BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A vs KO2

Both all terrain tires are built to perform well on all sorts of terrains, however with BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A, the company is more focused on the tire’s on road performance, as they provided it with narrower grooves and numerous 3D sipes.

But still, the tire could use some on road wet traction, as you’ll see below. As the wet handling times were better with BFGoodrich KO2, which is more aggressive off the two.

And at the same time, it was not surprising to see a superior off-road traction of KO2, with its bolder stone ejectors and 3 ply polyester sidewalls.

Let’s check out these tires in detail.

Design Overview of Both Tires:

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the BFG Trail Terrain comes with a continuous shoulder ribs with a lot of siping and deep notches, in between.

BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A
BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A

These siping marked with red below, go all the way deep down to the tread base (just like the BFG KO2), and they resemble the ones in the middle.

BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A Tread Close up

In the center of the tire, you’ll see an optimized footprint design (blue-colored), with 3 blocks split in half and further divided by sipes making the smaller ones wiggle a lot (which can cause wear).

Other than this, the triangular shaped stone ejectors can be seen in the middle but the ones in the shoulders are missing due to the tires continuous sides.

On the other side, with combative design of BFG KO2, the tire offers three rib blocks in the middle with similar depth but bolder siping with a lot of notches on them.

BFG KO2 zoomed in
You can also see similar triangular shaped stone ejectors (pink) besides the prominent ones between the shoulder blocks.

These notches get even more aggressive on the shoulders (marked with green) where one is lateral and the other one is at an angle.

Both shoulder blocks (although serrated like the Trail Terrain) join together to form a tougher looking sides and combine with 3 ply sidewalls, the tire comes out more durable out of the two.

KO2 off road

Looking at the Ko2’s aggressive design, it would would make more sense, if the Trail Terrain T/A performs better on road. But things are a little different.

FYI: The tread design of KO2 looks exactly like the General Grabber ATX.

On-Road Traction Comparison

No matter how much on road oriented this tire may seem, the Trail Terrain did not perform as one would expect.

Sure, with the tire’s narrower grooves and continuous shoulder ribs the tire was marginally better. And makes more contact with surface its on, compared to KO2’s wider grooves. But it’s dry on traction was only marginally better than the KO2. And Wet traction was lower.

And even with all that 3D siping, and more contact with the road, the tire was not able to outperform its bigger brother here in both wet handling and grip tests.

BFG KO2Trial Terrain
Wet Handling85.7 s (better)86 s
Wet Braking212 ft (better)224 ft
Dry Handling65 s65 s (same)
Dry Braking160 ft153 ft (better)
Both tires were tested with the same size,

Disclaimer: Both tires were tested at different times but with the same sizes and same weight/vehicle. The results can vary.

Off-Road Traction with these tires:

Looking at the BFG Trail Terrain’s on road performance, you might wonder what’s so different about these tires then?

Well, the thing is BFG tired to make this an on-road oriented tire but I would personally use this tire off road more.

BFG for some reason ends up making great off road tires.

Mud Traction of tires

Since Trail Terrain features narrower grooves, you can’t expect the same performance out of this tire when on mud lets say, compared to KO2. But other than that, these tires performed equally as good on gravel and dirt.

We were a little skeptical when we first analyzed its tread as it seemed pretty soft but it provides excellent cut resistance combined with great dirt and gravel traction even with high speeds.

But still overall, the tire can’t outperform the KO2 (and of course you saw this coming). KO2s are simply more aggressive.

With multiple variations of cuts on shoulders and notched central blocks with interlocking design the tire is able to shed more dirt and mud out of its way.

The bold stone ejectors on the shoulders (missing in the Trail Terrain) expel more mud out of the tire that would otherwise lodge in the tire tread.

And the 3 ply sidewalls of KO2 provides better safety against sharp rocks and thorns that can pierce the 2 ply sidewalls of the other tire here.

But on snow, Trail Terrain does not disappoint at all and really makes up for the wet traction. The 3D sipes here are very effective and work in a similar manner like the KO2. Both of these tires are branded with 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rating.

FYI: Still a better pick for mud traction is Goodyear DuraTrac, (compared with KO2).

Why get Trail Terrain over KO2?

Okay so we learned that the Trail Terrain are not so good on road. But should you consider them for off road? And if so, why not get a better off road performance with KO2?

Well, the thing is Trail Terrain still provide you with better on road comfort and a great “mild” off road performance.

And it might be less durable here but with lighter design (in comparison) the tire is able to give you with minimal rolling resistance so you don’t have to spend so much on fuel like you do with full on All Terrain tires.

These tires would also cost you lesser compared to KO2.

End Note:

If the BFG KO2 is a bit too much for you and you are mostly staying on road, then you should check out the Trail Terrain, you’ll get a good on road traction (especially on dry) and a good mileage combined with a comfortable ride.

Otherwise, the good old BFG KO2 would never disappoint with its off road capabilities while still providing on road comfort.

Compare BFG KO2 with other AT tires:

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