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Firestone Destination AT vs Goodyear Adventure

Firestone Destination AT vs Goodyear Adventure: Whether it’s about smooth on-road or bumpy off-road rides, both these AT tires are proved credible. Here Destination is an effective tire in all conditions and gives a comfortable journey from paved highways to rugged steep hills.

And the unique tread design of Goodyear Wrangler also grants it maximum traction on paved and unpaved paths.

Although both tires are much alike in their construction and features, they show differences in groove width and treadwear ratio.

Comparing Tread Designs of these tires

Firestone Destination A/T

Firestone Destination A/T

Goodyear Adventure

Goodyear Adventure
Firestone Destination AT


Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain Adventure

The Firestone Destination AT shows a symmetric 5-pitch tread design with precisely arranged tread blocks which allow it to be classified as an All-Terrain tire.

The 5-pitch tread design of this tire offers a higher void ratio than that of its competitor so it is a better choice for on-road dry traction.

In wet conditions, the resulting narrower grooves do not wipe away water as efficiently as its counterpart.

This tire is not much effective in muddy conditions and on soft snow as it features narrower grooves that remove such stuff less efficiently but on ice the lower void ratio of this tire grants it better traction.

The stone ejectors are functional in guarding tire tread against the sharp-edged rocks.

However, the stone ejectors of Destination are not capable enough to beat Wrangler on rocks.

Side Note: Also check out the Firestone Destination XT.

Firestone Destination AT

Moreover, this tire is covered by the spiral nylon wrap which prevents deformation.

The steel belts and polyester cord prohibit treadwear of the tire and increase its durability.

This tire is comparatively more comfortable on-road as it allows a greater contact patch, increasing the tire grip.

The tread design of Goodyear Wrangler, on the other side, is also symmetric but 4-pitched with tread blocks placed at specific angles, which allows this tire to give excellent performance in every condition.

Goodyear Adventure Tread Pattern
Wrangler AT

This tire has a comparatively higher void ratio due to its broader grooves. The higher void ratio results in lower traction on dry paved paths but the wider grooves wipe away water more effectively, making this tire comparatively better in wet conditions.

The wider grooves grant this tire better traction on muddy and snowy terrain but on ice the same wider grooves lower the tire grip, making it more slippery.

The bolder stone ejectors of this tire prevent the adherence of small stones into the tread and wide grooves increase the grip on rocks, so, Wrangler is superior to Destination on rocky terrain.

The rugged rubber compound increases the durability of the tire by making it resistant to chips and cuts.

The broader grooves of this tire reduce the effect of jerks more efficiently, therefore, this tire is more comfortable off-road.

On-Road Traction Comparison

Destination features comparatively narrower grooves, which increases the contact patch and tire grip on dry roads.

So, this tire is a better option in dry-traction. However, in wet traction, the narrow grooves and less efficient sipes of this tire do not evacuate water effectively.

Wrangler comes with a comparatively higher void ratio and wider grooves, which reduces its contact patch and grip with the road thus increasing the braking distance. Therefore, this tire is not much effective on dry paved paths. However, the broader grooves and deeper sipes of this tire provide maximum traction on wet roads, making it a comparatively better choice in wet conditions. 

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Goodyear Wrangler Adventure
Goodyear Wrangler Adventure

Firestone Destination has comparatively narrower grooves which are less effective in muddy conditions.

The narrower grooves can easily get stuffed with mud, and snow, making this tire more slippery in those terrains.

Moreover, the shoulder grooves are less wide that may trap more mud/snow particles in them, making this tire comparatively less efficient here.

On the other hand, the Wrangler features comparatively wider grooves which are excellent in grabbing the mud and thrashing it backward, granting sensational traction in mud.

Moreover, the open shoulders of this tire allow the mud to pass smoothly through them, so, it is a better choice when it comes to soft mud/snow.

Speaking of these tires on rocks/gravel.

The stone ejectors of Destination are functional but less bold than that of Wrangler to guard the tire efficiently against rocks.

Also, the grooves of the former are comparatively narrower so this tire is less tractive on rocks. The rocks will get stuck into the grooves which results in the loss of efficient grip.

However, this tire has adapted features to improve its performance over rocks just like spiral nylon wrap which protects the tire from abrasions that may be offered by the unusual blunt-edged rocks.

Wrangler features bold stone ejectors giving it an edge to efficiently hinder the small stones from getting stuck into the grooves.

The comparatively wider grooves of Wrangler put it ahead of its competitor in providing excellent grip over the rocks.

Durawall technology is also introduced in this tire to prevent sidewall punctures which may be offered by blunt-edged rocks.

Which Tire is more Comfortable?

The void ratio of Destination is comparatively lower, allowing greater contact with the road, so, it is a better choice for an on-road experience.

The narrower grooves of this tire trap lesser air into them and reduce the to-and-from movement of air particles.

So, this tire is quieter on-road as compared to its counterpart.

However, these characteristics reduce the off-road comfort of the tire as narrow grooves are less efficient in damping the effect of jerks, giving a bumpy ride.

Wrangler featuring comparatively higher void ratio and wider grooves trap more air into them and when this trapped air rushes out it produces a loud noise.

So, this tire is noisier as compared to its counterpart.

Yet, the broader grooves of Wrangler are more effective to give a jerk-free ride off-road. As this tire lessens the effects of jerks more prominently so is a better choice for off-roading.

Treadwear and Durability Comparison

The comparatively higher contact patch of Destination increases its rolling resistance and contact patch with the road. In this way, the wear of the tire is increased which reduces its vitality.

However, this tire is less durable as compared to its counterpart but it also offers many features which aid in increasing its durability to some extent.

The tread compound of this tire contains carbon black which is in a long link and specialized to increase the overall tread life.

Moreover, the steel belts and polyester cords also help in increasing the durability of the tire.

Wrangler features a comparatively higher void ratio and wider grooves, so, the contact patch of this tire is reduced. Lower rolling resistance reduces the treadwear of the tire, making it more durable.

Moreover, this tire offers Kevlar Reinforced Layer which provides resistance against puncture.

To Conclude:

  • Both tires are All-Terrain.
  • In the case of on-road traction, Destination due to its greater contact patch is a better choice.
  • In mud, Wrangler is a better option because it features wider grooves.
  • The wider grooves allow Wrangler to lead its competitor on soft snow
  • Destination performs better on ice due to its lower void ratio.
  • The wider grooves and bolder stones ejectors of Wrangler allow it to perform better on rocks.
  • Wrangler is more durable and provides better mileage.
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