BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A vs KO2

KO2 is an All-Terrain tire while its competitor is Trail Terrain tire, they are built to perform well both on and off-road. However, the Trail Terrain T/A offers a smooth and controlled driving experience on the roads due to its narrower grooves and numerous 3D sipes.

On the other hand, the performance of KO2 is superior on muddy, snowy, and rocky terrains due to its wider grooves and strong stone ejectors.

To find out which tire offers better comfort and durability, make sure you stick right till the end!

General Comparison

BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A
BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A

Featuring full-depth 3D sipes and an optimized footprint design, Trail Terrain is built to provide excellent on-road and off-road performance. This tire features two outer shoulders and numerous central blocks separated by narrow longitudinal and lateral grooves running around the tread. In addition to this, the shoulders of this tire are closely-packed and the shoulder lugs are also dense. Just like its central part, there are numerous 3D sipes found on the shoulder blocks as well.

KO2 on the left and KM3 on the right
Ko2 on the left

KO2 consists of a serrated shoulder design that provides incredible performance off-road. The shoulders of this tire are broad and the shoulder lugs are also larger in comparison. There are numerous blocks found in between the shoulders and all of them are separated by relatively wider grooves found all over the tread. However, the sipes found on the tread pattern are not as effective as the Trail Terrain T/A. Therefore, there is a huge difference in performance between both the tires when it comes to hydroplaning resistance and icy terrains.

On-Road Traction Comparison

When it comes to on-road dry traction, the Trail Terrain provides a superior experience due to its narrower grooves and closely positioned tread blocks. This leads to a better grip and a lower braking distance. Talking about the wet conditions, the tire needs to wipe a decent amount of water to maintain its traction and avoid hydroplaning. This tire impressed us with its wet traction performance as well. The 3D sipes found on the central part and the shoulders are quite deep and numerous.  This allows a decent amount of water to pass through its tread resulting in a lower braking distance and excellent gip.

BF Goodrich KO2 black helix

In the case of KO2, it has wider grooves and larger tread blocks as compared to its competitor. This is what causes the minimum contact between the surface area of the tread and the road. As a result, the overall traction of the tire on dry roads is reduced and the braking distance is also higher. In addition to this, the wet traction of this tire is also reduced by fewer and less effective sipes on the tread. The sipes will not prove to be effective in wiping away the water and this might result in hydroplaning in extreme weather conditions.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

Mud Traction of tires

Since Trail Terrain features narrower grooves, the mud traction capability of this tire is hindered. The narrower grooves will not be able to effectively remove the mud from its tread and as a result, mud will be accumulated within the grooves. Not only this, but there is a high chance that the tire is turned into a slick.

On the other hand, the performance of KO2 is incredibly effective in the mud because of its higher void ratio. Its wider grooves will work incredibly well in the evacuation of mud by throwing it backward. In addition to this, the wide shoulder design of these tires further enhances their performance by offering easy passage for the evacuation of mud. This is what makes the KO2’s performance second to none in muddy terrains.

Snow Terrain

Talking about the Trail Terrain performance on soft snow, it is a bit ineffective as compared to its counterpart. That’s because the narrower grooves of these tires do not allow the effective evacuation of soft snow. As a result, there is a huge chance that the grooves will be filled by the snow and the tire will lose its grip. However, their ice traction is superb because of the higher contact patch and numerous 3D sipes. This will allow the vehicle to move confidently on icy roads.

Coming to the KO2’s performance, it can effectively maintain its grip on soft snow because of its wider grooves. These grooves help the tire in thrusting the soft snow backward and moving forward. But, the vehicle might face problems on icy roads because of the lower contact patch of these tires.

Rocky Terrain

The Trail Terrain T/A’s performance lags a bit behind on rocky terrains as it is not equipped with bold stone ejectors. As a result, the tire will be unable to protect itself in harsh conditions and become vulnerable to rocks and pebbles. That’s why we would advise you not to take the vehicle on rocky terrains.

On the flip side, the bold stone ejectors found in KO2 make the tire’s performance unparallel on rocky terrains. The strong stone ejectors are fully capable of throwing away the stones and pebbles from the grooves. This will not only reduce the chances of puncture but will also protect the tread from damages such as cuts and chips.


Due to the lower void ratio of the Trail Terrain T/A, lesser air particles will be trapped inside its grooves. As a result, the noise will be dampened while driving the vehicle at high speed. However, when it comes to unpaved paths, the grooves of the tire are not wide enough. So, it will not be able to absorb the jerks as effectively as its competitor. Hence, this will decrease the off-road comfort of this tire.

In contrast, KO2 features a higher void ratio in comparison. Thereby, there will be more space for the air particles to travel inside its void. The trapped air will then strike against the walls and as a result, a loud sound will be produced while driving at a higher speed. So, the on-road comfort of these tires will reduce significantly. On the other hand, due to the wider grooves, the users will get a comfortable ride during off-roading. That’s because the grooves will absorb all the jerks and bumps while traveling over a rough path.

Durability & Treadwear

The durability of the tire is mainly dependent upon its treadwear. The higher the rolling resistance, the faster the treadwear rate will be. Here, the rolling resistance of the All Terrain T/A is higher because of its narrower grooves. So, the tire will require more energy to roll on the road and as a result, its tread will deteriorate faster as well. Furthermore, the built of these tires does not allow better treadwear resistance as it is not much strong. When all of these factors are combined together, the drivers will get a lower mileage as well.

Conversely, the rolling resistance of the KO2 is lower as compared to its competitor. So, its tread will wear out slower as well. The durability of these tires is further enhanced by their excellent built. They are constructed using cuts and chip resistance compound along with high-quality internal components which increases the treadwear resistance. All of these characters make the KO2 an incredibly durable tire along with excellent mileage.


When it comes to the price of both tires, KO2 is a higher-priced option due to its off-road performance and durability. So, the higher price of these tires is totally worth it! On the other hand, the Trail Terrain delivers excellent on-road traction and comfort without burdening your pockets. In the end, it all depends upon your needs and preferences.


  • On-road traction of Trail Terrain is better.
  • KO2’s performance is superior on mud, soft snow, and rocky terrains.
  • Trail Terrain performance is better on icy terrains.
  • The on-road comfort of the Trail Terrain is better and the off-road comfort of KO2 is more effective.
  • KO2 is a more durable option due to its lower rolling resistance.
  • Trail Terrain T/A is a lower-priced tire.