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General Grabber X3 VS BF Goodrich KM3

General Grabber X3 VS BF Goodrich KM3: General Grabber X3 and BFGoodrich KM3 are both Mud-Terrain (M/T) tires that are built for providing enhanced performance during off-roading. Both these tires feature an aggressive tread design with almost equal tread depth but due to a little higher void ratio, X3 performs comparatively better than KM3 while off-roading.

The slightly narrower grooves of KM3 however provide some extra help during on-road and ice traction but apart from that, it performs relatively lower in comparison with other tire. Read more to find how the unique and innovative tread design of the X3 gives it somewhat an advantage over its competitor.

Comparing BFG KM3 with General Grabber X3

BF Goodrich KM3

BF Goodrich KM3

General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3
BF Goodrich KM3


General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3 has an aggressive symmetrical 4 pitch tread design which features large tread blocks with wider and deeper grooves between them, restricting the contact of tread with the ground, causing the tire to lose grip and underperform on-road.

There are full-depth sipes engraved between the tread block which along with the wider grooves allow easy navigation on watery surfaces since they efficiently wipe away the water.

Similarly, these relatively wider grooves are very effective for removing the loose terrain such as mud, soft snow, and gravel, allowing maximum grip hence resulting in a better off-road tire. Multi-angle tread edges are provided for an extra boost in off-road traction as they allow better biting action, making the tire retain its grip even on the most slippery surfaces.

The shoulder stud grooves are exceptionally large which helps in the self-cleaning action of the tire, allowing the mud to easily evacuate through them. This tire is ineffective on ice due to a slightly lower contact patch, making the tire to slip. The bold stone ejectors allow this tire to navigate confidently through the rocks as they prevent the stones from getting stuck inside of its grooves.

It is made up of a highly resistant tread compound along with high-strength steel belts and 3 ply body casing providing the tire with strength and durability to last longer on harsh terrains. The tire is not comfortable on-road due to the loud noise it produces but is recommended for off-road travel due to its impact dampening capabilities.

General Grabber X3
Grabber X3

BF Goodrich KM3 is one of the top tier mud-terrain tires, featuring an aggressive symmetrical 4 pitch tread design with comparatively densely packed smaller tread blocks allowing narrow voids between them, this excels the tire’s performance on-road due to its larger contact patch, providing greater grip.

KM3 Close Up

The narrower grooves and fewer shallow sipes perform well on wet surfaces but are less capable than its counterpart. Narrow grooves are not very efficient in evacuating the loose terrain substances like mud, soft snow, and gravel through the tread.

Its shoulders are wide but are not as wide as that of Grabber X3, allowing a lesser quantity of mud to pass through them, causing the tire to lag on muddy terrain. It has bold stone ejectors but are not comparable to that of its counterpart, putting it behind in rock terrain as well.

Bfgoodrich MT Tread Pattern
Bfgoodrich MT Tread Pattern

The built of the tire is strong, as it is made of robust material used in treads along with 3 ply polyester casing, steel belts, and a single nylon cap.

The tire is relatively quieter on-road whereas, provides a little less comfortable ride off-road.

On-Road Traction Comparison

Grabber X3 On Road Traction
Grabber X3 On Road

The on-road performance of the tire is determined based upon its contact with the road, since General Grabber X3 has a little higher void ratio which decreases its contact patch, hindering its grip, hence its overall, on-road dry traction is reduced. On wet surfaces, the tire excels due to its wider grooves and numerous full-depth sipes allowing the water to easily pass through them, allowing great traction.

BF Goodrich KM3KM3 due to its higher contact patch provides better on-road traction as the higher contact patch allows better grip, therefore, improving its on-road traction. Its wet traction is also reliable but not greater than its competitor due to narrower grooves and fewer shallow sipes.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

Grabber X3 Off Road
Grabber X3 Off Road

X3 certainly leads in mud traction due to its higher void ratio and broad shoulder design providing large grooves between its studs which helps in cleaning the tire by allowing the mud to move through them easily. The tire can effectively bite and remove the mud and allows the vehicle to propagate boldly even in heavy mud.

