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Toyo Open Country AT3 vs Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Toyo Open Country AT3 vs Nitto Terra Grappler G2: The Toyo AT3 is an aggressive All Terrain tire and it was better than the Terra’s old generation, but now that they have come up with G2 (its 2nd generation), is it still going to be that way?

Both tires showed remarkable results when compared. The Nitto Terra G2 showed better on road traction in comparison. While the Toyo AT3 was great on snow and rocks.

With the upgrade, the G2 version now gets deeper sipes, bolder block notches, and variable pitch technology so the tire now is quieter, has better wet and snow traction earning 3 peak mountain snowflake rating as well (on most of the 17 and 18 inch sizes).

Nitto Terra Grappler vs Terra Grappler G2

Toyo AT3 & Nitto Terra G2 – Design Differences:

Toyo AT3

Toyo AT3

Nitto Terra Grappler

Nitto Terra Grappler

Like discussed above, with the newer addition, the Nitto Terra G2 now has sipes with full depth, this would mean that tire would last a longer time, and would have great wet traction capability.

Nitto Ridge center
2 Tier Sipe Design of Nitto Terra Grappler G2

The “four numbered design” of these sipes combined with the bolder biting edges of the tire facing outwards in all directions allows tire tire to have a great combination of lateral and circumferential traction.

On the other side, on Toyo Open Country AT3, you see a S shaped block in the middle which looks awfully like a Superman’s logo, surrounded by 2 “F” shaped blocks.

Central area of Toyo AT3
Very prominent S shaped block of Toyo AT3

The cuts that shape these blocks in to these S and F shaped letters act as biting edges allowing this tire to have grip from all sides.

This grip is also further enhanced with the aid of stepped edges of these blocks and 3D sipes (seen on all blocks).

If we move towards the shoulders, then the Toyo AT3 again gives us an combative look with its shoulder blocks.

Shoulder blocks Toyo AT3
Similar siping is seen on sides.

One of these blocks has a “scoop” making it staggered. These blocks then join together to from a sidewall lug, which is bulkier than its competitor here.

On the other hand, on Terra Grappler the shoulders are also serrated but they are incisions in them (nothces).

Nitto Terra sides

They then join with the sidewall design making 2 different styled lugs.

Dry Traction Comparison

On road, both tires showed almost equal performance values, where Terra Grappler showing better gripping and Toyo showing better handling.

On wet aspahlts, however, the Terra Grappler was able to beat its competitor. This has to do with the deep siping of the tire combined with biting edges.

Following results were deducted:

TestsToyo AT3Nitto Terra G2
Dry Braking98 feet97 feet
Dry Handling0.7 (g force)0.65 (g force)
Wet Braking155 feet145 feet
Wet Handling0.54 (g force)0.6 (g force)
The dry braking test is the stopping distance of the tire on the same vehicle with same size. And the G force is the measure of lateral traction forces the tire faces while cornering, more g force would mean better grip power of the tire during handling.

Terra Grappler also produced lesser noise in comparison. With the newer tread compound, the tire is able to produce different sound pitches at different areas of the tire and they end up canceling each other.

So the tire create a relatively quieter cabin, becoming a better choice for on road comfort as well.

Comparing Off-Road Performance

Where Toyo AT3 compromised a little on road, it made up for it off road, as it showed remarkable off road traction.

On Mud & Snow:

On muddy terrains, the Toyo AT3 provides better traction, as its wider groove voids are better able to evacuate more volume of mud in comparison. While the sharp biting edges of the tire cut through the mud. The staggered shoulder blocks also have better “spoons” build in them which scoop the mud out efficiently. Other than all this, the bulkier shoulder lugs allows better escape for this tire when aired down deep in mud.

On snow both tires are great with both of them having a 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. This means that both tires would have very good acceleration on snow packed roads.

On Rocks/Gravel/Dirt:

On bigger rocks, the Toyo AT3 rolled like a champ. The tire with its stepped blocks and sharp edges were able to give the tire grip from all sides.

Both tires with their cut resistant material are able to run high speeds off road on gravel and dirt without getting tread wear.

That’s because both tires are built tough with 2 steel belts, 2 plys of polyester casing which is then wrapped with 2 layers of nylon.

That’s why both of them offer good miles warranty with these tires.

Terra Grappler was the first tire, Nitto introduced warranty in.

So both of these tires come with a 65k miles warranty.

Side Note: Nitto claims that Terra Grappler G2 provides the same wet performance with its full-depth sipes even after setting in of treadwear, but we beg to differ. We observed a loss in wet performance after 20,000 miles.

So which tire is better?

In the end, it all comes down to your driving needs. If you are planning to stay on road mostly, then don’t miss out on the comfort that comes with the Nitto Terra G2.

But off road, Toyo AT3 performs great, specially on rocks and snow. So that’s a nice choice for the frequent off roaders.

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