Nokian WetProof vs Uniroyal RainSport 5

Both tires are max-performance summer tires built to provide trouble-free performance in warm weather. Where WetProof offers an optimized grip on dry roads because of its increased contact patch.

On the other hand, the RainSport 5 features wider grooves. Due to this, the hydroplaning resistance of this tire is improved. To get a better understanding of both these tires, we have prepared a detailed comparison for you.

General Comparison

Nokian Wetproof

Featuring a summer-friendly design and an asymmetric tread pattern, the WetProof is specially built to favour extreme summer temperatures. There are four major longitudinal, narrow grooves running around its tread. The grooves separate the two outer shoulders and three central ribs. However, there are no lateral grooves found on its tread. But this is compensated by the numerous and deep sipes found on the shoulder blocks. Its shoulders are compact, and the shoulder blocks are closely packed. This is what makes a major difference in the tire’s handling performance.

Uniroyal Rainsport 5

The Uniroyal RainSport 5 also features an asymmetric tread pattern. There is one central rib found on the tire and the blocks are separated by numerous deep sipes. The rib, central blocks and shoulders are separated by three deep longitudinal grooves running around the tread. In comparison, shoulders are compact, and the shoulder blocks are closely packed. However, sipes on the shoulder blocks are less effective than that of WetProof.

Grip Comparison

When we compared both tires, we found the grooves of the WetProof around the central ribs and the shoulders are narrower. Therefore, it gets a higher contact patch, providing a reliable grip on dry roads. This results in a lower braking distance as compared to its competitor. The dry braking distance of this tire was estimated at 113 feet. However, in terms of wet grip, its braking distance is higher than its counterpart. That’s because of the fewer number of sipes found on its central part. So, with a braking distance of 128 feet, the performance of this tire is compromised on wet roads.

On the other hand, the RainSport 5 offers less grip on dry roads because of its higher void ratio. Due to wide grooves on its central part, its contact patch is reduced. Hence, the vehicle stopped at a braking distance of 117 feet which is relatively higher as compared to its counterpart. However, its performance is not reciprocated while gripping the wet roads. The numerous and deeper sipes found over its tread play an effective role in increasing this tire’s performance on wet roads. As a result, its grip on wet surfaces increases, and the braking distance is reduced. For this reason, the wet braking distance of this tire is 118 feet.

Handling Comparison

When it comes to handling, the performance of the WetProof is remarkable because of the narrow grooves between its shoulder lugs. This increases the grip of this tire, allowing premium handling.

So, the vehicle was able to complete a lap on dry track in less time. That’s mainly because, there are numerous and deep sipes found on the shoulders that increase its handling capabilities on wet tracks as well.

In comparison, the Uniroyal RainSport 5 loses to its competitor because of its small shoulders. Its shoulder blocks also feature larger voids which decrease the grip of this tire. So, the time required by the vehicle to complete a lap is increased.

The same performance is not reflected in the wet handling of this tire. There are no decent sipes found on the shoulder blocks and, the performance on wet tracks is compromised as a result.

Hydroplaning Resistance Comparison

Hydroplaning is a condition where a layer of water is formed between the tire and the road, which results in loss of grip. This can result in the skidding or sliding of the vehicle. Here, WetProof loses to its competitor due to its narrower grooves that have less capacity to evacuate water. As a result, this tire will face difficulty in moving forward on flooded roads, increasing the chances of accidents.

On the other hand, the RainSport 5 shows superior resistance against hydroplaning on flooded roads. That’s because its full-depth and deeper grooves wipe away the water effectively from the surface of the road. Furthermore, the numerous and deep sipes act as water wipers which further enhances its hydroplaning resistance.

Rolling Resistance Comparison

A tire’s rolling resistance is directly related to its contact patch. The higher the contact patch, the more rolling resistance it will face. In the case of the WetProof, this tire has a higher contact patch because of its relatively narrower grooves. Due to this, more areas of tread will meet the road, and hence, the amount of friction will increase. To overcome this friction, the tire will need a higher amount of force. As a result, its rolling resistance will be higher as compared to its competitor and the fuel efficiency will also decrease.

In comparison, the higher void ratio of the RainSport 5 indicates that less area of its tread will meet the road. This will lead to a decrease in friction and will make the rolling resistance of this tire lower. Due to the lower rolling resistance, its fuel efficiency will increase.

Comfort Comparison

When we compared both tires for their comfort, we found that the WetProof features narrower grooves as compared to its competitor. As a result, fewer air particles will be trapped inside its voids. Moreover, the air molecules will also have less space to strike against the groove walls. So, this tire will produce less noise and the drivers will get a comfortable ride while driving the vehicle at a high speed.

Comparatively, due to the presence of wider grooves in the RainSport 5, the air molecules will get more space inside the voids. When the air particles will strike back and forth against the groove walls, louder noise will be produced during high-speed driving. This is what makes this tire a less comfortable option than its rival.

Durability & Treadwear

The WetProof is a comparatively less durable option because of its higher contact patch, leading to higher rolling resistance. The tread of this tire possesses a dual compound structure that provides hydrophilic property and enhances its overall traction. Due to the enhanced traction of this tire, its tread wears out faster.

On the other hand, the tread block of the RainSport 5 is constructed using the black compound and the special silica compound. So, they become a highly durable option. The tread of this tire also wears out slower than its competitor because of its lower rolling resistance.


The price range of both tires is nearly the same. However, WetProof costs a few pennies higher than its rival because of its superior handling, excellent dry grip, and comfort. On the other side, the RainSport 5 is a more affordable option due to its incredible wet grip, hydroplaning, and durability.


  • Both are summer tires.
  • The dry gripping capability of WetProof is better while the wet gripping ability of the RainSport 5 is more efficient.
  • Handling of the WetProof is more effective in all conditions.
  • RainSport 5 can resist hydroplaning better than its counterpart.
  • Rolling resistance of Uniroyal is lower, leading to better fuel efficiency.
  • WetProof produces less noise making it a more comfortable option.
  • RainSport offers higher durability.
  • WetProof is a higher-priced tire.