmetric tread pattern causes a shorter life for a tire and suits a vehicle of 17inches and above.

Therefore, the contact patch connects well with the road, providing an increased steering response and exceptional cornering grip.

Moreover, eagle tire All-seasons offer responsive handling and exceptional control on the drive, shoulder blocks that provide optimal grip and asymmetric pattern on the tread, with sipes of different cuts and angles, make this possible.

Similarly, Pirelli p zero possesses an S-treme asymmetric tread design which helps them accomplish the motive of providing formidable grip to the tire on dry pavements by cutting back on malformation with the help of circumferential and lateral grooves.

Due to this, Pirelli p zero have a 10% higher stability while cornering. Further contributing to this tire’s dry traction is a nano-composite compound based on nanotubes and graphenes.

Henceforth Pirelli p zero and Goodyear eagle tire have asymmetric tread design, which helps them have excellent dry traction.

Wet and snow traction Comparison

Are you fond of visiting snowy areas or want to enjoy a carefree ride in the rain and wondering which tire among Goodyear eagle all-season and Pirelli p zero will help you achieve that? If so, then read through this wet and snow traction comparison to find out.

The special Silica attributed to Pirelli p zero helps it have supernaturally better snow or wet traction as it contains high hysteresis at low temperature. With the aid of hysteresis, friction is created between the road and the tire, preventing the tire from slipping or losing its grip on wet pavements.

However, p zero primarily is a summer tire, unlike the Goodyear eagle tire. Its usage for rides in areas below freezing temperature is impossible; thus, the Goodyear eagle tire has the upper hand on Pirelli p zero when it comes to snow traction.

Not only this, but eagle all-season has Full-depth Sipes present on the outer tire tread of enhances the grip of the tire on a wet or snowy surface by allowing the tire to bite through the water as well as snow. It has circumferential grooves with a depth of around 6mm to facilitate a confident grip on wet surfaces.


Tires possess a design that aids in avoiding Hydroplaning is an aspect of driving on wet pavement. It is a threat to a driver’s safety and the well-being of the automobile.

The three longitudinal grooves present on Pirelli p zero help in aquaplaning. They enable having higher speed in hydroplaning by 6.8 km/h for every additional width, making them safer to use on wet pavements.

Not only this but wide circumferential and lateral grooves also aid in avoiding the risk of hydro-planning when using Pirelli p zero for the drive.

Eagle sport all-season comes with circumferential grooves 6mm deep to keep a contact patch connected to the road in water. These grooves channel water away from the tire, not letting it get between tire tread and road.

The lateral notches and sipes present on the eagle tire get a tire through water by providing an edge for the tire to get through the water. These features of eagle sport all-seasons help in avoiding the risk of hydroplaning.

Ride comfort comparison

Ride comfort is important to compare as car rides could become excruciatingly tedious If the tires cannot curb the vibration and noises made. To prevent that from happening to you, we have compared below the ride comfort of Goodyear eagle tire and Pirelli p zero, so you can choose the most comfortable tire for you.

When it comes to riding comfort, Pirelli p zero came up with nano-composites as part of the compound provides 50% more them softening stability to the entire. Hence providing excellent ride comfort even on uneven roads.

Furthermore, as part of the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, there is a noise-absorbing foam present in the tire’s inner lining, which helps Pirelli p zero have an enhanced ride comfort as lower noise will reach inside of the car.

Goodyear uses materials that support a comfortable ride on wet, dry, or snowy pavements along with fewer vibrations to make tread compound that Eagle sport all-season possess.

Moreover, wide shoulder blocks are also present on the 225 mm wide eagle sport all-season tire. These shoulder blocks provide stability to the tires, thus making them more stable on the go.

It means you can expect less disturbance throughout the ride with Goodyear’s eagle sport all-season. However, eagle tires are less quitter, owing to which their ride comfort might not be the best, but it’s better than most.

Rolling resistance and fuel-consumption

Rolling resistance is critical to compare each tire in question as 35% of fuel-consumption is by it. Thus to the factor that decides whether drive with a tire will be economical or not is fuel-consumption.

Eagle sport all-season and Pirelli p zero are radial; this prevents them from rubbing against each other, resulting in less rolling friction.

Moreover, Goodyear eagle sport all-seasons are made of vulcanized rubber, which possesses a hard, smooth surface and is resilient. It further promotes lower rolling resistance in eagle tires. However, eagle tires might have higher rolling resistance due to asymmetrical tread patterns. As per our observation, Goodyear’s eagle sport consumed 514 gallons of fuel in a year.