KO2 on the back, KM3 on drive
KO2 on the back, KM3 on Mud drive

KM3 is a tire equipped with narrower grooves, resulting in lower performance on mud due to the limitations posed by the ineffectiveness of its grooves to efficiently throwback mud and keep the tire moving. Generally, it’s a good tire on mud but may experience some trouble while trying to navigate through heavy mud.

Snow Terrain

Just like mud, X3 is also remarkable on soft snow due to the efficiency of its wider grooves to throwback soft snow, allowing the tire to move forward. The tire, however, is not trusted on ice due to a lack of a decent contact patch, making the tire lose its grip and slip-on icy roads.

KM3 performs well on soft snow but not better than its counterpart since its narrow grooves are not that effective in biting/grabbing soft snow and throwing it backwards, causing its grip to be not that great, hence, providing lower traction on snowy terrain. However, on the ice, this tire is also not preferred due to its higher contact patch but still it performs significantly better compared to the other tire.

Rock Terrain

Stone ejectors decide the fate of tires on rocky surfaces, Both of these tires have decent stone ejectors but X3 due to its bolder stone ejectors leads on rocks. The stone ejectors are necessary for keeping out the stones from the grooves because if they may get stuck, could drill through, puncturing the tire. The tire also has a strong built to resist harsh conditions of rocky terrain along with wider grooves providing extra grip while approaching the rocks through a trickier angle of approach.

KM3 mud action
KM3 off road

KM3 has decent stone ejectors but they are not as bold as that of other tire, which means that its rock traction is lower because the smaller stone ejectors are not efficient in keeping out the stones from the grooves. The tire built is strong enough to handle rocky terrain, but it is weaker than its competitor, decreasing the tire’s performance on rocks.

Durability and Treadwear Differences

X3 has a lower contact patch comparatively, which means a lower amount of force is needed to keep the tire moving. This decreases the tire rolling resistance which in turn reduces its treadwear, allowing greater mileage to be achieved. It is made up of a highly resistant tread compound along with high-strength steel belts and 3 ply body casing providing the tire with strength. The stronger built of the tire further enhanced its treadwear resistance, making it a more durable option.

KM3 due to its higher contact patch lacks durability since higher contact patch is responsible for greater treadwear which leads to lower mileages. It is made of robust material used in treads along with a 3-ply polyester casing, steel belts, and a single nylon cap. The built of the tire is strong but not as strong as to cancel the negative impact of higher rolling resistance. This causes the tire to have lower treadwear resistance hence resulting in a lower durability compared to X3.

Which tire is more Comfortable?

X3 is not a comfortable choice on-road due to its wider grooves which cause the production of loud noises as they trap many air particles when traveling on-road at a higher speed. These trapped air particles strike back and forth against the walls of grooves, producing loud noises. This tire is however effective on the unpaved road due to the ability of wider grooves to effectively dampen the impact of jerks while traveling through an un-even terrain.

KM3 is a little better suited for on-road travel since it has a lower void ratio, allowing a lesser amount of air particles to get trapped inside its narrower grooves which in turn produces less noise, giving the tire edge over its counterpart. While off-roading the tire is not well equipped to handle shocks and jerks since it has narrower grooves which are not effective for dampening the impacts compared to its competitor.

Price Differences

The KM3 is a higher-priced tire due to its ability to navigate well on both on and off-road. The X3 is a more aggressive choice strictly for the off-roading enthusiast, providing a little better performance under a reasonable price tag. Both the tires are remarkable, but the lower price tag certainly puts X3 ahead of KM3.

Quick Summary

  • Both are Mud-Terrain (M/T) Tires.
  • Comparatively, KM3 is better on-road while X3 performs better off-road.
  • The wet traction of X3 is relatively higher due to wider grooves and deeper sipes.
  • X3 excels on soft snow and mud due to the higher void ratio.
  • Ice traction of KM3 is better due to the higher contact patch.
  • X3 has bolder stone ejectors making it perform well on rocks.
  • The durability and mileage of X3 is higher along with better-built quality
  •  KM3 is comfortable on-road but X3 provides better comfort off-road.
  • X3 is a more affordable tire compared to KM3.
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