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BFGoodrich KO vs KO2

BFGoodrich KO vs KO2: Both BFGoodrich KO and KO2 are all-terrain tires. The KO2 model is the successor of the previous variant. Therefore, the latest addition will have some advantages.

But there are some areas where the BFGoodrich KO is better as well. Though it boils down to the consumer needs and requirements.

Let’s take a look at the design of both tires.

BF Goodrich KO2 & KO Overview

BF Goodrich KO2

BF Goodrich KO2


BFGoodrich kO

BFGoodrich KO tire is designed to give excellent on and off-road performance. It has an aggressive tread pattern design which increases traction and stability. Though it creates slightly more noise as compared to its successor.

The successive version KO2 is an enhancement of the BFGoodrich KO tire.

It offers advancements in traction, comfort, and resistance to wear and tear due to itsCoreGard technology.

It is one of the most noiseless tires in the all-terrain category.

Although the price range is slightly on the higher side but it is high as this tire gives the users more options in their ride experience.

Both tires look very similar to General Grabber AT3 and Grabber ATx.

Traction Comparison:

BF Goodrich KO2 performance

The traction of the BFGoodrich KO tire is sufficient to counter the roughest of terrains.

The users will experience exceptional traction in dry terrains due to its well-designed sipes.

They provide extra gripping edges which allow the tire to have a better grip on the road.

The tires also have wide lugs, which is the space between the tread blocks to allow water, mud, and snow displacement. This feature makes the tire get exceptional traction in wet, dry, and loose terrains.

The BFGoodrich KO2 has increased shoulder width, which, in turn, has contributes to better traction and enhanced the tire’s off-road capability.

The addition of a new tread pattern has contributed to 10% better traction in mud and 19% betterment in snow terrain traction as compared to its predecessor according to the rigorously performed research.

The new variant has increased sipping as well. This translates into improved wet road traction.

Comfort Comparison:

KO2 on a Jeep

Stability in BFGoodrich KO tires is exceptional.

It offers great handling which makes it a more viable option for towing and hauling activities.

Although the noise is decent but not up to the mark.

When compared to the successor it is slightly louder which acts as a minor negative when making the comparison.

The BFG KO2 offers fantastic directional stability and excellent grip.

This is due to the new CoreGard technology which offers a new enhanced tread pattern for the mentioned qualities.

The tires also provide the most noiseless drive among the all-terrain tires due to the reinforced shoulder that stabilizes tread blocks, resulting in a smooth drive.

The new tire also has a varied tread block shape that creates a multiple pitch pattern that suppresses the noise.

How these tires perform on Sand?

BFG KO is considered to be the benchmark tire for all-terrain tires.

Its Shoulder Lock technology maximizes air down traction in dep dirt, mud and sand terrains due to 40% wider shoulder grooves.

The BFG KO2 tire provides its riders with a better grip on sand terrains due to extended shoulders which, in return, increases contact patch to better grip with the fine particle terrain.

This enhancement proved to be better than its predecessor tire.

Traction on Rocks:

Unfortunately, BFG KO loses the battle when it comes to abrasive rocky terrains.

It is susceptible to pinch flats and sidewall punctures which results in wear and tear of the tire.

The KO2, on the other hand, is designed specially to counter this problem, the CoreGard technology improves the bruise resistance of the variant by adding thicker shoulder rubber as the tire manufacturing material.

This makes the tire resist abrasive terrains and surfaces.

Traction on Soft Terrains

KO tires have wider lugs on the shoulders which provide better grip in mud terrains.

The tire further provides the consumers with dual-compound tread to provide greater traction in soft terrains as well.

KO2 tires have a new tread design pattern that provides mud-phobic bars, serrated shoulders which result in better traction in mud.

According to the research, it gives the users 10% increased traction in soft terrains.

Tread Wear and Durability:

The KO tire has a bad reputation in terms of tread wear and durability.

The customers complain frequently regarding pinch flats and sidewall punctures due to long-wearing under extreme terrains.

KO2 CoreGard technology reduces chunking due to new patented compounds usage which increased the tread life of the newer version by 15% on asphalt and 50% more on gravel.

Noise Level:

KO ties have larger grooves as compared to the successive variant, which means that more air volume gets compressed within the tire.

This creates noise from the KO tire which acts as a disadvantage in the predecessor’s repertoire.

The KO2 tires provide the most noiseless drive among the all-terrain tires due to the reinforced shoulder that stabilizes tread blocks, resulting in a smooth drive. Its multiple pitch pattern suppresses the noise which creates a comfortable driving experience for the user.

Comparing Price:

BFG KO is less expensive as it has old technology adapted for it.

Though it offers many advantages such as good traction, and stability.

KO2 has a better technology used to manufacture it.

Adds more traction to the tire in all terrains and surfaces. It provides noise reduction and overall better comfort to the consumer.

Therefore, its high price is justified.

Overall Thoughts

  • The BFG KO offers many advantages but due to it being from the previous generation, it has some faults of its own. Its limit to abrasive terrains and frequent punctures has not made a better case for it.
  • KO2 on the other hand has modern technology infused within it. The CoreGard technology has removed the problems faced by the riders of KO tires and created a much better successor in terms of tread life, traction, and comfort. This makes BFG KO2 a better tire in most aspects.
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