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How Much Does a Monster Truck Tire Cost?

How Much Does a Monster Truck Tire Cost?: Monster Truck tire are generally way more expensive than normal vehicle tires, and its not hard to guess why, its all because of its huge size and robust strength that it possesses.

Because of its larger size, it is going to require more rubber material and special considerations in its making that makes it both unique and hard to construct.

This not only makes it expensive but also long lasting.

Keep reading to find out all there is to know about buying a Monster Truck tire.

Cost of Monster Truck Tires

Monster Truck Tires are one of the most expensive tires, they are usually made with first-class rubber that has the ability to withstand harsh conditions of off-road terrains.

Many factors determine the cost of a monster truck tire which includes size, tread-design, quality and brand of the tire.

These tires are way more costly than standard car tires, the price range of each tire normally falls between 1500 dollars to 3000 dollars.

Cost of Monster Truck Tire

The exceeding price of this tire comes from the virtue of its robust material that is specially designed to safeguard itself from the rough and tough conditions of off-roading.

Moreover, its uniquely built tread-design allows it to stand its ground in all sorts of surfaces.

What Makes Monster Truck Tires Costly?

Here, we are going to discuss two things that make the Monster Tire Trucks expensive.

First one is the specification of the tire that includes its shape, size, design etc., and the other one is the scarcity of monster truck tires.

Monster Truck can weigh as much as 10,000 pounds or 4500 kg and they are built with extraordinary strength, precision and accuracy. Its high-quality rubber compound can endure tremendous pressure while not compromising in performance for long time spans.

Furthermore, they exhibit a special V-shape deep tread pattern that makes it capable for off-roading. All of these factors play a vital part in its high price tag.

These tires are not easy to come by because they are not manufactured in abundance as the normal automobile tires.

Since there are not as many Monster Truck divers around the world as simple car drivers, and they require special considerations and heavy machinery to be produced.

Therefore, there is no mass production of these tires which makes them rare. This is also the reason why it’s so expensive.

Where to Buy New Monster Truck Tires

Monster Truck Tires are not typically available for sale on regular tire shops since they are so rare and are specially made for Monster Truck enthusiasts.

It’s hard to track them down on a normal tire shop and even if they are available somewhere, they are very expensive.

Most of the Monster Truck enthusiasts buy these tire over the internet, which saves them a lot of time and effort required to track them down in the nearby tire stores.

There are many online stores where you can buy these tires including SimpleTire, Speedy Tire, Amazon, E-bay. Ali baba etc.

However, it is better to opt for a more specialized tire store like the SimpleTire or Speedy Tire as they specialize in their own domain and may provide a better customer experience.

Why You Should Consider Buying Used Monster Truck Tires

Monster Truck Enthusiasts have to put a lot of their capital in maintaining their passion for adventure and thrill. Spending over a thousand dollars is a lot of investment for new tires, but the good news is that they last very long.

On average, they can last up to 3 years if they are handled with care and properly maintained.

Professional Monster Truck drivers who participate in the Monster Jam or related sports need an early replacement of their tires, as they always want the tire performance at its best.

Therefore, they tend to replace their tires early on which can be reused by other people since they can last very long.

It is not rare to purchase a used Monster Truck tire, normally they cost around 500 to 900 dollars, which is half or quarter the price of a new tire.

Common Monster Truck Tires Manufacturers


Firestone is an American based tire and rubber company, it also specialized in Monster Truck tires, it utilized more thicker tread compound that makes it resilient and reliable.

They have a class of their own and well-known companies like the Bigfoot uses Firestone tires on all of their Monster Truck vehicles.


Balkarishna Industries Limited (BKT) is an Indian multinational tire manufacturing company, it specializes in making one of the best Monster Truck tires and they have been featuring in the Monster Jam for quite some time now.

They make cutting edge tires with a thinner rubber compound and high-strength design which makes them both lightweight and robust.


Matcher is a Chinese based tire manufacturer company, its tires are primarily designed for agricultural purposes but their 66 inch tires can be used on Monster Trucks as well.

End Note

  • Normally Monster Truck tires cost around 1500 to 3000 dollars.
  • They can as long as 3 years if they are used carefully and maintained properly.
  • Used Monster Truck tire are cheaper which cost only 500 to 800 dollars.
  • New Monster Truck tires are hard to come by on local stores, so they are often purchased online.
  • Common Monster Truck tire manufacturers are Firestone, BKT, and Marcher.
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