Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac vs Toyo Open Country AT3

Goodyear Duratrac and Toyo AT3 are all-terrain tires, meaning you get distinctive experience in different terrains. These tires have a unique tread that is responsible for their popularity in the market.

The Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac differs to a large extent from the Toyo Open Country All Terrain Tire.

Right away, with DuraTrac you will notice large tread blocks surrounded by big gaps. These gaps aid in scooping soft snow/mud out of the tire maintaining traction. But at the same time the overall on road grip is compromised.

FYI: The most famous comparison of Toyo AT3 is with Falken Wildpeak AT3w.

Goodyear DuraTrac – Overview:

Goodyear Duratrac is undoubtedly a great off roader because of its aggressive tread design and unique outlook.

Duratrac Off Road
Design of DuraTrac

The serrated shoulder blocks are big and prominent. Huge gap is seen between them and central blocks.

The central part contain pair of blocks with slightly less gap in between.

Zig-zag patterned sipes are seen on all the blocks.

(The sipes help to produce a better road grip and doing so enables the vehicle to get an good amount of acceleration in wet, snowy, and muddy terrains without losing the handling quality.)

PS. Did you Know that DuraTrac looks exactly like the Kanati Trail Hog AT?

Toyo AT3 Overview:

Each block of Toyo At3 has more sipes (lines that you see) which aid in wet traction.

The tire features an aggressive symmetrical 5-pitch design of tread with less wider grooves comparatively.

Featuring narrower grooves as compared to DuraTrac, it offers more contact between the tread and the road. As a result, the drivers get a stronger traction on dry roads. The higher contact patch of the tire also makes it a better choice on icy terrains as well.

More sipes are also available on this tire which ensures better on road wet grip. (Sipes help wiping water away from the tire)

The bold stone ejectors present on AT3 emit pebbles and stones from getting stuck inside the grooves.

As a result, these tires become one of the top choices for the drivers on rocky terrains.

Speaking of comfort, again due to the narrower grooves present on the tire, less air gets trapped inside while driving. So, you also get minimum noise while on the road.

Interesting to note: Both tires can perform well even with very low pressure inside. And in Goodyear Duratrac, some pores are pre-drilled for studs.

Traction Comparison

Mud Traction of tires

Starting with off road. In Goodyear Duratrac, the mud traction is pretty insane because of the tread blocks having phenomenal tread with deeper grooves.

Toyo AT3 is also capable enough of throwing away the mud efficiently and navigating, but its performance is not as good as the DuraTrac. There is also a high chance that the grooves get fully packed with mud and might turn the tire into a slick.

Same is the case with soft snow. But with hard snow, Toyo AT3 performs better. Unlike DuraTrac the tire’s rated with 3 peak snow flake.

Plus more sipes and sharp tread block ensures more biting to the surface of the snow.

This also allows the tire to have a better on road grip as well.

On rocky terrain, the bold stone ejectors of the Toyo AT3 are built to make it one of the top choices of the users to deal with rocky terrain.

That’s because the stone ejectors prevent the pebbles and the stones from getting stuck inside the grooves.

These stone ejectors are however missing in the DuraTrac.

Comfort Comparison

Goodyear Duratrac tires have a pretty good grip but they produce a lot of noise.

Duratrac is louder than Toyo AT3.

A smooth driving experience judges the comfort level of a tire to a great extent, if you want to have a smooth driving experience then know that Duratrac tires are less demanding than the Toyo AT3.

However, an advantage of having Goodyear Duratrac tires is that rocks are less likely to be stuck in between tread blocks, whereas in Toyo AT3, this can happen more often. (So with Toyo the ride feels more bumpy off road)

It is due to the wider groove size, as they helps the tire to pass rocks quickly through them as they come from the terrain, to outside the tire via grooves.

This is also known as Tractive Groove Technology, whereas, in the Toyo AT3, this problem often occurs, but only with bigger rocks.

life of Tread Wear

These tires have a pretty strong makeup. The constituent materials, along with the tread design, make both the tires provide good mileage.

However, the tread of the Goodyear Duratrac wears off a bit earlier than Toyo AT3 tires.

Both tires have a significant mileage warranty of at least 50,000 miles for Goodyear Duratrac and up to 65,000 miles for the Toyo AT3.

The durability of the Duratrac being comparatively less is because of its much more aggressive design, and thus its tread wears off earlier relatively.

Price difference

Goodyear Duratrac is a bit more expensive than Toyo AT3.

But the buying decision should depend on your driving need.

If you are looking for a tire that you want to use on-road, then Toyo AT3 might be a better choice.

Whereas, if you are specifically looking for a tire set for off-road, then Goodyear Duratrac can be the most reliable choice for you.

Overall Thoughts

Before purchasing, you should keep the following points in mind

  • Duratrac has much deeper grooves that provide more channeling than Toyo AT3.
  • Duratrac’s deeper grooves also help the tire to overcome difficulties while driving in soft (muddy) terrains.
  • Toyo AT3 is more comfortable than Duratrac overall.
  • More consumers prefer Duratrac due to its great aggressive tread pattern.
  • Both the tires have a mileage of above 50,000 miles.

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