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Nitto Invo Vs Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003

Nitto Invo Vs Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003: Both Invo and RE003 give sport cars drivers and enthusiasts a marvelous, stunning experience with their silica-infused constructions and cutting-edge technology respectively. Both are high-performance summer tires with asymmetrical tread patterns that provide equal durability, maximum speeds, and 5 years of limited standard warranties.

It is because of its state-of-the-art blend of silica-infused compounds and digital technologies that Invo is providing superior road grip on dry and wet pavements. Things do not end here for Invo as it also gives unprecedented handling ability on wet pavements with enhanced hydroplaning resistivity.

With its cutting-edge technology and silica tread compound, RE003 is also barring the limits in providing cool features. With its larger shoulder connection blocks, it gives its riders the most reliable road-handling facility on dry pavements. Finally, thanks to its latest silica-reinforced compound structures it is more fuel-efficient and can carry comparatively heavier loads with whisper-silent rides. 

Compared to RE003, Invo is better in providing superior wet road handling and superior road grip on dry and wet pavements. On the other hand, RE003 has advanced features of fuel efficiency, more weight carrying capability, and superiority in dry road handling, plus it produces comparatively less noise. 

Side By Side Comparison

Nitto Invo

Nitto Invo

Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003

Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003
SpecificationsNitto InvoRE003
Tire TypeHigh-Performance sports tiresHigh-Performance sports tires
Tire SeasonSummerSummer
Tread PatternAsymmetricalAsymmetrical
Available Sizes, Inches17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 2415, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
ApplicationPassenger & Sports CarsPassenger & Sports Cars
Standard limited warranty5 Years5 Years
UTQG Rating260 AA A220 AA A
Cost (225/45R17)$158$196

Tread Design

Invo has an asymmetrical tread design. It has four circumferential grooves of varying widths, two central ribs, and one adjacent tread block column having a decent amount of sipes on it. Its tread block column is comprised of various shapes of blocks like triangular, trapezoidal, etc. Its shoulder blocks are relatively smaller but its lateral grooves are wider compared to its competitor’s shoulders. But unlike their opponent, they have denser and 3D siping patterns on them including V-shaped and circumferential ones. But overall, its contact patch is less than its opponent due to the high void ratio. 

Like its opponent, RE003 has an asymmetrical tread pattern as well.  But it has three & a half circumferential grooves of varying widths. Its central groove has a pulse-shaped pattern while the half circumferential groove is of a zig-zag shape. It has one rib and two adjacent tread block columns. But unlike its opponent, its rib has notches on it. Unlike its opponent, it doesn’t have any sipes on it. Its shoulder blocks are larger than its opponent. And they have comparatively wider notches on them. RE003 has an inconsistent contact patch because of the varied width of circumferential grooves. But its overall contact patch is more than its competitor because of having relatively narrower circumferential grooves and notches.

Road Grip

Invo would give an inferior road grip on drier pavements because it has a relatively lesser contact patch. But on wet pavements, it would supersede its opponent because of its high-density 3D siping.

RE003 would provide a comparatively better road grip on dry pavements because it has relatively more contact patch. But it would not be ahead in providing better road grip on wet pavements because unlike its opponent it doesn’t have any siping patterns on the entire length.

Dry GripModerateHigh
Wet GripHighLow

Road Handling

Invo would provide an inferior road handling on drier pavements because its shoulder blocks are comparatively smaller than its opponent. But it would provide better road handling on wet pavements because of its 3D dense sipes on the shoulder blocks.

RE003 would surely provide better road handling on drier pavements because its shoulder blocks are relatively larger. But it would not provide better road handling on wet pavements because unlike its opponent it doesn’t have any sipes on its shoulder blocks.

Dry HandlingModerateHigh
Wet HandlingHighLow

Hydroplaning Resistivity

Invo would provide superior hydroplaning resistivity because it has a high void ratio than its opponent. It’s due to having more and comparatively wider circumferential grooves, wide lateral grooves, and 3D siping.

Hence, in this case, Invo takes the lead and would provide an enhanced anti-hydroplaning facility.


One can predict the better durability of any tire by having the data of a tire’s tread depth. More tread depth would indicate that the tire would take longer to completely wear off.

ContendersTread Depth

Since both contenders have equivalent tread depth and are also made from silica tread compound, so we can conclude that their durability would also be on the same level.

Comfort and Noise

The comfort zone is determined by analyzing the tread depths of the tires. Having high tread depth would indicate that there will be more cushion between the passengers and the road, so the maximum impact on bumpy roads would be absorbed by the provided cushion. And because both the contenders have the same tread depths, it can be said that both tires would provide tied comfortable rides.

Noise is produced at high speeds mainly because of the collision of air particles with the tread blocks inside the void ratio. Since Invo has a high void ratio, it would encapsulate more air particles into it. And thus it would produce comparatively more noise during high-speed driving. So RE003 would produce less noise than its opponent and is considered to be a more noise-free tire.

Rolling Resistance and Fuel Efficiency

Rolling resistance means force that stops tires from moving because of the involvement of road friction. If there is low rolling resistance then vehicles would be more fuel-efficient. The longevity of the contact patch of tires would determine the rolling resistance of a tire and hence the fuel efficiency.

Since Invo has comparatively less contact patch, which means that its rolling resistance will be comparatively lower, and eventually it would be a more fuel-efficient tire.

Load and Speed

Let’s have a look at the data chart about the load and speed factors of both contenders to analyze them comprehensively.

ContendersSpeed RatingMax Speed (mph)Load IndexMax Load (lbs.)
Invo (225/45R17)W168911356
RE003 (225/45R17)W168941477

So after looking at the above data table we can conclude that both contenders are tied in the speed factors but RE003 is ahead of its opponent in the load-bearing capability.


RE003 is more expensive than its opponent because it gives a better grip and handling facility on dry pavements, it is less noisy, and can carry comparatively more load. Prices of Invo and RE003 are $158 and $196 respectively.

Quick Summary

Both Contenders;

  • have asymmetrical tread patterns.
  • are summer tires for passenger & sports cars.
  • are tied in the factors of durability, speed, and standard limited warranties.

Nitto Invo;

  • provides better grip on wet pavements.
  • provides better handling facility on wet pavements.
  • has better hydroplaning resistivity.
  • has high fuel efficiency.

Adrenalin RE003;

  • provides better grip and handling facility on dry pavements.
  • can carry comparatively heavier weights at the same speed as its competitor.
  • produces less noise.
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