Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus vs Nitto Ridge Grappler

The tires being compared here are Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus which belongs to the All-Terrain family while the other tire is Nitto Ridge Grappler, a hybrid of both All-terrain and Mud-terrain tires.

Scorpion AT plus comes with a unique rectangular based tread pattern along with wide groove spacing that enhances the performance of this tire in rough areas whereas Ridge grappler has relatively narrow groove spacing to provide more contact patch for maximum traction on road. Find more about interesting features of both the beasts below, in detail.

Comparing Pirelli Scorpion AT+ with Nitto Ridge Grappler

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus


Nitto Ridge Grappler

Perilli Scorpion All-terrain comes with an innovatively built five-pitch tread pattern that delivers impressive off-road performance while being confident on asphalt roads as well. Aggressivere groove spacing increases the void ratio to make it a better choice for off-road adventures without compromising the safety and comfort.

Pirelli Scorpion all terrain plus Tread Pattern
Pirelli Scorpion AT+ Tread Pattern

The impressive sipes pattern spread overall the tread blocks works efficiently in wet areas by wiping away the water and maintaining grip with the road. The wider groove spacing assists the tire to evacuate mud, snow, and small stones from the pattern and promotes self-cleaning of the tire. It is suitable for off-road adventures with three peaks mountain snowflake and the M+S (3PMSF) marking.

Nitto has an ingenious tread pattern with the partition of tread blocks at angles. This helps in efficiently increasing the contact patch of the tire while maintaining maximum number of grooves in between the pattern.

Nitto Ridge Grappler on Road
Nitto Ridge Tread Pattern

The comparatively low void ratio increases the surface area of Nitto in contact with the road to provide sufficient grip with the surface without compromising the handling and stability of vehicle. The lower groove spacing decreases the rolling resistance thus, decreasing the braking distance and improving its efficiency while going at high speeds. The sipes pattern works impressively in wet conditions and wipes away the water to maintain required traction. The hybrid tread design makes the tire quieter and provides a comfortable ride on highways, while bold sidewall lugs and aggressive shoulders improve the off-road performance.

On-Road Traction

The tire with more contact patch will provide better on-road traction. Scorpion has relatively wider tread blocks allowing a decent contact patch but the wider spacing between the tread pattern reduces the surface area in contact with the road to some extent as compared to its competitor.

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus
Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

This gives a negative impact to the tire while going at high speeds as the grip and handling of the tire are compromised and the braking distance is increased. However, the wider grooves give this tire an edge on wet surfaces as the 3D sipes technology wipes away the water and cleans the tire to maintain maximum grip in slippery conditions.

The dynamic tread design of Nitto favors it on asphalt roads. The increased contact patch enhances the grip on dry roads road. The lower void ratio reduces the rolling resistance and improves its efficiency at higher speeds.

Nitto Ridge Tread Pattern

The densely packed tread blocks ensure a smooth and comfortable drive on highways under dry conditions. The wet performance of this tire is also not disappointing as the deep sipes perpendicular to the grooves play their role in wet conditions to maintain traction with the road.

Both the tires give an adequate performance on highways and paved roads but Nitto having more contact patch provides a more comfortable and reliable ride in dry conditions, but Scorpion performs slightly better in wet conditions.

Off-Road Traction

Pirelli Scorpion all terrain plus close up
Scorpion AT+

On Mud

The groove spacing along with the width of shoulders is the primary source of determining the off-road characteristics of a tire. Scorpion is dominant in mud terrains as the higher void ratio allows smooth navigation through the swamp by throwing chunks of mud backward and clearing the path of the tire to move forward. This prevents the tire from getting stuck and keep rolling in one place as the wide grooves do not let any mud get stuck in between them

Nitto performance in mud terrains is just fine due to its decent void ratio allowing self-cleaning of the tire in mild muddy swamps. The prominent shoulder design improves its mud traction to some extent by evacuating the mud and clearing the path for the tire. The tire can be used in light mud surfaces, but its grip and handling might be compromised in extreme mud conditions as the soft mud could fill up the narrow grooves leading the tire to get stuck.

