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Radar Renegade RT Review

Radar Renegade RT Review: This Omni-United tire is a rugged-terrain option that lets you drive your vehicle on streets with reliable traction and freedom to explore off-road terrains.

Being a hybrid tire, it lets you drive decently on paved tracks as all-terrain tires do but also move audaciously on rough natural paths like Mud Terrain tires. Its tread is also molded from a strong compound that results in slower and even wear.

Being a hybrid, it gets its shoulders from the MT (which have openly voided blocks) while the central area of the tire remains AT, where blocks are packed a little closer together.

A famous example of a RT tire, is Toyo RT and Nitto Ridge Grappler.

Looking at its Design:

One of the best things about this tire is its “looks.”

Renegade RT shows an aggressive look and comes with a dual sidewall design. On one side it shows dagger-shaped aggressive lugs while the other side characterizes flaming demon design.

These sidewall lugs improve mud/snow penetration capabilities and puncture-resistance of the tire besides giving it a rugged look.

Its tread pattern is also rugged. It has a single row in the central portion containing large-sized blocks. However, these angularly shaped blocks have wide lateral spacing between them.

 Its shoulder lugs are elongated and irregularly shaped. These are also spaced widely, and prominent, linear stone ejectors are present in grooves between them. And the outer edges of shoulder lugs are scooped for enhanced evacuation ability on mud.

Here are the specs for our examined size (275/55 R20);

Severe snow service rating (3PMSF)No 
Mud and Snow (M&S)Yes
Tread depth 13.2/ 32-inch
Section width11.2  inches
Maximum load capacity2833 Ibs
speed ratingT (118 mph)
Rim diameter20 inches
Overall Diameter 31.9 inches

Do these perform on mud?

Yes, Renegade RT offer good mud traction because its open tread can bite and grip into the soft surfaces. 

As its void ratio is higher than all-terrain tires like BFGoodrich KO2, this hybrid tire qualifies for M+S (mud and snow) rating. Thus, about 25% of its tread is dedicated for mud and dirt evacuation. 

But on the other side, its void ratio and in turn, mud traction is less than a dedicated mud-terrain tire.

Due to these median tread features,  you can conveniently roam about muddy paths with these tires because its chubby central rib and shoulder lugs dig into mud and wide grooves throw mud outwards while propelling forward.  

Alternatively, scooped shoulder edges also help in mud evacuation while steering.

Moreover, its sidewalls specify dagger shaped lugs which result in greater mud penetrating ability.

All in all, you can get good mud performance from these tires but don’t expect them to be as great as MTs.

Is it for Snow Terrain?

Like mud, the high void ratio of Radar RT also helps it perform efficiently on soft snow. Slush and snow are easily pushed backward through its open lateral grooves as the tire rolls ahead. 

Hence, this tire specifies good self-cleaning abilities and won’t lose traction due to a snow-choked tread. 

Plus, it has multiple sipes on central blocks which help the chew on snowy surfaces because snow can get into these tiny slits and snow-on-snow traction is relatively better than rubber-to-snow traction.

However, on ice or hard-packed snow, its ability is relatively lesser due to a limited contact patch.
Besides that, it is not a 3-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) rated. So, not suitable for extreme winter conditions.

Instead,  Renegade RT+ would be a good replacement which is a 3PMSF tire and suits more for cold weather usage. 

Renegade RT in Rock Terrain

Renegade RT has a good ability to roll across rocky trails due to its aggressive tread and sidewalls. 

Its stepped corners maintain the rigidity and help the tire take’s load effectively, ensuring a firm grip even if the path is steep. 

These tires also have a high load carrying capacity, most of the sizes come with an E or F load rating. Hence, these are pretty robust and you can drop the tire pressure to get better traction without much concern.

To avoid going flat due to hard gravel fragments, it has prominent stone ejectors in its grooves that bounce off small stones and hard fragments, keeping them from clogging and puncturing the tread. 

Furthermore, aggressively designed, robust sidewalls provide chip and scratch resistance. Raised sidewall lugs also enlarge the contact patch and grip when you air down the tire.

On-Road Traction 

Renegade RT has an optimized contact patch, there’s only one rib in the central portion but the blocks are quite large. As a result, it gives you a good on-road grip.

Step-block edges provide structural rigidity, ensuring a stable experience on paved tracks.

Dry handling is relatively better because its large shoulder lugs have high rubber-to-road contact. Thus, it provides precise steering response while taking turns.

When it rolls forward on a wet track, water is removed easily through its broad and deep void. 

Narrow slanted sipes also aid in water removal by action as tiny wipers. Their angled orientation improves the efficiency of wiping action. 

Resultantly, you get a reliable on-road traction from these RTs but not as firm and stable as you may get from ATs like Renegade AT Pro or AT5 which have compact tread patterns.

Durability and wear resistance

Radar Renegade proves to be a durable tire. Its tread construction includes a 3-ply polymer structure, providing stability and temperature resistance.

And its tread pattern also helps to prevent damage as linear stone ejectors, stepped edges, and aggressive sidewalls lugs provide protection from punctures and chips. 

Moreover, this tire faces slower frictional wear as a small surface area of tread comes in contact with the road. 

Owing to the benefit of this wear resistance, it ranks at a high position on the UTQG scale.

UTQG treadwear rating600 A A

Warranty and Price

Omni-United backs its durable RT tire with multiple replacement warranties. 

The limited mileage warranty for Renegade is as long as 45000 miles. If your tires wear more than 2/32 inches, you can file a replacement claim. 

Plus, you get coverage against workmanship defects up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

The feature which gives this tire an edge over other competitors is that it comes with a road hazard warranty as well, covering damages that are not usually accepted for warranty claims. 

However, this warranty is valid for one year after purchase. 

With respect to price, it ranks among mid-tier all-terrain products. Its price usually ranges from $215 to $270 for the tested size (275/55 R20). 

For a tire with efficient off road features and satisfactory durability, this pricing offers good value.

Renegade RT (275/55 R20)
Treadwear  mileage warranty 45,000 miles
Uniformity warrantyFirst 2/32’’
Workmanship defects warranty5 years
Road hazard warranty1 year
Price range$215 to $270

Quick Summary

Radar Renegade RT

  • an rugged-terrain (hybrid) tire.
  • It offers reliable experience on-road.
  • shows good mud and snow traction.
  • offers mediocre ice traction.
  • performs well on rocks.
  • It is a durable tire due to 3-ply construction and lesser rolling friction.
  • Comes with a long mileage warranty and also has the additional benefit of the road hazard replacement warranty.
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