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General Grabber X3 vs Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

General Grabber X3 vs Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac: General Grabber X3 being Mud-Terrain (M/T) tire is specialized to give exceptional off-road performance and Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac being All-Terrain (A/T) tire focuses on creating an equilibrium between both on and off-road performance. X3 has higher void ratio, having spaced tread blocks which gives excellent off-road traction.

Whereas DuraTrac has lesser void ratio as compared to its competitor which increases it’s contact patch, giving better on-road traction. To study key differences in tread design and performance of these tires in different conditions, keep reading till the end.

Comparing Goodyear DuraTrac with General Grabber X3

Goodyear DuraTrac

Goodyear DuraTrac

General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3
Goodyear DuraTrac


General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3 features an aggressive symmetrical tread pattern with higher void ratio which minimizes its contact with the road. This results in reducing its on-road dry traction, making this tire unsuitable on paved paths.

Wide grooves of X3 assist it to deal with wet conditions as they are functional in wiping away water and providing maximum grip on wet roads. Wide grooves are also effective in wiping out the mud and dirt thus enhancing its off-road performance.

Chamfered blocks, notches and open shoulder design of X3 also aids in providing maximum grip and good handling in mud and loose snow surfaces. In the case of movement on ice the efficiency of this tire is reduced because of its less contact patch.

The functional stone ejectors between the grooves and shoulders of this tire makes it capable to counter the stones that stuck in the tires. Moreover, the strong built of X3 lessens the chances of damage caused by sharp edged rocks. X3 produces more noise as compared to its opponent due to its wider grooves.

General Grabber X3
Grabber X3

Goodyear DuraTrac on the other hand has lesser aggressive tread pattern with precisely arranged tread blocks.

Symmetric tread design compiles with well grooved shoulders and highly angled tread blocks in the center to grant this tire with its best stability on paved paths in wet and dry conditions.

Duratrac Off Road
Duratrac Tread

Also, its zigzag sipes are proved excellent in wiping away water, making it a good choice in rainy seasons. DuraTrac also gives remarkable performance in loose snow and mud as its grooves are effective in wiping out such stuff.

This tire is affiliated with 3 peak mountain snow flake (3PMSF) which indicates that it is specialized to undergo high snow services also.

DuraTrac tread design also bears small holes which allows its efficient movement on ice as well. In the case of noise production many users agree that once these tires get older, they start producing noise and this noise increases with the mileage of the tire.

On-road Traction Comparison

Grabber X3 On Road Traction
Grabber X3 On Road

X3 features higher void ratio, resulting in wide grooves, therefore, reducing the contact patch of the tire with the road. The lesser contact patch increases the braking distance, making this tire not much preferable in dry traction.

However, its wide grooves confirm the evacuation of enough water in wet conditions that this tire performs superbly thus reducing the chance of hydroplaning.

In case of DuraTrac, its lower void ratio increases the contact patch of tire with the road, providing a good grip and enhancing its performance in dry conditions on road. In wet conditions the zigzag sipes efficiently wipes away water, providing excellent grip. Chances of hydroplaning in DuraTrac are minimum so it’s a good choice for wet conditions.

Off-road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

Grabber X3 Off Road
Grabber X3 Off Road

X3 has highly specialized tread pattern designed for providing outclass performance in mud. The wider grooves of X3 are proved much effective in biting mud and throwing it backwards, keeping the tire rolling. X3 also features open shoulder design which improves it’s handling in mud terrain by allowing the mud to pass smoothly through the wide shoulder studs grooves. There are channels for mud evacuation and staggered edges which makes a strong grip of this tire in mud, sand and gravels.

DuraTrac Off Road
DuraTrac Off Road

In DuraTrac, the grooves are deeper and wide enough to bring its superb performance in mud. That is why this tire is much closely related to mud terrain tires. Grooves also provide this tire with numerous biting edges, aiding their performance in mud. Its self-cleaning shoulder blocks are proved effective in wiping out the mud. Moreover, it is studdable to provide traction in severe off-road muddy conditions. Still, along with these features DuraTrac is unable to beat X3 in mud terrain as the grooves of DuraTrac are relatively narrower.

