Toyo Open Country M/T vs Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Both are Mud Terrain (M/T) tires. The Toyo M/T is specially designed for off-road enthusiasts, with an adequate on-road aptitude and aggrieve off-road attitude to get through thick and thin conditions. Likewise, the Nitto MT doesn’t fall behind, as it shows off amazing off-road capabilities while being able to maintain good traction on the road.

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Comparing Toyo M/T with Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Toyo M/T


Nitto Trail Grappler

The Toyo Open Country M/T has an aggressive symmetrical tread design with hook-shaped tread blocks. This gives the tire an amazing grip on road along with making it steady and stable to provide a decent comforting ride. The open scalloped shoulders blocks enhance its grip on soft terrains and allow it to move effortlessly on them. Its deep L-Shaped sipes act as wipers to evacuate the water on wet roads to stand its ground more assuredly. In addition to all these features, its over-the-shoulder treads add to its endurance, making it move confidently on the road.

Nitto Trail Grappler GMC
Nitto Trail Traction

On the other hand, the Nitto Trail Grappler MT also has an aggressive symmetrical tread design but with block-shaped tread blocks. Therefore, it also demonstrates great traction on the road while being able to deliver a smooth and comforting ride. The central siping in the tread blocks of Nitto MT allow it to put up with wet condition on the road and ultimately prevent hydroplaning. On top of that, its balanced void ratio and wide grooves allow it to maintain a good grip on soft terrains. Meanwhile, its robust compound makes it agile and durable.

On-road Traction

The Toyo M/T features an interlocking tread pattern with more closely placed tread blocks than the Nitto MT. This gives it an enormous surface area to make contact with the surface of the road to uphold its grip on dry roads. When this tire moves on wet surfaces, its long L-Shaped siping clears the water from its treads to maintain a solid grip on wet roads. Moreover, it contains deep and wide grooves (but just a little smaller than the Nitto MT) that give it amazing water evacuating ability to avoid hydroplaning even when the conditions are extreme. The Toyo M/T has slightly larger shoulders than the Nitto MT which makes its handling and cornering superior.

On the other hand, the Nitto MT also has a high void ratio tread design with sufficient spacing between the blocks. This results in a somewhat reduced Contact zone with the ground (in comparison with the Toyo MT) that decreases its rolling resistance and therefore reduces its grip on the road. Furthermore, it contains deep central siping that gives it a substantial self-cleaning ability to wipe away the water from its treads to move confidently on wet grounds. Its deeper and wider grooves can accommodate more water than the Toyo M/T. This allows the tire to avoid hydroplaning to a greater extent and travel more boldly on wet surfaces. All and all, the Toyo M/T and the Nitto MT both have amazing traction on the road in dry and wet conditions. However, the Toyo M/T performs slightly better than the Nitto MT on dry roads. While the Nitto MT performs marginally better than the Toyo M/T on wet surfaces.

Off-road Traction

On Mud

The Toyo M/T has extensive grooves that enable it to sit deep in mud and excavate the mud with its treads. Thus, allow the tire to move freely on this terrain. In addition to this, it contains open scalloped shoulder blocks that enhance its traction on mud by providing it additional biting force. Even in extreme muddy terrains, this tire can maintain a firm grip due to its deep grooves.

Nitto Trail Grappler GMC
Nitto Trail Off Road

In contrast, the Nitto MT contains even more extensive and deeper grooves than the Toyo M/T. Due to this advantage, the Nitto MT has a better self-cleaning ability. Therefore, it can shovel the mud with a greater aptitude and move across with less effort and more stability. It also features V-shaped sidewall lugs and a balanced void ratio in its grooves that increase its traction on the mud. Consequently, the Nitto MT has moderately superior traction than the Toyo M/T on mud terrains.

On Snow

Two factors play an important part in increasing tire traction on the snow. The first factor is its compound material, which should be insensitive to temperatures. The Second factor is grooves with a good self-cleaning ability. Unfortunately, both of these tires don’t possess the first factor. However, both embody deep grooves that make them optimum for snow traction. First up, the Toyo M/T has deep grooves that facilitate the tire to grab and throw the snow in its path with adequate power. The Toyo M/T continues to grip even in heavy snow. Nonetheless, The Toyo M/T has a light grip on hard snow, this is due to its wide tread design and smaller footprint. Therefore, its traction on hard snow isn’t that great but it’s still better than the Nitto MT.

Secondly, the Nitto MT contains deeper grooves that enable it to plunge the snow in its path with an even greater biting force. Therefore, the Nitto MT executes a somewhat better job on the soft snow than the Toyo M/T. It also has greater performance in severe winter seasons. However, when it ventures to hard snow, it grips less than the Toyo M/T. This is due to its reduced footprint and negligible rolling resistance. As a consequence, the Toyo M/T has a slightly better grip on hard snow. Meanwhile, the Nitto MT has a mildly better grip on soft snow.

On Rocks/Gravels

Rugged terrains like rocks and gravel require sturdy and robust tires to withstand its tough conditions. The Toyo M/T is fabricated from a tough rubber compound, ready to face the harsh conditions off the road. The over-the-shoulder tread covers up the tire to make it more agile and durable.

Nitto MT is constructed from a thick rubber compound that ensures it’s stately against rocks, stones, and gravel. Moreover, its 3-ply sidewall has a high turn-up construction that protects it from abrasions and punctures. In conclusion, both of these tires are vigorously built to tackle harsh terrains.

Tread-wear and Durability

The Toyo M/T has 3-ply polyester with a high turn-up construction which makes it agile and durable. Similarly, it contains over-the-shoulder tread which covers up the whole tire, causing an increase in its strength. It has good tread-wear, owing to its small footprint which decreases its rolling resistance and takes less energy to roll on the road. 

Nitto Trail Grappler GMC
Nitto Trail with cool rims

Conversely, the Nitto MT has a thick rubber compound that enables it to withstand tough terrains. Its 3-ply sidewall with a turn-up construction acts as an extra layer of support to prevent damage to the tire. The Nitto MT has an even smaller footprint than the Toyo M/T. Therefore, it suffers a negligible amount of resistance from the road, making its operation economical and efficient. Therefore, the Nitto MT has somewhat greater tread-wear than the Toyo M/T.

Comfort Level

Considering the comfort level, both the Toyo M/T and Nitto MT are not the best in this domain due to large gaps in their tread designs. The Toyo M/T has large gaps between its blocks that have the tendency to trap air. This trapped air collides between the treads, generating vibrations and noise.

On the other side, the Nitto MT contains larger grooves (than the Toyo MT) which makes it even more vibrant and nosier. Therefore, we can say that Toyo M/T has a greater comfort level than the Nitto MT.

Price Comparison

The Nitto Trail Grappler MT is just a little more expensive than the Toyo Open Country MT. Both of these tires are top-notch Rugged-Terrain tires. The difference in their price is minute, so choose the tire that suits you best.

Conclusion/Quick Summary

  • Both are Mud-Terrain (M/T) tires.
  • The Toyo M/T performs slightly better on dry surfaces and hard snow.
  • The Nitto MT performs marginally better on wet surfaces and off-road terrains.
  • The Tread-wear of Nitto MT is just a little bit greater than the other.
  • The Comfort level of Toyo M/T is somewhat better.
  • The Toyo M/T is a little cheaper.