Similarly, Pirelli p zero is designed using asymmetric tread design, which results in higher rolling resistance as there are non-identical patterns present on both sides of the tire, resulting in higher friction.

Not only this, but due to special Silica and high hysteresis for better grip, the friction between the road and Pirelli p zero is 25% more than Goodyear eagle tire; hence its fuel-consumption is higher too.

Off-road driving experience

Suppose you are a driver who is fond of oftenly going off-roads and having some brilliant adventures. In that case, this comparison is for you as it will help you in knowing which tire among Goodyear eagle tire and Pirelli p zero will aid you in having a better off-road experience.

Even though the eagle and p zero have Radial plies, they provide a better drive off-road due to their lower rolling resistance. Compared to bias-ply, it isn’t that suitable for off-road driving as it will have higher friction.

However, these tires can be of use if the need is once in a while as Eagle sport all-season tires have shoulder blocks and in-depth sipes to assist in better grip when there are uneven pavements such as on rocky terrains.

Furthermore, the eagle tire and Pirelli p zero have an asymmetric tread pattern. Its outer tread has stiff blocks that provide a good grip on an uneven surface and responsive handling and stability to the tires while in contact with such terrains.

The tire’s interior comprises twin steel belts fortified by polyamide cord plies. An amalgamation of nylon and aramid cord stabilizes the tread area to enhance high-speed capability and handling.


We found out about eagle sport all-season that it has a long-expected life for about five years. This is because Goodyear designs it to be a high-performance tire using a rim protector to minimize damages and other features. Thus, the average life for eagle sport all-season would be 80,000 miles. It is proven by CR’s test as well.

However, Pirelli p zero has a 50% shorter expected life; this could be because of the asymmetric tread it possesses or high hysteresis, which cause a high level of friction and a high level of wear tear. Hence the tread of Pirelli p zero lasts after it is driven for 40,000 miles.

Eco-friendly tests

Global warming is increasing day by day. It puts the well-being of humans and animals at stake; therefore, a consumer must take social responsibility into account and choose more eco-friendly tires so your decisions don’t increase the threat of hazards.

The vulcanized rubber that Goodyear uses to manufacture eagle sport all-season makes it eco-friendly. For several reasons, including its easy decomposition in the environment and nitrosamine not being present in it, making it less of a threat to the ground.

On the other hand, Pirelli p zero have excluded aromatic-polluting oils from manufacturing their tires as this contributes to lowering deforestation or oil-spills that occur during transportation of such oils to manufacturers such as Pirelli.

Speed ratings

As for eagle tires, the maximum speed that it can reach without losing its firm grip on the ground and response towards the steering movement is 112 miles per hour. Simultaneously, we observed that Pirelli p zero could assist speeds up to 230 mph, which is relatively higher than eagle all-season’s speed ratings.

Steering responsiveness

Eagle sport all-season and Pirelli p zero tire have radial plies, which are right-angled, unlike cross plys, and tread pattern vis a suitable weight that does capacitate and accurate steering response.

Moreover, the eagle tire and Pirelli p zero have a lower rate due to their asymmetrical tread and high cornering stiffness, which means less difference between the degrees steering is moved and the tire movement’s degrees.

Therefore, if you look for a highly responsive tire to steering movements, an eagle tire and Pirelli p zero will finely cater to that requirement.

Parting words

Hence, we can conclude that the eagle tire’s strengths are: Higher performance, Commendable dry wet or snow traction, Off-road driving experience and Better steering responsiveness.

Whereas Pirelli p zero tuned is no lesser when it comes to having strengths such as high-speed ratings, less noise, provision of a comfortable ride and, like eagle tires, eco-friendliness.

However, it does comprise some shortages, such as not having better snow traction than eagle tire. It is said that there has to be a choice between noise or traction and not having an immaculate tread life to offer as compared to Goodyear eagle all-season tire.

Henceforth, this could be derived that a person looking for a tire with satisfactory performance in day-to-day use, Pirelli p zero, would comparatively do better than eagle tire for them. However, if you are looking for more in a tire and expect it to have higher performance, nothing could suit you better than the eagle tire among both of them.

With that Goodyear eagle tire vs Pirelli p zero, comparisons come to an end. We hope that it has successfully helped decide which among Goodyear or Pirelli tire will be your next choice.

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