Yokohama Geolandar X-AT vs BFGoodrich KO2

Yokohama Geolandar X-AT and BFGoodrich KO2are both All-Terrain tires that provide capable off-road traction combined with a responsive and predictable off-road ride. The tread depth and the void ratio of X-AT are higher than KO2 which allows lesser contact patch with the road, making it better for off-road driving.

While KO2’s tread depth and the void ratio are comparatively lower which allows greater contact patch with the road, making it better for on-road traction. The built-in quality and design of X-AT are specifically made for off-road rides. For a further in-depth comparison between these two tires, continue reading.

Comparing Firestone Destination AT with BFG KO2

Yokohama Geolandar X-AT



The innovative compound is molded into the aggressive symmetric pattern that features Five Pitch Block Variation along with a higher void ratio, giving this tire less area to connect with the road, making its off-road traction superior. The higher void ratio means wider grooves which along with deeper helps to wipe water easily and increase the hydroplaning resistance as well.   The wider grooves present help remove soft snow and mud easily. The aggressive shoulder with different length blocks in size helps with mud passing too. The thick sidewall protector shoulder guard and protect the tire against impacts and punctures. The higher built quality not only increases its strength against treadwear but also improves its durability and mileage. X-AT has a triple polymer blend that enhances cut and chip resistance which is not only good for the tire but also gives the tire long-lasting tread.

The KO2 also has a cut and chip-resistant compound molded in its aggressive tread pattern. KO2 all-terrain tires have interlocking tread blocks with a lower void ratio as compared to X-AT between them, which enhances its traction while on-road and improved-wet grip and handling. The serrated shoulder design delivers additional traction by providing the claw action necessary for the grip during the dirt, sand, and soft snow and sidewall armor protects it from cuts during rock traction. KO2 tire is also branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. Narrow grooves give this tire a great advantage over on-road driving because it produces less noise

On-Road traction comparison:

The higher void ratio present in X-AT doesn’t allow a large contact area between the blocks and the road, making it less attractive for on-road traction. Because the lower contact patch decreases its on-road traction. However, in the wet condition, the wide grooves along with deep sipes allow water to easily pass through them, providing better grip which allows great on-road wet traction.

In the case of KO2, the lower void ratio allows decent contact between the blocks and the road. Due to maximum contact with the surface, it has a great advantage on-road, making it a more on-road-friendly tire. The Narrow grooves and the decent depth of sipes give this tire great capacity to let water pass through but are not efficient enough to handle extreme wet conditions.

Off-Road traction comparison:

Mud terrain:

The higher void ratio of X-AT allows easy navigation through the mud by effectively throwing it backward with the help of wide grooves, giving a fine grip. The aggressive shoulder design with varying lengths also helps slide and clear the mud from the tires. The wider grooves not only help to throw heavy mud easily from its spaces but also increase its gripping strength, giving the tire a great edge over muddy terrain.

On the other hand, KO2 has a lower void ratio compared to X-AT, making the tire lesser effective in mud. The narrow grooves hinder the navigation through the mud due to lower space between its tread blocks, the mud easily gets stuck inside, making its gripping capability lower. The shoulder design of KO2 is lesser effective at mud traction as compared to X-AT.

Snow terrain:

The wider grooves of X-AT allow it to navigate through snow easily. The wide grooves throw soft snow backward, giving the vehicle a great grip during the ride, therefore, improving its traction. The tire lacks ice traction due to the smaller contact area which is not sufficient to provide the necessary grip.

In the case of KO2, the void ratio is not that higher which makes the tire lack the soft snow traction. The narrow grooves do throw soft snow backward efficiently, which is necessary to maintain the grip, therefore, the self-cleaning ability of this tire lacks in comparison with the X-AT which makes it less effective on snow.  Whereas the ice traction capabilities of the tire are much superior to its counterpart due to its higher contact patch, making it an attractive choice on icy roads.

Rock Terrain:

X-AT has a higher void ratio and aggressive shoulder lugs with varying lengths in size which enables better biting grip for tricky angles on rocky terrain. Stone ejectors used in this tire are also way better at effectively avoiding the stones from getting stuck inside the grooves. The thick sidewall protector shoulder guard and protect the tire against impacts and punctures and give a more comfortable ride.

The KO2 has a lower void ratio hence the grip for tricky angles is not great on rocks. Stone ejectors are not quite large as that of X-AT, which makes it lesser effective against avoiding the stones from getting stuck into the grooves. The built-in quality is also not superior to X-AT for rocky terrain. This makes X-AT more suitable than KO2 for rock traction.

Comfort level:

X-AT has wider grooves which cause more air particles to get trapped and bounce back and forth against its walls, making noise on-road. But during off-roading wider grooves act as shock absorbers making the ride more comfortable during the off-road journey.

The comfort level of the X-AT tire is not satisfactory because of the higher void ratio as compared to other tire, which causes a higher amount of air to get trapped between the grooves, producing noise during traveling at high speed on the road, hence, compromising its on-road comfort level. It is better at off-road comfort due to its wider grooves providing extra suspension against shocks.

Durability and treadwear:

X-AT has the lower contact patch making the tire’s rolling resistance minimum, which is the force required to keep the tire rolling. Due to low rolling resistance, the treadwear is also low, making its durability and mileage higher. X-AT internal construction includes three polyester body piles wrapped around a strong, hexagonal bead to form the tire’s casing and create an elliptical contact.

In the case of KO2, the contact patch is higher increasing the tire’s rolling resistance. Due to higher rolling resistance, the treadwear is high which is indirectly proportional to durability and mileage. Ut is made up of tough material to tackle rough terrains and this quality also makes it puncture resistant.


The price of X-AT is higher as compared to KO2 because the materials used for internal construction and tread design is also elegant. The mileage and durability of X-AT is also higher as compared to that of the KO2 tire.


  • Both tires are All-Terrain.
  • When it comes to on-road dry traction KO2 performs better than X-AT.
  • The off-road performance of the X-AT is more superior.
  • X-AT performance is way better in snow and mud as compared to that of KO2.
  • The durability and treadwear resistance of X-AT is way better.
  • In terms of price, KO2 is a little cheaper in comparison.