Michelin Pilot Sport 4s vs Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Both the tires are max performance summer tires, designed to provide improved steering control along with better grip during extreme summer weather. Sport 4s because of its minutely higher contact patch in comparison provides excellent dry traction along with a decent performance in wet conditions as well. It’s better build quality increases its durability.

Sport tire has a slightly high void ratio in comparison that enables it to possess high aquaplaning resistance. The presence of more sipes provide a good wet grip as well. Its mileage is slightly low because of its relatively lower durability.

General Comparison

Michelin PS4S Tread Pattern
Michelin PS4S Tread Pattern

Sport 4s features an asymmetrical design and there is no tread column present in this tire. It does possess three central ribs more than that’s of its rival, these are computerized modeled ribs. The tire consists of four longitudinal grooves which are shallow in comparison. It has broad shoulders containing several lateral grooves that are relatively wider. 

Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tread Pattern
Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Sport as its rival also has an asymmetrical tread pattern. It possesses two ribs with one of the ribs in the center position. This tire possesses several lateral grooves. These lateral grooves on the tread column cut it at a specified angle dividing it into numerous blocks. These lateral grooves are also connected with the longitudinal grooves. It has three longitudinal grooves which are comparatively much deeper. The pressure across the face of the tire is evenly distributed because of its optimized footprint. It also features special Y-shaped sipes on the rib. The outer shoulders feature several lateral grooves which are relatively narrower but are much deeper than its counterpart.

Road Grip Comparison

Michelin pilot super sport
Michelin Pilot Sport

The dry grip of the tire is dependent on its contact patch. Sport 4s although has a minutely higher contact patch but its dry braking distance is surprisingly equal to that of its rival. The dry braking distance of this tire is 78.7 feet which is one of the best among all its other competitors.

In rainy condition, its wet grip is overall good but slightly low than its competitor because of fewer sipes. The wet braking distance of the tire comes out to be 101 feet, which is slightly more than its rival.

The dry grip of the Sport tire is equivalent to that of its counterpart, so both tires will perform equally well on dry tracks.

Due to the presence of specialized Y-shaped sipes, it has a more optimized wet grip than its peer. The wet braking distance of this tire is 95 feet, that is relatively better. 

Handling Comparison of the tires

Michelin PS4S
Michelin PS4S

The lateral grooves present on the shoulders of Sport 4s are relatively wide enabling it to perform well than its counterpart in dry conditions in terms of handling by providing biting edges. The time required by the tire to complete one lap is 29 secs in a dry road which is less in comparison.

However, these grooves on the shoulders are not deep enough making the tire perform comparatively less for handling in wet conditions. The average time required by the tire to complete one round is slightly more, its wet handling time is 32 secs.

The width of the lateral grooves on the ExtremeContact Sport shoulders is slightly less than its competitor.

The time for completion of one round in dry condition is 30secs that is slightly more in comparison. For handling on a flooded road, its performance is much better than its rival due to much deeper grooves on the shoulders.

The wet handling time of the tire is 32 secs marginally lower than its rival.

Comparison of Hydroplaning Resistance

Hydroplaning resistance of the tire is dependent on its void ratio. The void ratio of Sport 4s is comparatively lower. Moreover, the tire also has fewer sipes compared to its counterpart making it to perform slightly less on flooded roads. The narrow grooves will not be able to remove the water effectively, increasing the chances of accidents.

ExtremeContact on the other hand consists of a marginally higher void ratio that increases its hydroplaning resistance. It also possesses special Y-shaped sipes that enable it to provide much more optimized performance for flooded conditions. This makes it highly preferable for such damp conditions.

Comparison of Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance of the tire depends on its contact patch. Both the tires possess almost equal contact patches, so both of them have equal friction with the road.

As both the tires will face almost equal friction, so both require identical force to overcome this friction, which further depicts that they will have the same rolling resistance as well.

Comfort and Noise Comparison

The slightly low void ratio of Sport 4s allows few particles of air to be trapped inside the grooves. Few particles will, therefore, have less movement. This enables the tires to produce low noise when moving at high speed on a paved road.

Sport generates more sound when it travels at high speed. This is because of its slightly wider grooves, which causes more molecules of air to get caught inside them. The presence of more particles will cause more production of sound than that of its rival making the ride a little uncomfortable. But these grooves will prove to be more beneficial for a slightly bumpy road when compared to its competitor.

Durability and Treadwear Differences

The rolling resistance of both tires is identical because of an almost equal contact patch. But Sport 4s is more durable than that of its rival due to better-built quality. The better built-in material causes less wearing of tread making it more durable leading to higher mileage and prolonged life.

The durability of the Sport is less in comparison to its peer. This is because the material being used for its manufacturing is of relatively low quality. For this reason, the tread wear will be higher making it less durable. The less durability will lead to lower mileage and will decrease the life of the tire.

Quick Summary

Both tires were compared with the same size of 245/40 R18 where tread depth of the new Michelin PS4S tire is 9.5/32” and ExtremeContact Sport is 10/32″.

  • Both the tires are max-performance summer tires.
  • Performance of both tires for dry grip is identical because of the almost equal contact patch.
  • Wet grip of Sport is better because of special Y-shaped sipes present on its rib.
  • The dry handling of Sport 4s is marginally better because of optimized shoulder design.
  •  The deeper grooves present on the broad shoulders of Sport enable it to provide better-wet handling.
  • Sport 4s generates less noise at a higher speed.
  • Sport 4s is more durable because of its better built-in quality.
  • Price of Sport is cheaper than that of its rival.