General Grabber X3 vs Toyo MT

General Grabber X3 and Toyo Open Country MT are both mud-terrain tires that provide effective performance off-road. However, the performance of the Toyo MT on soft snow terrains is better than X3 due to its relatively wider grooves.

On the contrary, General Grabber offers better comfort on road due to its less wide grooves. Intrigued to know more about the performance of these tires? Let’s compare both of them in detail below.

Comparing Toyo Open Country M/T with General Grabber X3

Toyo M/T


General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3 is a mud-terrain and all-season tire. Even though it is a mud-terrain tire, it performs better than Toyo MT on road due to its narrow grooves and wider sipes. Also, the higher contact patch and deep sipes of the tire would result in a better traction on icy terrains. The narrower grooves of General Grabber X3 also make it more comfortable to drive on the road. That’s because there is less space for the air to be trapped inside the grooves. As a result, it produces less noise while driving at high speeds. It also features stone ejectors which play an important role in tossing away small stones and pebbles from its grooves.

Coming to the Toyo MT, it is also a mud-terrain and all-season tire. It features wider grooves as compared to the X3. MT is the clear winner when it comes to off-road traction. Its deeper and wider grooves make it capable of evacuating the mud and soft snow efficiently from the tread. In addition to this, its stone ejectors are also stronger than X3. This is what makes it a better candidate to drive on rocky terrains.

On-Road Traction Comparison

Talking about the on-road traction of the General Grabber X3, it features narrow grooves as compared to MT on both its shoulders and central part. As a result, there would be more contact between the road and the tread blocks which will result in an effective traction on dry roads. Coming to the sipes on the tire, they are quite deep on the shoulder blocks. So, the X3 would be more efficient at wiping the water from its tread.

In contrast, the Toyo MT is equipped with wider grooves compared to the General Grabber X3. For this reason, its void ratio will be high and traction on dry roads will be lower as compared to X3. The main reason behind it is that wide grooves will result in more gaps between the tread blocks. So, the contact of the tire with the road will be lesser. Moving on to the sipes, the shoulder sipes are not as deep as compared to its competitor. This is why the ability of the tire to wipe away the water is not as good as X3. To cut it short, the General Grabber X3 is an excellent option to consider for on-road dry and wet traction.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

Since the void ratio of the General Grabber X3 is lower due to its relatively narrower grooves, its performance on mud is not as good as of its competitor. The narrower width of the grooves will not allow effective mud evacuation, so the traction of this tire would not be good on muddy terrains. And it is recommended not to use it in deep mud as it can get stuck and lose its grip.

On the other hand, the traction of Toyo MT on muddy terrains is clearly superior to the General Grabber X3 because of its deeper and wider grooves. Both mud and debris will channel out effectively through its wide voids with its self-cleaning abilities. As a result, the tire would smoothly pass through the muddy terrains without getting stuck.

Snow Terrain

A tire must have wide grooves with a good self-cleaning ability to perform well on the terrains where there is soft snow. Since the grooves of the General Grabber X3 are not wider than MT, its performance is relatively poorer on soft snow terrains. However, when it comes to the icy terrains, the performance of these tires is excellent due to a higher contact patch and deep sipes which would result in excellent traction due to the ability to wipe away the water.

On the other side of the coin, the Toyo Mt is equipped with quite wide grooves. This is what makes these tires a popular choice for throwing away soft snow with much force and producing excellent traction. But, when it comes to the icy terrains, the performance of MT is a bit poorer than X3. That’s because these tires have a lower contact patch resulting in poor grip.

Rock Terrain

If you want to determine the performance of the tires on rocky terrain, you should check whether it has bold stone ejectors and wide grooves or not. Even though the performance of the General Grabber X3 on rocky terrains is moderate, it is not as excellent as of its competitor. The stone ejectors are small as compared to MT. So, they will toss off stony particles and pebbles effectively, however, their performance will lack in managing heavy gravels. Moreover, the grooves of the X3 are also narrower as compared to MT. So, the grip on uneven roads will be less effective.

In contrast, the Toyo MT is equipped with the full capacity to rule over the rocks. Its bulging and bold stone ejectors can effectively handle small pebbles and hard particles. In addition to this, they will also prevent the grooves from stone clogging. As a result, not only the off-road traction will increase, but the chances of punctures will also reduce. Furthermore, the wider grooves are cherry on the top! With these grooves, you will get a greater grip on rocky terrains from different angles.

Driving Comfort

When it comes to the comfort level of the tires, the narrower the grooves the better the comfort on road. When the tire is equipped with narrow grooves, it becomes quiet as there is less space for wind collision which produces noise. Since the grooves of the General Grabber X3 are relatively narrower as compared to the Toyo MT, it produces less noise. As a result, the drivers get a smooth ride on the roads. However, when it comes to off-roading comfort, the narrow grooves are not capable enough to bear shocks when driving on rough terrains.

On the flip side, the wider grooves of the Toyo MT make it a noisy tire as compared to the General Grabber X3. That’s because the air particles find a lot of space inside the grooves. When more air is trapped in the grooves of the MT, it would continuously strike back and forth. This is what causes the tire to produce a loud noise. Talking about off-roading, the wider grooves of the MT will act as shock absorbers. So, the drivers will get a smoother drive on uneven surfaces.

Durability & Treadwear

Talking about the durability and treadwear, there is no mileage warranty on the General Grabber X3 tire. On the plus side, it features a 3 ply sidewalls design which provides the tire with strength and makes it puncture resistant. If we talk about on-road traction, the X3 is a durable tire due to its narrower grooves and deeper sipes. However, its durability is a bit lower than its competitor on off-road traction. Other than that, even though its treadwear rating of 40,000 to 50,000 miles is good, it is not as effective as the Toyo MT.

The Toyo MT is also equipped with a 3 ply polyester design which makes it durable and agile. In addition to this, it also contains an over-the-shoulder tread that covers up the entire tire. This is what adds more to its strength. The tread-wear of MT is also good which reduces its rolling resistance and as a result, it requires less energy on the road. The average treadwear rating is reported between 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Even though its on-road durability is not as effective as X3 but when it comes to off-road durability, the Toyo MT has a clear edge over the General Grabber X3.


The Toyo MT is a higher-priced tire due to its better off-road traction, comfort, and bold stone ejectors. Meanwhile, the General Grabber X3 is a lower-priced tire with effective on-road traction capabilities, comfort, and durability. So, you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

Quick Summary

  • Both General Grabber X3 and Toyo MT are Mud-Terrain tires.
  • On-road dry and wet traction of General Grabber X3 is better.
  • Toyo MT performs better in muddy terrains.
  • The performance of Toyo MT is great on soft snow.
  • General Grabber X3 performs well in icy terrains.
  • Toyo MT’s performance is superior on rocky terrains.
  • The on-road comfort of General Grabber X3 is better than Toyo MT.
  • MT is more durable than X3 due to its better treadwear rating.