Hankook Dynapro MT VS MT2

Mud terrain tires are designed to provide well-balanced performance off the road with a wide range of operating terrain. When we compare the Hankook Dynapro MT and MT2 with each other, the difference is apparent even without measuring them.

The most significant difference between them is their sidewall thickness. The MT2 has beefier sidewalls that can be noticed even when covered with mud. Both tires come with Dura-Tech construction and use M+S labeling. They also share the same load and speed index.

Let’s dive into details. But first, make sure you also check out the Hankook Dynapro other family members as well.

Comparing Hankook Dynapro MT2 with MT

Hankook Dynapro M/T

Hankook Dynapro M/T

Hankook Dynapro M/T2

Hankook Dynapro M/T2
Hankook Dynapro MT2


Hankook Dynapro MT

The Hankook Dynapro MT’s design is based on an all-terrain tire, and it is built with a stronger tread compound to enhance traction in mud, sand, or snow. It has a more aggressive block shape with deeper grooves that provide better drainage. This allows for a more stable and comfortable ride while maintaining traction and mobility. It also has a directional tread design; the lugs face in one direction for better stability while driving straight. This is because the lugs on a mud terrain tire are designed to dig down into the soil, but they have to face in all directions so as not to compromise traction.

Dynapro MT
Dynapro MT Tread Pattern

The MT is available in radial and bias-ply constructions. Radial version is more popular due to its lower price and equal or better performance. It also has a weight advantage of approximately 20 pounds per tire compared to the other version, allowing slightly improved fuel economy.

The Hankook Dynapro MT2 is a tire for moderate to severe winter driving conditions. It has been specially developed with broader steel belts and sipes designed to provide enhanced performance in winter driving environments. Its tread design can be described as a hybrid between a street-oriented all-season and dedicated snow tire, the MT2 tire’s shoulder allows for the snow chains to be mounted. This is because the shoulder design helps to channel the slush away from the tires. MT2 performs better on snow and ice than its predecessor, the Dynapro MT. The newly optimized block arrangement and sipes offer improved snow-holding performance. Interestingly, this tire has been very popular because of its price point.

Comparing On-Road Traction

Dynapro MT
Dynapro MT On Road

A tire with more contact patch will perform better on the road. MT has closely placed blocks and narrower grooves compared to the MT2. Due to the densely placed block more of the area is in contact with the surface of road so it produces more traction. It is also good at wet traction and hydroplaning because of its deep grooves which enable the water to pass through them.

MT2 has a different design, its blocks are placed far apart compared to MT and that’s why it has wider grooves. Due to less blocks the contact patch of the tire is very less and its traction  on the road is bad compared to it competitor. While hydroplaning this tire will perform very well as it has wide grooves to wipe away the water. In coclusion, MT performs much better than MT2 on the road due to its more contact area.

Off-Road Traction Differences

Dynapro MT Tread Pattern
Dynapro MT Off Road

Dynapro MT performs well off-road because of its large block design with deep grooves and directional tread pattern. The traction of this tire is excellent on all types of surfaces, especially snow or sand as it has deep grooves which enable the tire to throw the snow/sand particles backwards and the tire keeps moving with good traction. The side lugs put extra grip to the ground that improves accelerating, stopping, and steering performance. The MT’s shoulders are highly optimized for off-road traction. They are closely packed compared to MT2 and have deep grooves in between them, this improves the handling of the vehicle in different terrains.

MT2 performs pretty good in all kinds of surfaces due to its wide grooves and specially designed shoulder pattern. The wide grooves allow the tire to produce maximum traction on snow, mud or sandy surfaces. As all the snow/mud/sand particles are trapped in the wide grooves and when the tire rotates they are thrown backwards clearing the way of the tire and helping it in moving forward. It also performs exceptionally well in rocky surfaces as it has in built stone ejectors which emit the stones from getting stuck within the grooves and consequently the grip and handling of the tire gets boosted. The MT2 combines an aggressive, blocky off-road pattern with a high-grip compound for excellent traction off the road.

Which tire brings more Comfort?

The Comfort level of both tires is good, even on rough surfaces as they have deep and wide grooves so they work as suspensions as it feel like a lesser inflated tire and the passengers feel very less jerks.. The noise level of the two tires is almost the same, which is known to be a bit loud. This is because bigger grooves increase the surface area for the air to be trapped in between them. So air particles collide with the tire body, creating more noise. The difference between these tires is that MT2 noise level decreases as speed increases, and vice versa with the MT noise level increasing as speed increases.

Which tire has better Durability?

MT tire comes with a lifetime warranty which means it can be used as an enduro tire and everyday driving without sacrificing durability at all. Its material is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions better than most other tires. It can endure from heavy loads and from sharp rocks that often damage the off-road tires.

MT2 performs almost as well as MT but has a higher max load capacity. The durability of the MT2 is slightly lower at 40,000 miles because its rubber compound is softer. The treadwear of both tires is somehow similar. However, the wear rate of MT2 is a slight shorter compared to mt.

Quick Summary

  • Both of these are Mud Terrain tires..
  • MT2 performs much better in snowy conditions than its competitor.
  • MT performs better on the road.
  • If you are looking for a tire that would last longer, then you should chose Hankook Dynapro MT.