General Grabber ATX vs Nitto Terra Grappler G2

General Grabber ATX and Nitto Terra Grappler G2 are all-terrain tires built to give optimized experience on everyday drives as well as during off road hikes. Symmetrical denser tread pattern of Grappler favors it against the competition on the road, its unique full depth siping pattern maintains the grip on road in wet conditions.

On the other hand aggressive and open tread of ATX make it stand out in tough terrains like mud and snow, Its stone resistance provide traction over gravel or rocky grounds. Both tires have tread life warranties, find out further details below.

Comparing General Grabber ATX with Nitto Terra Grappler

General Grabber ATX


Nitto Terra Grappler

Tread of Grabber ATX has a versatile modish look due to interlocking tread blocks which are frequently siped and carry dimples as well, notched and scooped shoulder lugs, deflection ribs along sidewalls and bold stone ejectors. Angular blocks are arranged in an interlocking manner with wide spaces among them making contact patch of tread lesser in comparison leading to limited traction on paved roads.

General Grabber atx
Grabber ATX Tread Pattern

Aquaplaning resistance is provided by numerous sipes and dimples over lugs as they make wiping of fluids possible. Off road, its wide channels provide superior traction in various tough terrains. Its broad and deep grooves perform heavy-duty of evacuating loose substances such as snow and mud very efficiently. Traction and chip resistance over rocky slopes is provided by stone ejectors which toss off stones and pebbles. Shoulders having large lugs with notches and scoops provide frim handling over difficult corners.

Tread of Terra Grappler characterizes aggressive, symmetrically located blocks with narrow grooves among them, full depth sipes over lugs, staggered shoulders and stone ejectors embossed in longitudinal grooves.

Tread Pattern of Nitto Terra
Tread Pattern of Nitto Terra

Its smaller grooves increase contact patch which maximizes grip on paved surfaces as a result. Full depth sipes wipe away water smoothly and give aquaplaning resistance leading to good wet traction. In off road terrains, low void ratio proves to be a downside in terms of traction upon rough surfaces, relatively narrow grooves lack capacity to evacuate mud, slush or snow and may get stuffed up by these substances, losing traction. Stone ejectors engraved in longitudinal grooves toss off striking rocky pebbles and stones, hence, chances of punctures and stone choking of tread are minimized.

On-Road Traction Comparison

Minimal on road abilities of ATX are attributed to its higher void ratio. Wider grooves make contact patch lower leading to less grip over paved tracks. Stout notched shoulders provide firm handling while turning about and improve traction to some extent. Tread lugs carry numerous sipes and dimples to wipe off water from roads and resist hydroplaning leading to dependable wet traction.

On road traction of Grappler is superior to its competitor as it has more contact patch, comparatively. Increased area in contact with road results in better grip of tread over the paved surface.

Nitto Terra traction
Nitto Terra Traction

Symmetrical tread pattern gives directional stability, further adding to performance on roads. Excellent wet traction is credited to full depth sipes which wipe away water efficiently while rolling on wet roads and account for supreme aquaplaning resistance.

Off-Road Traction Comparison

Mud Terrain

General Grabber ATX off road
General Grabber ATX off road

ATX shows superior performance in mud owing to its massive grooves. Huge open space allow effective removal of mud and dirt from these channels, hence, tire cleans itself automatically while rolling through mud. Scoops and traction notches over shoulder lugs provides firm handling over difficult corners.

Terra Grappler loses to its competitor in terms of mud traction due to its lower void ratio. Its comparatively narrow grooves are incapable of evacuating mud off while rolling across muddy paths leading to mud stuffing into tread and lesser traction.

Nitto Terra Off Road
Nitto Terra Off Road

It can deal with light mud but may get stuck in boggy areas with loads of mud.

Snow Terrain

Over light snow, ATX performs better than its competitor because snow traction is maximized as a result of its high void ratio. Broad grooves evacuate soft snow efficiently and automatically clear path and tread as it rolls forward. On ice, however, this tire finds difficulty as grip is reduced due to limited contact patch. Frequent siping and dimples prevent slipping off as slippery liquids quickly find a way out through these thin slits.

Terra Grappler performs lesser in comparison on paths covered with light snow. Relatively lesser width of voids provide limited space for removal of soft snow causing snow choking of tread and decreased traction. However, on icy surfaces it presents better traction as higher contact patch provides enhanced grip and sturdy staggered shoulders provide enhanced handling. Full depth siping all over tread further add the benefit of slip resistance by wiping slippery substances away.

Rock Terrain

ATX gives better performance over rocky slopes. Bold angular blocks and wide voids make tread aggressive and deep biting over uneven surface of mountains. Sturdy notched shoulders and deflection ribs along sidewalls provide firm steer handling while cornering along dangerous turns. Rectilinear stone ejectors embossed in shoulder grooves safeguard tread from striking gravel fragments, which may harm tread by drilling punctures and clogging grooves.

Terra Grappler can be reliably used while roaming about rock trails, however, its gravel traction is lesser to its competitor due to less aggressive tread.

Terra on rocky terrain
Terra on rocky terrain

Its staggered shoulders manage the load providing stable steer handling on tricky mountain turns. Prominent stone ejectors engraved among longitudinal grooves bump out striking pebbles reducing the risk of stone clogging of grooves and puncturing by gravel particles.

Comfort of Driving   

Grabber ATX is a louder tire on road comparatively as its massive voids allow free space for circulation and resonation of wind particles producing more noise comparatively. Its minimal traction on paved surfaces also makes it a less comfortable option for road trips.

Grappler offers road rides with lesser noise as its relatively smaller grooves limit circulation of noisy particles and reduce resonation of wind. Increased traction due to higher contact patch make on road driving more comfortable.

Durability Comparison

ATX is a fairly durable tire however, loses to its competitor in this respect. Its tread is strengthened with DuraGen technology employing a combination of steel belts and 3 ply rubber compound and offers good chip and wear resistance. It is backed by a mileage warranty from General tires of 60,000 miles.

Terra Grappler shows better tread wear resistance in comparison owing to its strengthened rubber composition. Sturdy tread shows increased resistance from chips, cuts and abrasions as well as wears more slowly. Its UTQG tread wear rating is 600. Nitto tires also provide a tread life warranty up to 65,000 miles for it, this warranted mileage shows its superior durability over its competitor

Price Differences

Nitto Terra Grappler is priced higher than its competitor but longer tread life and superior on road traction makes it worth the additional amount.  Grabber ATX provides excellent experience on off-road hikes with a low budget.

Quick Summary

  • General Grabber ATX and Nitto Terra Grappler G2 are both all-terrain tires.
  • On paved roads, Terra Grappler shows superior traction in comparison.
  • ATX gives better performance on off road surfaces covered with mud, snow or gravel.
  • Grappler offers quitter and more comfortable trips on roads.
  • Terra Grappler beats its competitor in terms of durability.
  • Grappler is priced higher but its long-lasting tread provides economic benefit over its competitor.