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Pirelli Scorpion All terrain Plus vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Pirelli Scorpion All terrain Plus vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W: The Falken Wildpeak with its 3W really focused on Wet, Wear and Winter traction, but how would this tire perform against the underrated, Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus?

When it comes to AT category, there are a lot tires, and only a few out of them really provide the best of both worlds, and that includes these two.

These tires make sure that you get the required performance off-road while still keeping things very comfortable on streets.

Let’s check them out.

Starting with their Designs:

Falken Wildpeak AT3w

Falken Wildpeak AT3w

Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus

Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus

The Italian company, Pirelli, made a very great tire here.

It features prominent S shaped blocks surrounded by 2 “J” shaped blocks on sides.

Side Note: Although it looks like a J, these blocks are intended to be shaped P and S, as in abbreviation for “Pirelli Scorpion”.

Central blocks of Pirelli Scorpion All terrain Plus

All these blocks have multiple off set edges and numerous wave-like deep siping.

And to further add to biting edges, the J shaped blocks have notches which face the similar ones on the shoulder blocks.

Other than this, these blocks have reinforced foundations underneath (which Pirelli calls “Groove Cones”), that keeps them firm on roads.

On the other hand, if we look at Falken Wildpeak central design, you get to see more alphabets.

Here Z shaped blocks are surrounded by “C” shaped ones, on all sides.

Falken Wildpeak Z blocks

These blocks also feature foundations, but with a different style, as they are seen with supporting ridges on each blocks, and Z block in the middle also make stepped edges on sides, further aiding to it.

These blocks are prominently separated by wide zig zag circumferential channels which separates the shoulder blocks.

These blocks also make notches and stepped edges on their inner sides (facing the central blocks).

Furthermore, the tire also features dual siping pattern where it’s wave like on shoulder blocks and rectilinear in the middle.

If we look at the shoulder blocks of Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain, the tire features somewhat serrated shoulders where one block barely makes a scoop.

Pirelli Scorpion All terrain Plus Shoulder blocks

It’s shoulder blocks also vary in length and width and this does 2 things, one, it makes different pitch pattern (which dampens the noise), and two, it makes jagged circumferential grooves, which separates the tire’s central area.

Both these blocks also make a texture on the outer edges which help the tire during sidewall flexing.

It also features sidewall lugs for the very same purpose, and although, separated from its shoulder blocks, it still looks similar to Wildpeak.

Where on Falken’s tire, you don’t see staggered shoulder blocks, but they are still pretty aggressive.

Sidewalls of Falken Wildpeak AT3w

These tires are seen with multiple edges on its varying (sizes) shoulder blocks.

Both of them also join together, and form bulkier lugs (which still look quite similar to Scorpion).

And just like the Pirelli Scorpion, this tire also, even with it’s wider lateral channels does not make any designated stone ejectors (which could have helped these tires a lot on gravely roads).

Other design features of these tires:

Pirelli ScorpionWildpeak
Weight33 to 60 lbs35 to 83 lbs
Tread Depth14/32″ (avg)16.4/32″
Available sizes16 to 20″15 to 22″
Sidewall Construction2 ply2 ply
+ polyamide
Load Rating RangeUp to EUp to F
Most sizes on Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain plus have tread depth of 13/32″.

Note: To get the weight perspective of these tires, the Wildpeak E rated tire is 5 lbs heavier than Scorpion AT plus.

Falken Wildpeak features the deepest tread in the All Terrain category.

Traction On Roads:

Pirelli Scorpion on road

Both tires presents a very satisfactory on-road drive in both dry and wet conditions.

Traction is 2 parts (mostly), where you have handling and then grip.

Both of these tires almost show similar dry handling times but the grip of Falken Wildpeak AT3w comes out to be a little better.

Pirelli ScorpionWildpeak
Dry Grip113.9 ft109.4 ft
Dry Handling54.7 s54.7 s
Wet Grip165.2 ft160 ft
Wet Handling67.4 s65.7 s
Noise77 dB75 dB
The Grip of these tires were measured and then averaged stopping from 50 mph. While the handling times are averaged lap times in seconds.

But when it comes to wet roads, Wildpeak takes a lead by a huge margin in terms of grip, where it also again shows better handling times.

The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus although, was great on dry roads, but really lacked in dynamic qualities.

The tire showed very minimal feedback in comparison. Where on Wildpeak, you really understand what the car is doing on them.

If we talk about on road comfort, Falken again shows better efficacy, as the tire makes less on road noise. And with slightly softer compound compared to Pirelli Scropion AT plus, the tire also cushions the bumps in a better way.

Pirelli despite being a really nice rounded tire, and variable pitched shoulder blocks, (which dampens noise), still makes a slightly noisier tire.

But its just on paper, and subjectively, both tires feel equal here.

And yes worth reminding, the Pirelli Scorpion does feature less rolling resistance out of the two, so less fuel consumption is seen on this tire.

Mud Traction Comparison:

AT tires are usually very scared of Mud, as they simply get packed with it rather quickly.

But still comparing these two, they are not that bad, especially with Wildpeak around (which shows slightly better performance in comparison).

The Pirelli Scorpion AT plus does not feature as vigorous varying width/length of shoulder blocks as the Wildpeak, so this tire is not able to make much jagged circumferential grooves in comparison.

These grooves are deeper in Falken’s tire as well, and so this give mud a more easier path to pass through, while its multiple biting edges in the middle cut through the soft surface.

The tire also makes better lateral channels, where on Pirelli Scorpion, its mostly blocked by the “S” block in the middle. So this tire is prone to get packed here.

Also with multiple saw tooth edges on Falken Wildpeak, the tire is a better digger out of the two.

And with bulkier lugs which act as traction scoops, the tire is better able to get out from the “tough situation” in comparison.

What about Rocks?

There’s a myth that All terrain tires can not perform well on rocks, compared to Mud terrains.

Where these tires offer you with more footprint providing more rubber contact with the rocks, which translates in to grip.

But yes, both these tires in question, (like most other AT tires out there) lack in durability, which is a key component when it comes to this type of terrain.

Both tires offer you with 2 ply sidewalls, where Pirelli Scorpion is more vulnerable.

The Falken Wildpeak on the other side, is still protected with its 2 extra layer of polyester which runs around the bead. So this tire is better able to protect the sidewalls.

And aiding to this, the tire also features bulkier lugs which push the (sharper) rocks away and helps the tire during sidewall flexing.

The Pirelli Scorpion on the other side, although have prominent lugs, they are still less bulkier in comparison.

Snow Traction:

Although, both tires are rated with 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake, Falken Wildpeak still gets an upper hand here.

The tire features deeper sipes with two different 3D patterns, where it’s wave-like on shoulder blocks and rectilinear in the central area.

Other than this, it also has a slightly softer silica compound, so with lower temperatures, the tire does not get as stiffer as the Pirelli Scorpion AT plus.

Even in deeper snow, the Falken Wildpeak takes the cake with its deeper tread voids, which trap in more volume of snow in it.

And the trapped snow sticks better on snow (as snowflakes have an interlocking design which sticks on each other, enhancing friction).

What’s the Verdict?

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus shows great performance on dry asphalts with an acceptable wet-roads traction.

But still Falken Wildpeak has an upper hand in almost all sections.

Well, except for the few ones, like the rolling resistance, which is seen better on Pirelli Scorpion.

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