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Pirelli P Zero vs Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Pirelli P Zero vs Pirelli Scorpion Verde: Even though both these summer tires come from the same manufacturer, there is a slight difference between the two.

While Pirelli P Zero offers superb dry handling, good hydroplaning resistance and lower rolling resistance due to its higher void ratio and broad shoulder design.

Scorpion Verde on the other hand displays impressive dry and wet grip because of its higher contact with the road, compact shoulders, and numerous sipes.

Comparing Design

Pirelli P Zero features an asymmetric five-pitch tread design, (though the other tire also has the same).

Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Pirelli Verde

Pirelli P Zero

Pirelli P Zero

There are three central ribs, on P zero, that are sandwiched between its two outward shoulders. The grooves running around the tread are wider in comparison.

Pirelli P zero

In addition to this, the shoulders are also broad.

As a result, this tire’s hydroplaning resistance is enhanced.

However, the sipes on the central part and the shoulder lugs are not that functional.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Just like P Zero, Scorpion Verde has an asymmetric tread pattern featuring two compact shoulders and three central ribs.

The shoulders and ribs are divided by four narrow circumferential grooves.

In addition to this, the sipes on the shoulder blocks and the central part are deep and numerous.

As a result, this tire’s traction on wet and icy surfaces is improved.

Interesting to note: The design of Nitto Invo is amazing. Comparing with Pirelli P Zero, we had very similar results as well.

Grip Comparison

pirelli p zero
P zero

When it comes to on-road grip, P Zero comes with wider grooves around its shoulders and central part.

So, the void ratio of this tire becomes higher and its contact patch is reduced.

Therefore, its braking distance on dry surfaces is estimated higher than its rival.

The same is the case with this tire’s performance on wet terrains. The sipes found on its central part are neither deep nor numerous.

Due to this, it struggles a bit on wet roads too.

pirelli scorpion verde
Scorpion Verde

On the other hand, Scorpion Verde never seems to disappoint us with its grip performance.

The relatively narrower grooves of this tire help it to maintain an optimum grip on dry roads and as a result, it can move more swiftly on the surface.

For this reason, its dry braking distance was estimated shorter than its competitor.

If we talk about this tire’s performance on wet terrains, the higher contact patch along with numerous sipes help it to maintain its grip.

Therefore, its stability on wet surfaces is not compromised either.

Side Note: Consider Bridgestone Potenza Sport for even more grip.

Handling Comparison

Talking about the tires handling on sharp edges and corners, P Zero has broader shoulders and widely spaced shoulder blocks.

Due to this, the biting edge of this tire is increased, and therefore, its dry handling performance is superior

This tire however struggled on wet tracks because of less overall sipes found on its shoulder blocks.

pirelli scorpion verde
Scorpion Verde

In comparison, Scorpion Verde has compact shoulder design. These compact shoulders offer an adequate area of tread to come in contact with the road. But it’s still less than P Zeros.

Due to this, the lap time of this tire on dry tracks is reduced.

But the sipes found on the shoulders are numerous and deep enough.

As a result, the biting edge of the vehicle is increased and it provides better handling performance on wet tracks.

Comparison of Hydroplaning Resistance

P Zero displays a far better hydroplaning resistance due to its wider grooves and open shoulder design. Both of these work in harmony to evacuate a greater capacity of water from its grooves.

As a result, the tire can maintain its traction on flooded roads and the chances of accidents will reduce.

Even though the sipes on Scorpion Verde are more effective, its performance on flooded roads is not that functional in comparison.

That’s because the narrower grooves of this tire decrease its hydroplaning resistance.

Due to this, the tire might lose its grip on flooded roads and the chances of accidents will increase.

Comparison of Rolling Resistance

Since the design of P Zero features a higher void ratio, less area of its tread will come in contact with the road. As a result, a lower amount of friction will be produced which will decrease the rolling resistance of this tire. Due to this, its fuel average will be estimated higher as well.

Scorpion, on the other hand, features a lower void ratio as compared to its counterpart. For this reason, a greater area of its tread will come in contact with the road’s surface leading to the production of more friction.

Therefore, a higher amount of force will be required to overcome this friction which will contribute to higher rolling resistance. Hence, the fuel efficiency of this tire will also be lower.

I P Zero more comfortable here?

The noise level of P Zero is relatively higher because of its higher void ratio.

There will be more space for the air particles to get stuck inside its grooves and as a result, their back-and-forth movement will increase.

So, more noise will be produced while driving the vehicle at a higher speed which will reduce the overall comfort of this tire.

In comparison, the noise level of Scorpion Verde is much lower since it features narrower grooves.

With these grooves, the space for the entrapment of air particles will be lesser in comparison.

Due to limited space, the back-and-forth movement of air particles inside the grooves will be less too.

Therefore, the vehicle will produce comparatively lower noise even while driving at a higher speed.

Which tires tread last longer?

The higher void ratio of P Zero decreases its rolling resistance and as a result, its tread will wear out much slower.

Additionally, this tire is constructed using all the high-quality materials such as silica-based and carbon-black tread compounds.

The carcass also features stiff coupling which adds more to this tire’s durability.

Comparatively, the rolling resistance of Scorpion Verde is higher.

So, its tread will wear out faster as compared to its competitor.

However, this tire is constructed using the U-Shaped tread compound along with a stiff sidewall structure.

This is what adds to its durability. Yet, it is still not as durable as P Zero.

Price Comparison

Even though both of them fall under the same price category, Scorpion Verde is a slightly higher-priced tire, and it makes sense, since you get, what you pay for (well for the most part).

So the tire offer a better grip, handling, and comfort both on dry and wet tracks.

However, P Zero with its superb hydroplaning resistance, lower rolling resistance, and affordability is not a bad option to consider either.

Though keep in mind, that prices can change for these tires.

Quick Summary

  • Both are summer tires.
  • Dry and wet grip of Scorpion is better.
  • Overall handling is better in P Zeros.
  • Hydroplaning resistance of P Zero is superior.
  • Rolling resistance of P Zero is lower leading to better fuel efficiency.
  • The noise level of Scorpion is lower resulting in higher comfort.
  • Tread of P Zero will wear out slower due to its lower rolling resistance.
  • P Zero is a lower-priced tire.
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