Snow Terrain

X3 carries wider grooves which promotes its traction on soft snow. The wide grooves grasp and throwback the soft snow, allowing the tire to roll smoothly. However, in ice its traction is reduced due to the lower contact patch. Also, the shallower sipes aren’t able to wipe water efficiently, increasing the chances of slipping of the tire.

In DuraTrac, the grooves are deeper and capable enough to wipe away soft snow, providing a good grip in a snowy terrain but not as good as of its competitor due to relatively narrower grooves. It also shows affiliation with 3PMSF which promises its performance in harsh snowy conditions as well. It has more contact patch and the tire tread contains small holes which helps in increasing the grip on icy roads.

Rocky Terrain

X3 has stone ejectors and chamfered block edges which emit the stones/pebbles from getting stuck into the grooves. The wider grooves also function in creating an excellent grip on rocks. The strong built of the tire enables it to resist the damage caused by the sharp-edged rocks, moreover, the ribs protect the sidewalls from the damage offered by the stones and rocks.

DuraTrac Off Roading
DuraTrac Off Road

In DuraTrac, the wide tread blocks cover the edge of the sidewall contributing to an additional layer against the damage offered by the rocks. The stone ejectors of this tire are not as bold as its competitor so the rock particles may get stuck in between the grooves. The comparatively narrower groves of DuraTrac hinder its performance as they aren’t able to bite efficiently the surface and tire cannot grip well on rocks.

Which tire is more comfortable?

As X3 contains wider grooves and higher void ratio therefore, they trap more air into the grooves and air particles strikes from pillar-to-post producing more noise and reducing the on-road comfort of the tire. If we talk about off-road performance of X3, the wide grooves act as shock absorbers and lessens the effect of jerks providing a comfortable cruise.

Goodyear DuraTrac Off Road
DuraTrac on Jeep

DuraTrac however adapt less wide but deeper grooves as compared to X3 therefore trapping enough air to cause discomfort on-road. When it comes about off-roading the same grooves functions as shock absorbers therefore helps in providing a disturbance free journey.

Treadwear and Durability Differences

X3 has lower rolling resistance because it allows only a limited part of its tread in contact with the road. In this way the treadwear of the tire is lowered, increasing its durability. These tires contain special tread compound which provides resistance against chips and cuts. The tread blocks extend down the side wall and integrate with 3 ply constructions to protect the sidewall from sharp edged rocks. Puncture resistance in the case of this tire is also sensational. All these specs functions in increasing the durability and mileage of the tire up to an impressive level.

DuraTrac is excellent in the case of its treadwear and durability. However, a greater part of its tread comes in contact with the ground thus increasing the rolling resistance but still the tread is long lasting. Tread is made up of an all-terrain compound which makes it durable for a longer period of time. Its sidewall is covered by the tread blocks which protects it from chips and cuts offered by the rocks. DuraTrac also contains a rugged tread compound which protects the tread blocks from chunking and tearing especially during heavy loading. It also offers a rim lock which prevents the wheel slip. All these features make DuraTrac more reliable and durable as compared to its competitor.

Difference in Price

X3 being Mud-Terrain tire costs more as they lead DuraTrac in off-road performance whereas DuraTrac being All-Terrain tire focuses on creating a balance between its on and off-road performance.

Quick Summary

  • X3 is a Mud-Terrain tire while DuraTrac is All-Terrain tire
  • DuraTrac is better than X3 on-road whereas X3 gives better off-road performance
  • X3 are proved much more efficient in mud terrain due to its wider grooves.
  • Wider grooves of X3 allows it to dominate in snow terrain as well.
  • DuraTrac is superior to X3 on ice due to its deeper sipes and more contact patch.
  • X3 leads DuraTrac in rocky terrain due to its bold stone ejectors and wider grooves.
  • DuraTrac is more durable than X3 and has a better mileage
  • X3 is costlier due to its extreme off-road performance.
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