Scorpion is more suitable in muddy terrains due to its high void ratio and wider tread pattern as compared to Nitto.

On Snow

Scorpion does not have to struggle much while navigating through soft snow areas as the wider groove channels swiftly move the tire forward by biting the soft snow and scooping it out efficiently. The higher void ratio does not let any snow get filled up between the rectangular-shaped tread blocks and provides maximum traction. However, the efficiency of this tire is not so prominent on ice as it has a limited contact patch.

Nitto struggles a bit in soft snow surfaces as it has a relatively lower void ratio in the tread pattern. Its grooves are not wide enough to effectively scoop out all the snow which makes it not the perfect fit for soft snow. More contact patch, however, favors in icy conditions as numerous tread blocks along with efficient sipes pattern provide maximum grip and smooth navigation.

On Rocks

The toughness and rigidity of the tire along with the presence of stone ejectors make it favorable in rocky areas. Scorpion is built with robust compound material that makes the tire sturdy to withstand rocky terrains. The bold stone ejectors along the edges of tread blocks do not let any stone get stuck in the grooves. The higher void ratio also assists in the self-cleaning of the tire.

The dynamic tread design favors Nitto in mild rocky areas to some extent as the cut pattern of tread blocks helps in maintaining traction with the rough roads and propagate well while the stone ejectors help in clearing out stones and pebbles getting stuck in the grooves. Although this tire comes with stone ejection feature, but it is advisable to not use this tire in extremely rough conditions as the stones could get stuck in the narrow grooves channel causing stone drilling which could lead to permanent damage of tread blocks.

Scorpion is more preferred in rocky terrains as wider grooves will provide better grip and handling while propagating through the uneven surface.

Driving Comfort

Scorpion comes with relatively wider grooves which compromises the comfort on paved roads. Due to the high void ratio, the air gets trapped inside the grooves of the tire and strikes the walls of tread blocks back and forth which makes the tire noisier. The wide groove channel does not favor this tire much while going at high speeds and compromises comfort.

When it comes to a smooth and comfortable ride, Nitto will not disappoint you. The exclusive tread design makes the tire quieter than its competitor and provides a more pleasant ride. The advanced 3D simulation technology in Nitto makes the tire virtually inaudible and does not let it produce much noise while going at high speeds. 

Durability and Treadwear

Scorpion provides an aggressive tread pattern along with a bold sidewall design to favor off-road conditions while maintaining sufficient on-road traction. It features bold conical stone ejectors for efficient self-cleaning while preventing stone drilling and damage to the tire. The wide groove channel delivers excellent mud and snow traction by clearing the path of the tire without much struggle. The robust compound significantly enhances the durability of the tire and provides a mileage of about 60,000 miles which is quite impressive.

Nitto comes with a dynamic cut pattern tread design with a 3-Ply sidewall construction which makes the tire tough and durable. The blocks are composed of an additional layer of thick. Nitto tire is exceptionally built to provide features of both All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain tires and give an overall satisfactory performance. This compromises the treads life of this tire to some extent. More tread patch leads to more treadwear which reduces its span. These tires offer a mileage of around 40,000-45,000 smooth miles which is not bad but it is less than its competitor.


Nitto is costlier than Scorpion as it provides excellent on-road traction while delivering sufficient off-road features. Scorpion is better off-road but the performance on paved roads is not so impressive due to less contact patch.

Quick Summary

  • Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus is an All-terrain Tire while Nitto is a hybrid of both All-terrain and Mud-terrain tires.
  • Nitto performs significantly better on paved roads where more speed is required.
  • Scorpion has more wide grooves which favor it in mud and snow terrains.
  • Nitto provides a more comfortable ride and better handling on road at high speeds.
  • Nitto is a bit costlier than Scorpion due to its exceptional on-road capabilities and adequate off-road performance.