Atturo Trail Blade AT Review

This all-terrain tire provides an optimized traction while travelling on paved road as well as going off track. Its aggressive design let it roll efficiently through muddy or snowy paths.

Moreover, its deep channels offer enhanced protection from slipping off on a wet road.

Environment-friendly tread composition gives it an edge over other tires in the market.

On top of it all, its sturdy carcass and high-ply sidewalls render it long lasting and damage resistant.

Atturo Trail Blade AT is an all-terrain tire with enhanced on-road grip and cornering efficiency, especially its aquaplaning resistance is very high. It offers moderate performance in off-road terrains and comes with a mileage warranty of 50,000 miles from the manufacturer.

Let’s take a closer Look

 Trail Blade AT
Tire typeAll-terrain
UsageOff-road, on-road
Three-peak mountain snowflake rated (3PMSF)No
Tested sizeLT30x9.50 R15
Tread depth15/32-inch
Section width9.5 inches
Maximum inflation pressure50 psi
Maximum load capacity1985 Ibs
Load/ speed rating104 S
Approved Rim Width6.5 – 8.5 inches
Overall diameter29.5 inches

Overview of Tread pattern

Atturo Trail Blade Tread Pattern

Trail Blade AT shows a semi-aggressive design characterizing three rows of circumferential blocks.

Two out of these three rows are made of large blocks with curve edges and traction notches while the central rib is formed by small blocks with stepped and interconnected edges.

Due to these features, contact patch and biting ability of the tire is effectively increased, resulting in good on-road grip.

Among these ribs, it has four broad grooves running longitudinally and various curved lateral grooves.

Its shoulders are formed by broad, squared lugs connected with each other through raised tie bars which also act as stone ejectors besides increasing the rubber-road contact of the shoulders.

All blocks of Blade AT specify multiple full-depth, crisp, and jaded sipes.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

 Trail Blade AT
Mud tractionModerate
Snow tractionModerate
Ice tractionModerate
Rock tractionModerate- high

Mud Terrain

Trail blade can roam about mud terrain reliably as its deep grooves and aggressive tread pattern provides a stable traction mud.

With raised tread blocks and large voids in between, this tire shows good biting ability on mud-covered surfaces as the loose debris and mud quickly find a way out the tread.

Curved grooves make the evacuation process further easier.

Its shoulders enable the drivers turn about their trucks and jeeps over mud as large lugs with deep void among them provide reliable steering traction.

However, lack of scooping feature reduces its cornering ability in mud to some extent as compared to other off-road tires.

Hence, it is suitable for relatively lighter loads of muds.

Snow Terrain

Like mud, Atturo AT also performs well at soft snow and the credit goes to its deep grooves.

High void ratio renders its biting ability high and various curved horizontal grooves offer easy evacuation to snow.

Resultantly, this tire cleans its pathway as well as its tread automatically, while moving forward. In this way, its grooves are not choked with snow and it does not lose its traction.

Likewise, its ice traction is reliable due to high aquaplaning resistance.

However, we cannot regard these tires suitable for travelling in areas with high snowfall or extremely low temperature because it does not have a three peak mountain snowflake rating (3PMSF).

Rock Terrain

We also analyzed Trail Blade AT for its ability to roam about rocky trails.

In rock terrain, its strengthened sidewalls and robust internal structure make it a good choice as it can withstand the harsh terrain risks (like gravel puncturing and scratches from hard and uneven surfaces on the slopes).

3-ply strong sidewalls also provide it directional stability required to roll upside steep slopes.

Moreover, its aggressive tread with stepped edged blocks and traction notches also exhibit good grip on rocky surfaces.

Although it does not have prominent stone ejectors in its grooves yet stepped edges and tie bars among blocks act as stone bumpers and toss off small gravel particles that can penetrate in tread rubber, leading to punctures or uneven wear.

However, if you strike a lot of gravel, absence of prominent stone ejectors can become a problem.

On-Road Grip and handling performance

Trail blade provides a good grip over the dry road as its contact patch is optimized by design of central ribs.

Alternative arrangement of large curved-edged blocks and small interconnected blocks result in an enhanced rubber-to-road contact, leading to firm on-road grip of the tire.

Plus, the stepped edges of central rib and traction notches on side blocks increase the biting edges, allowing the tread to grip more strongly on the paved path.

When it come to wet grip, this tire offers even better performance owing to the benefit of its deep tread and curved-profile of lateral grooves.

With up 15/32’’ depths, its grooves have enormous water-holding capacity and their curved design efficiently channels water outward.

Thus, tread can easily maintain its grip over the wet path.

 Trail Blade AT
Dry GripModerate- high
Wet GripModerate-high

Handling ability of Trail AT on dry pavements is appreciable as compared to other aggressive tires and the credit goes to its broad shoulder lugs.

These large sized blocks clutch the surface firmly when tire is rotated while turning and all the pressure comes on its shoulders.

Likewise, this tire sustains its steering performance when you are driving on a wet road due to deep shoulder voids and full-depth, jaded sipes.

The deep channels suck the water below tread, ensuring that shoulder blocks can maintain a consistent connection with road.

Besides that, thin and crisp sipes provide an efficient wiping ability to help grooves in water removal, resulting in precise handling responses.

 Trail Blade AT
Dry HandlingModerate- High
Wet handlingModerate- High
Hydroplaning resistanceHigh

Hydroplaning Resistance

Atturo Trail prevents hydroplaning very effectively by taking advantage of its curved, deep grooves and crisp, jaded sipes.

Its voids accommodate a large quantity of water and the arc-shaped design of its lateral grooves results in smooth evacuation of water from tread in backward direction.

Plus, multiple sipes are marked over its blocks for wiping water from the road.

As a result, the water layer that forms over the pavement after rainfall is effectively removed and tread rubber can establish a firm contact with the road surface.  


With respect to on-road comfort, Trail Blade gets a moderate score.

It does produces a slight ‘hum’ as its deep grooves have enough room for air circulation but its noise production is markedly lesser than other off-road tires as wind currents cannot move straight across its circumferential grooves.

Instead, sound is dampened in its curved channels, reducing the loudness of tire noise.

Similarly, this tire ranks at a mid-position for driving comfort.

Enhanced biting edges and optimized contact patch allows comfortable driving on the road in comparison with many all-terrain tires out there but its traction is relatively lower than dedicated road tires (like all season and summer tires).

Durability and Treadwear

Tread of Trail Blade is formulated using hydrocarbon-free oil which makes it eco-friendly as it does not add greenhouse pollutants to the environment.

Besides that, its tread specifies a robust rubber polymer, making it remarkably durable. The internal structure of tire also enhances its longevity as it includes a rim protector and 3-ply sidewalls.

Due to these construction features, Atturo certifies that tire will last at least 50,000 miles otherwise you can claim a limited warranty.

Furthermore, the company gives uniform wear warranty for first 2/32’’, terms and conditions applied.

 Trail Blade AT
Treadwear mileage warranty50,000 miles/ 3 years
Uniformity warrantyFirst 2/32’’
Workmanship warranty3 years

Quick Summary

Atturo Trail Blade AT:

  • Is an all-terrain tire.
  • Offers optimized traction on road.
  • Shows reliable performance in light mud and snow but not suitable for extreme off roading.
  • Presents a good aquaplaning resistance.
  • Its strengthened internal structure suits rock terrain driving very well.
  • Is durable enough to provide 50,000 miles prior to treadwear.
  • Priced in a moderate range compared to other all-terrain options.